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Funny James Pictures

James GandolfiniFunny James Gandolfini
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James Dean's Apparition Funny James Dean's Apparition
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Ghost sees a ghost. There were several incarnations of this chop: Source
Great atmosphere. Could be the poster of one of his famous movies .
faŗantastic sepia light, amazing ambientation, i liiiike much
Very Deep Thoughts Excellent job done..
Good choice to not use full color. This creates much more mood and mystery.
danger and thriller mix of both is good image
The Mood... the Greyscale and the lighting on the darkest night creates shivers to the viewers great imagination and well executed
I like the faces on background and perfect street lights on the dark way good smoke effect
quality work with very good "like a drawing" texture
Thanks for the comments. B&W very rarely do well here so am I ever surprised. This was an attempt to mimic B&W darkroom magic... old school. It came out pretty cool, quite a departure for me
Congrads on the Woodie,loved the mood of this chop.
Nice feeling of old times mixed with danger. Congrats on the wood, Hitman.
...congrats spinner really like this chop...i like it very powerfull B&W.
a wonderful wood hitspinner, deserve more maaaany congrats my friend

James BondFunny James Bond
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Luv it. Ratatatataa. Woof Woof. (Small critique: Should be "Its Day" instead of "It's Day")
Secret job of the English Dog is now open to public, now he needs protection from other Dogs Smart move
Gold congrats, Funkmeister. Welcome back, stranger.
Congrats on the gold, funkster. Awesome to see you again.
CONGRATS on gold cup. It's an honor to be on stage with you FunkWood..
Clean as a whistle. Welcome back to the zoo. Mahvelous chopping and don't sweat the spellink. Two years of college level English courses and I make the same mizsteak.
Congratulations. Best of the litter-I mean contest.
Thanks all. I chopped the dog a while ago for another project and when I saw this contest it was a perfect fit.
So nice to see you back at FN. Hope you stick around. I always enjoy your work.
Thanks Newsy for the grammatical correction since I feel it annoys some when I do it. I guess it takes a Russian to even the playing field.
Congrats on the Win Funkwood. Love the Kewl Blue Shades. Great to see you back.

James GandolfiniFunny James Gandolfini
Member reactions:

James GandolfiniFunny James Gandolfini
Member reactions:

Nice caricature.... its clean and cool good one
Thank you very much.'s My first caricature.
Thank you friends, very happy with fifth place.
Awesome caricature. Love the photo realism

James Gandolfini on fireFunny James Gandolfini on fire
Member reactions:

Good firey background. RIP on the bullet for the Don is lovely

Last beer with sentimental gangster Soprano - James GandolfiniFunny Last beer with sentimental gangster Soprano - James Gandolfini
Member reactions:

James would probably like to be remembered like that. Congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.

So Long JamesFunny So Long James
Member reactions:

News Source
Got to know the Heaven is just closer to Moon great job done in using the background with clouds and the awesome lighting effects used to show him as reached heaven/hell whatever.... The Vulture is clearly waiting for its Prey
Awesome caricature, and his mood is super cool
Wonderful tribute. Congrats on the gold, Hits.
Thank you gang. He was a great actor and will be missed. The Sopranos was one of my favorite shows. I am happy to see the tribute contest pop up where everyone can have a go. Thanks again for making his chop count.
This is one heck of a awesome chop, congrats on the win.
Another home run. Congrats on the gold Cup..

James BondFunny James Bond
Member reactions:

Pretty damn good, but he feels a bit levitating. Maybe some shadows will help
I think making his feet disappear in the smoke could be a good solution as well.
His facial expressions, the gun and the blast behind shows some great mission is completed Looks terrific as a James Bond
Great edit, and great suggestion of jeremix.

James Earl JonesFunny James Earl Jones
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James Earl Jones

Remembering James GandolfiniFunny Remembering James Gandolfini - "Sporanos" star James Gandolfini died from a heart attack on June 19, while he was on vacation in Italy. Coming from an Italian family Gandolfini was a natural fit for the role of Tony Soprano - a mafia boss trying to balance his family and business. James kept saying that all mafia boss characters have to be fat, so he stopped exercising to keep his weight for the role. James was acting in the New York theater in the 90s before getting roles in movies. His first breakthrough role was "Virgil the Hitman" in True Romance (1993). Ever since, James always wanted to play the bad characters. In real life, though, James was a cheerful, funny kind of guy - more fit to be a stand up comedian than a mafia boss, his friends recall. RIP James, you will be missed. To pay tributes top James Gandolfini, photoshop him any way you wish.

James Bond Island (Ko Tapu)Funny James Bond Island (Ko Tapu) - Photoshop this image of James Bond Island in Thailand (Ko Tapu) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-shaping the James Bond Island, making Ko Tapu appear in unusual tourist locations, putting some famous tourist attractions on the James Bond Island, using this James Bond Island image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to pierre-mary Thibault for providing the source photo.

Avatar by James CameronFunny Avatar by James Cameron - It's less than a week until the premier of the world's most anticipated movie of the year - Avatar by James Cameron. The most expensive film in history, it took $500 million and 10 years to make. James Cameron was working on it ever since he released multiple-Oscar-winning Titanic, and we expect nothing but the best from him this time! "This movie is very personal to me", says Cameron. "It was the chance to put together all these vistas and cool creatures that have been knocking around inside my brain since I was a kid." Photoshop Avatar (by James Cameron) movie any way you wish. Some examples are - merge Avatar with other movies, change the film's cast, put Avatar characters into some new environment, give them new professions, etc.

James BondFunny James Bond - This Friday was the 55th birthday of Pierce Brosnan, who is most famous for his James Bond roles in Die Another Day, The World Is Not Enough, GoldenEye, and Tomorrow Never Dies. This month (May 28) is also the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming - the creator of James bond - who portrayed the famous secret agent in twelve novels and nine short stories. In honor of Ian Fleming's upcoming 100th birthday and Pierce Brosnan's 55th birthday, photoshop anything related to James Bond. Some examples are: photoshop any James Bond movies with new cast (e.g. South Park characters in the leading roles), turn any products into James Bond gadgets, show what life would be like if James Bond characters ruled the world, give Bond theme to famous paintings, etc. Here's an example 1, and example 2.

James DeanFunny James Dean - February 8 is the birthday of James Dean. Dean was a rebel without a cause, but became history too soon. Same as his distant relative Howard. In this contest you are asked to photoshop James Dean and show how he would live his life these days. What movies Dean would star in, what products he would promote, Dean's life style, etc.

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