Jay-Z and Son
Jay-Z and Son
Jay-Z and Son.

Funny Jay Leno and His Baby Son

Jay Leno and His Baby Son
Member reactions:
Choo sweet.. drinking Milk and smiling also

Funny Jay Carney The White House Jester

Jay Carney The White House Jester

Funny Symmetric Jay Leno

Symmetric Jay Leno

Funny Jay Carney Liar

Jay Carney Liar
White House spins the scandals “At this White House, we don’t know anything, and we aren’t going to know anything. And when we do finally know something, it will prove the one thing we do already know, which is that this White House is not guilty of knowing anything.
Member reactions:
And Uncle Joe can't remember what he had for breakfast.
Great work. My Mom used to say if you don't pull in your lip, a little bird will land on it and build a nest.
I like this. This is shaping up to be an excellent contest. Mock them. ; )
Spin the scandals. These guys have a hand held blender at work here.
And we're suppose to believe that anyone smart enough to get themselves elected to the highest office in the land can be this Stupid. Yea Right....
Very well put all together, every layer is very nicely merged and facoal expression of all is super cool
Who knows what no body knows... and Lies are the only thing needs to be remember or else you will be in trouble Crazy expressions love it well done
Just back from Memorial Holiday. Gummy... Nice One. ; )
Baghdad Bob.

Funny Jay Carney Knows Nothing

Jay Carney Knows Nothing

Funny Conan's O'Brien's Revenge on Jay Leno

Conan's O'Brien's Revenge on Jay Leno
Celtic Warrior Must Defend Honor
Member reactions:
Great composition … and quite coloricious
Quality work. Love the Irish / Celtic theme you've chosen here.

Funny Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno in Tin Tin Movie

Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno in Tin Tin Movie

Funny Old Angelina Jolie Interviewed by Really Old Jay Leno

Old Angelina Jolie Interviewed by Really Old Jay Leno
Angelina Jolie's Leather Pants Remind Us Of Her Wild Child Days
Member reactions:
Superb job They really looks very nice Nice Caricature
Great makeover as a old couple.... well show off of her face with full of wrinkles good one
Awesome scene this will be the remarkable time for his last breath
Aging down is some fun chopping, huh. Good job.
Thanks everyone.

Funny Jay Leno Out of a Job

Jay Leno Out of a Job
NBC is thinking about replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon I wonder who that guy is playing the accordion.
Member reactions:
… hey, who's that accordion guy with the huge head. Nice work, hidden … I don't think Jay will have any worries as far as money is concerned, though.(gazillionaire) I like the photo swap idea, might be funny to have Fallon making the swap … JAT … unfortunately for all of my former co-workers, the show may move back to New York as well
You're right, QMS...I "smallified" your head.
… now can you make me look younger ... … interesting fact about Jay Leno: except when he's dressed for the show, or any other formal occasion, he wears only and always, a denim shirt (usually light blue) and denim jeans.(has a huge closet full of them.)
Funny.... he got all his stuff outside the office with a funny dog who can tell jokes for 50 cents.... really funny and good caricature
Plenty of head hunts in here Quality merge and wonderful concept in this entry its self explanatory since his Crazy and tricky smile is the Story-Teller
Double Bronze Congrats, Doc … great choppin'.
50 cents a joke.. Gimme ten. Is that doxieone's' doggie. Congrats on the bronze too, Paul.
Thanks, Billy Mac. Thanks, Newsy. Not Doxieone's...just a stray I found.

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