Jay Leno
Jay Leno
Jay Leno. Member reactions:
Choo sweet.. drinking Milk and smiling also

Funny Jay Leno

Jay Leno

Funny Conan and Jay movie

Conan and Jay movie

Funny Jay Leno May Be Out Of A Job

Jay Leno May Be Out Of A Job
NBC is thinking about replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon I wonder who that guy is playing the accordion.
Member reactions:
hey, who's that accordion guy with the huge head. Nice work, hidden I don't think Jay will have any worries as far as money is concerned, though.(gazillionaire) I like the photo swap idea, might be funny to have Fallon making the swap JAT unfortunately for all of my former co-workers, the show may move back to New York as well
You're right, QMS...I "smallified" your head.
now can you make me look younger ... interesting fact about Jay Leno: except when he's dressed for the show, or any other formal occasion, he wears only and always, a denim shirt (usually light blue) and denim jeans.(has a huge closet full of them.)
Funny.... he got all his stuff outside the office with a funny dog who can tell jokes for 50 cents.... really funny and good caricature
Plenty of head hunts in here Quality merge and wonderful concept in this entry its self explanatory since his Crazy and tricky smile is the Story-Teller
Double Bronze Congrats, Doc great choppin'.
50 cents a joke.. Gimme ten. Is that doxieone's' doggie. Congrats on the bronze too, Paul.
Thanks, Billy Mac. Thanks, Newsy. Not Doxieone's...just a stray I found.

Funny Jay Leno & Barbie

Jay Leno & Barbie


Member reactions:
He looks dashing and daring with a pirate costume love this reflection on his glasses well done
Nice light work..could you explain how to do so..

Funny Jay Leno as Jack Sparrow

Jay Leno as Jack Sparrow
view in Hi-Res
Member reactions:
Great Facial expression, what a wicked smile
Costume Part is too good very well placed nice expression
It's freaking hysterical. Me likes a lot.

Funny Jay-Z as The Frog Prince

Jay-Z as The Frog Prince
Member reactions:
Great Caricature with a funny crown like it

Funny Jay Leno Caricature

Jay Leno Caricature

Funny Beyonce and Jay Z's Daughter

Beyonce and Jay Z's Daughter
Beyonce gives birth
Member reactions:
I missed the deadline for the Beyonce contest. Sorry.
Nice one.. I was about to ask why didn't you enter it in the Beyonce - Jay-Z Baby contest. I see you missed the deadline.
very well done with good work on hair and diapers, and good thought of entering this image in this contest
She is so cute Like the way u have done. Very nice. Hey Hidden u Missed ur place in Beyonce..
Good one, ugly kid and welcome back, good to see you have time again.
I love kids, but this one would freak me out. NICE JOB.
Nice work Azure Sky, and welcome back by the way loved your Barack Presley as well.

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