Call me Trump king of Japan
Call me Trump king of Japan
Call me Trump king of Japan. President Trump try to conquere the heart of Princess Mako for conquere entire Asia...
Member reactions:
After China... he turned towards Japan... good makeover

Funny Robot vs Gozilla in Japan

Robot vs Gozilla in Japan
Robot smartpone from Japan
Member reactions:
Ahhh, the left part reminds me of numerous Japanese movies where giant animals attach some city

Funny Barack Obama with his Golf Club Weapon in Japan

Barack Obama with his Golf Club Weapon in Japan
Member reactions:
If you fail once, try, try and try again.....

Funny Miley Cyrus and Mila in Japan

Miley Cyrus and Mila in Japan

Funny Barack Obama Born in Japan

Barack Obama Born in Japan
Member reactions:
Cool couple - they seem like naturally happy Japanese too.

Funny McCartney Carried To Hospital In Japan

McCartney Carried To Hospital In Japan
Paul McCartney taken to a hospital in Japan; Cancels tour.
Member reactions:
Very well hanged him and nice work with blur background and foreground, it gives perfect contrast to the subject
Should be great if shadows were correct. Pity.
, they might have to take him in person indeed, just to follow the old Japanese traditions (this young kid could be a samurai )

Funny Japan says Farewell to Benkei Fish

Japan says Farewell to Benkei Fish
Farewell to Benkei the strange fish Oh my.
Member reactions:
Thank you geriatric. And Hitspinner, I thought that too. Thanks.
So sad.... the strange fish who looks wicked but after it disappearance we still feel sad for the gene lost
Thank you balodiya and rajeshstar. Yes it's sad that the world may never see a fish like that ever again. Very unique.
Congrads on the top 10 finish. This was good for a belly laugh.

Funny Quentin Tarantino in Japan

Quentin Tarantino in Japan
Member reactions:
An early Congrats to you. As always. Splendid. ; )
Beautiful. The fog and the rain are outstanding. I love the face, too. Great work.
Art of caricature is the quality of the combination of imagination and execution, and here its the best Art exhibition by Hidden Love it
excellent job but who's the main character...... is some actor that i know..
Great caricature work, hidden nice looking chop it's a bit dark on my screen, I can't see any of the details in his body area high marks nonetheless.
Congrats Richard, you did a superb job, it was a very tough contest
Congrats on the Bronze, Ricky beautiful work, vostro un artista fantastico.
Yeeaaaah Ricky... Great. A special bronze congrats, my friend
You keep getting ahead of me in line and I am going to spank you with a mega chop, that is if I can come up with a decent idea hahahahaah Congrads man great chop in all aspects

Funny Hillary Clinton Samuri Visits Japan

Hillary Clinton Samuri Visits Japan
Clinton Visits Tokyo in Support of Japan source
Member reactions:
It's a Freaking entry. R u Mr $. Love it man. Really Great Work.
I find a woman with extremely large forearms MOST erotic. Hilary fits the bill in this one. Thank you or that. GREAT WORK my friend.
And I mean that.
And how this comment got posted 3X I have no idea.
Now thats how you open a can of Whoop Ass
thanx again, Krrish oldman: this one is dedicated to you my friend ( with or without the sward ) it's up to your fantasies you can always Edit the ( double or triple ) posts to sing a song, Like I do
Fantastic work, but I would lower the opacity of the red and blue on Hillary's face - so that it looks like a real makeup.
thanx for the tip newsy, I useed this face paint pic as a reference,I'm not quit familiar with the face painting ..
Nice and smooth, love the face painting too. Golden congrats.
Really well done on this one . Great job...... Congrats.

Funny Japan's Naoto Kan Surfing Tsunami

Japan's Naoto Kan Surfing Tsunami
Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan visits earthquake, tsunami zone Source
Member reactions:
Not a good day in Japan for anyone. Good work.
Simple Classic Work. I would like to add some some floating to the skateboard too.
thanx guys, krrish thanx for the tip
www , the way you laid this out is smooth , great job ...
This rocks on so many levels. You rawk, hidden.
Congrats on the win Salis. Be careful with that gold, it might be radioactive.
Hahahaha, This is yours :O . Sorry for the tip. Congrats S.
Nice work Salis.....thanks for killing my dreams again. HA HA.
Cowabunga Fukushima dudes. Congrats Salis
Krrish : ur tip was right and I took it, no sorries budy Rainman: u got that right thanx alot folks for votes and comments
Great one . i really like ur style salis simple but perfect . luv this one .. keep going

Funny Obama in Japan

Obama in Japan
Photoshop this image of Obama in Japan (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-dressing Obama in Japan, putting Obama and the Japanese ladies into some new environment, using this Obama in Japan image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Image credit: Pete Souza / United States Government Work.

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