Janet Yellen in Basic Instinct
Janet Yellen in Basic Instinct
Janet Yellen in Basic Instinct.

Funny Conjoined twins Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen

Conjoined twins Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen

Funny Janet Yellen Woman of the Year

Janet Yellen Woman of the Year
Janet Yellen nominated by Obama to be head of US Federal Reserve

Funny Janet Yellen Hugging Ben Bernanke

Janet Yellen Hugging Ben Bernanke
Member reactions:
Janet looks very happy after her predecessor left
Great match up, Wanderer, Silver Cup Congrats.

Funny Janet Yellen with a Crystal Ball

Janet Yellen with a Crystal Ball
Member reactions:
Its a Moneyball.... good work on her face

Funny Janet Yellen Painting

Janet Yellen Painting
Member reactions:
Lovely makeover of her face to the chop.... holding a 100 dollar bill is perfect placement
Superb blend. I see Janet is well endowed too, hahaha.

Funny Janet Yellen Ben Bernanke's Wife

Janet Yellen Ben Bernanke's Wife
Member reactions:
Great..... work on putting the beard well done

Funny Same Fed Dumptruck, New Driver Janet Yellen

Same Fed Dumptruck, New Driver Janet Yellen
She wasn't appointed to clean up Bernanke's mess, she's there to add to it.
Member reactions:
Hope One Dumptruck throws the Dump in my house ha ha Nice Driver change
Can all these currencies dumped in my backyard
Woody Congratulations, Paco. Great Job, and I'm with balodiya and rajesh, "Dump Me One Please"..
Awesome political satire. Gotta see it in full view.
Congrats on the wood, paco. Twisted mind you have. I keep being amazed with your stuff.

Funny Wicked Witch of the FED Janet Yellen

Wicked Witch of the FED Janet Yellen
Member reactions:
Obama do not know about the real properties of Janet and he is playing a safe game Janet as witch looks amazing with green color and burning currencies
Congratulations on your Bronze Cup winner, H.H.. Nice Work.
Love the burning banknotes here. Halloween spirit, yay.

Funny Janet Yellen with a Beard

Janet Yellen with a Beard
Janet Yellen (in a Bernanke sorta way)
Member reactions:
Awesome look in the bearded avatar... Looks handsome and smart good choice
Way to knock it out the park, Gummy. Gold Congrats
wOOt,wOOt,,, Thanks everyone, This is my firstest gold.
Very realistic blend. Come to think of it the beard suits her and makes her look wiser.
Congratulations Gummy on the Your Win. Gold wOOts for you today. Looks like you have used Ben Bernanke's beard. A nice touch of irony.
Congrats on the Gold... In other words: w00t...
Congrats, Gummy. Jannet is assigned to do men job.

Funny Who Is Janet Yellen?

Who Is Janet Yellen?
It's official: Janet Yellen will be the next chair of the Federal Reserve, replacing Ben Bernanke who headed the Fed since being appointed by President Bush in 2006. Most of Americans never heard of Janet Yellen before, nor did the foreigners. Yet, we'll see a lot of Janet in the next (many) years as she will head the world's most powerful central bank. Will she get a nickname "helicopter Janet" as she will use the fed's copter to fly to the fed's meetings (just like Bernanke did)? Yellen, 67, was a personal pick of Obama for the post, and just like Bernanke she started her career as a university professor. You might wanna read some interesting facts about Yellen here. To introduce Janet Yellen to the whole world, photoshop her any way you wish (possibly providing some insights into her past or her future).

Funny Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson
This Monday American singer, known for her provocative records and stage shows, Janet Jackson celebrated her 45th birthday. The youngest child of the Jackson family, she sold over 100 million records worldwide, and became one the most known artists in the history of contemporary music. Today we present you some interesting facts about Janet Jackson: * After Janet's breast-baring incident at Super Bowl XXXVIII, she canceled an appearance at the 2004 Grammy Awards show. She was told by CBS that she would only be allowed to go if she apologized for the Super Bowl incident (which Justin Timberlake agreed to do), but she declined. * Janet has won five Grammys. * Janet's rarest album to date is her sophomore album "Dream Street". It is the hardest to find in the United States, and (according to some sources), is only available on cassette. Back in the 80s, "Dream Street" reached #147 on Billboard and sold only 200,000 copies. * She used to want to be a jockey when she was a little child but has been scared to ride horses since Christopher Reeve's accident. * Her nickname "Dunk" was coined to describe her sturdy body, which her brother Michael claimed resembled a donkey. And here's a quote from Janet Jackson: "I kinda see everyone as competition. I'm a very competitive person. But I think that's good. Competition is great. And as long as it's friendly and not a malicious thing, then I think it's cool." Happy 45th birthday, Janet! And as Kratos says "Keep Rocking"! To celebrate the 45th birthday of Janet Jackson, photoshop her any way you wish.

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