James Bond's car and house were taxed
James Bond's car and house were taxed
James Bond's car and house were taxed. Member reactions:
Mr.Bond had secret mission out of country and missed Tax pay due date. But law is law for everyone, sorry Mr.Bond.
Another name could be Aston Martin and Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) were taxed.
Thank you, NewsMaster and Master Sergeant Bob.

Funny James Bond

James Bond
Member reactions:
One beauty of a job you did with the source. Awesome.
Excellent work with source...the caricatured head and the hand with expressions perfectly matched to the picture good one
impressive and realistic chop. Rope perspective is perfect.
Congrats on another gold, tusav. You are on a roll.

Funny James Haden Playing Basketball Caricature

James Haden Playing Basketball Caricature
Member reactions:
Rubberhead or Claymation figure. Looks like you can mold him hehe. Top 5 Congrats
Out-freaking-standing caricature, Blackie.

Funny In Memory of James Garner

In Memory of James Garner
James Garner
Member reactions:
Hi buddy ericnorthend... Thank you sooooo much for comment...

Funny James Garner on Horseback Under a Rainbow

James Garner on Horseback Under a Rainbow
Member reactions:
Nice, but I wish he took a bigger (anmd more central) space in the composition

Funny James Garner Reminiscing at the Pearly Gates

James Garner Reminiscing at the Pearly Gates
James (Rockford) Garner aka the guy who always gets beat up.
Member reactions:
Very nice. This would be awesome if you made the lighting on the face match the lighting of the rest of the image
The horse holding the hat is a great touch.

Funny The Best Maverick Ever James Garner

The Best Maverick Ever James Garner
Member reactions:
Great work, thats the James Garner I remember
Looks exactly like him. Congrats on the silver, Doc.
Congrats, Paul

Funny Remembering James Garner

Remembering James Garner
Remembering James Garner
Member reactions:
Great poster style. Consider portrait format next time Clean...

Funny So Long To James Garner and Johnny Winter

So Long To James Garner and Johnny Winter
R.I.P James Garner and Johnny Winter
Member reactions:
Good work but I don't understand the connection, other than dying, between the two. Moreover, it seems to me it detracts from honoring either to do so in tandem. Just my 2p. Good luck.
Both men.. cool as he11, both mavericks, both incredible at the top of their game, both iconic Americans, both died within a few days apart, both on my favorite list, both fit the atmosphere of this chop perfectly and most importantly, I wanted to create an imagined world where these two are good friends, undivided by age or class. Maybe where they are it is possible now. Thanks for the comments Paco, Oldman and Dman
I have to agree with pacovilla. Thank you for alerting about Johnny's death. I haven't heard about it before for entry. Two men who I adored for years have left this world. Maybe Jimmy could give Johnny a ride in his Firebird along Highway 61.
Curious, two of you now. I must admit the viewpoint is a bit odd to me. I wonder if either of them would object or be honored to share the same light. Thank you for your comment.
Superlative and impressive job. No reason they can't stay togather.
It's a fine chop, though I don't think they ever connected to each other that well to be associated here, it's a bit of a stretch. They did die 3 days apart indeed though. On the same day (Thursday, July 17) Johnny Winder died, actress Elaine Stritch (89) passed away and jazz trumpeter Lionel Ferbos (103) died on the same Saturday (July 19) James Garner did.
Hmmmm don't know any of those other names, might know the faces though. Boy, this is the last time I ever give you guys a two for one deal. Hahahaha Thanks for the comments Newsey and Luciano Have a good one
6 degrees... They are connected somehow I bet. Congrats on top 5 Hitspinner
Excellent picture, Hitspinner. Looks like we invited to play, but impossible to win. Too late.

Funny James Garner Then and Now

James Garner Then and Now
Member reactions:
Nice idea, though I would choose his photos more years apart (younger and older)

Funny Remembering James Garner

Remembering James Garner
American actor James Garner passed away on Saturday. He was 86. While he's had many solid roles on the big screen, Garner is best known for hit TV series "Maverick" in the 50s, and "The Rockford Files" in the 70s. Come to think of it they are almost 20 years apart! His biggest passion outside of acting was car racing. Garner is yet another Hollywood icon we've lost in 2014. He will be missed, and his legacy and his movies will stay with the generations of fans. To pay tributes to James Garner, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Remembering James Gandolfini

Remembering James Gandolfini
"Sporanos" star James Gandolfini died from a heart attack on June 19, while he was on vacation in Italy. Coming from an Italian family Gandolfini was a natural fit for the role of Tony Soprano - a mafia boss trying to balance his family and business. James kept saying that all mafia boss characters have to be fat, so he stopped exercising to keep his weight for the role. James was acting in the New York theater in the 90s before getting roles in movies. His first breakthrough role was "Virgil the Hitman" in True Romance (1993). Ever since, James always wanted to play the bad characters. In real life, though, James was a cheerful, funny kind of guy - more fit to be a stand up comedian than a mafia boss, his friends recall. RIP James, you will be missed. To pay tributes top James Gandolfini, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny James Bond Island (Ko Tapu)

James Bond Island (Ko Tapu)
Photoshop this image of James Bond Island in Thailand (Ko Tapu) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-shaping the James Bond Island, making Ko Tapu appear in unusual tourist locations, putting some famous tourist attractions on the James Bond Island, using this James Bond Island image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to pierre-mary Thibault for providing the source photo.

Funny Avatar by James Cameron

Avatar by James Cameron
It's less than a week until the premier of the world's most anticipated movie of the year - Avatar by James Cameron. The most expensive film in history, it took $500 million and 10 years to make. James Cameron was working on it ever since he released multiple-Oscar-winning Titanic, and we expect nothing but the best from him this time! "This movie is very personal to me", says Cameron. "It was the chance to put together all these vistas and cool creatures that have been knocking around inside my brain since I was a kid." Photoshop Avatar (by James Cameron) movie any way you wish. Some examples are - merge Avatar with other movies, change the film's cast, put Avatar characters into some new environment, give them new professions, etc.

Funny James Bond

James Bond
This Friday was the 55th birthday of Pierce Brosnan, who is most famous for his James Bond roles in Die Another Day, The World Is Not Enough, GoldenEye, and Tomorrow Never Dies. This month (May 28) is also the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming - the creator of James bond - who portrayed the famous secret agent in twelve novels and nine short stories. In honor of Ian Fleming's upcoming 100th birthday and Pierce Brosnan's 55th birthday, photoshop anything related to James Bond. Some examples are: photoshop any James Bond movies with new cast (e.g. South Park characters in the leading roles), turn any products into James Bond gadgets, show what life would be like if James Bond characters ruled the world, give Bond theme to famous paintings, etc. Here's an example 1, and example 2.

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