Funny Jaws in South Park

Jaws in South Park
Poor shark...
Member reactions:
Gotta love it. Really great remake, South Park style. Congrats on the gold, Evirio.
Thans Crafty, luciano, Andrew, Newsy & Bob .

Funny Crab Jaws Movie

Crab Jaws Movie
Dangerous Toxin Closing California Crab Season

Funny Dinosaur Jaws Movie

Dinosaur Jaws Movie
Member reactions:
Works perfectly HH. Hey, another cup. Super congrats

Funny Jaws in Star Wars movie

Jaws in Star Wars movie
Member reactions:
Sorry for the late comment House but it caught my attention. Cool effect with the splash out. Dig it.

Funny Jaws Minimalist Movie Poster

Jaws Minimalist Movie Poster
Member reactions:
I don't understand if these are blades or lego heads, anyway looks very impressive to me.
It's the three barrels attached to the shark
The yellow objects are surf boards with shark bites, I suppose.
For what it's worth, Ninj, I think it's top notch. Color, texture, everything. Wouldn't change a thing. Surfboards....sheesh.

Funny Jurassic Jaws Movie

Jurassic Jaws Movie

Funny Jurassic Jaws

Jurassic Jaws

Funny Jaws Dinosaur Days

Jaws Dinosaur Days
Member reactions:
Could be really excellent, but why they are laughing .

Funny Homer Simpson in Jaws

Homer Simpson in Jaws

Funny Jaws (2010)

Jaws (2010)
Thirty-five years ago this month, one word was on the minds and lips of American moviegoers: "Shark!" In June, 1975, Steven Spielberg's Jaws opened in theaters across the country. It starred Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw and a newcomer to the screen: Bruce the mechanical shark, named after director Steven Spielberg's lawyer. The film was both a commercial and critical success, claiming record box-office grosses (until it was eclipsed two years later by Star Wars) and earning several Oscars as well as a Best Picture nomination. Jaws set the template for many future horror films, so much so that the script for Ridley Scott's 1979 science fiction film Alien was pitched to studio executives with one tag line: "Jaws in space." To honor the Hollywood classic thriller, show what Jaws movie would look like if Steven Spielberg released it this year. (Photoshop the old Jaws posters or feel free to design your own poster for this sequel.)

Funny Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery

Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery
It's chin and jaw time at FreakingNews. Alter chins and or jaws of celebrities and politicians - make them larger, smaller, reshape them, add/remove double chins, - you are the plastic surgeon today.

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