Harry Potter in Jamaica Smoking Pot
Harry Potter in Jamaica Smoking Pot
Harry Potter in Jamaica Smoking Pot. Sources
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Ha Hilarious.. like the weed leaf on the title

Funny Whoopi Goldberg on the Beach in Jamaica

Whoopi Goldberg on the Beach in Jamaica
Whoopi vists Jamaica to celebrate her 55th Birthday.
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Ahhh c-mon, give her a hairy armpit. hahahaha Just joking... nicely done.
Hurry up taking this pic, I wanna joint..now.
I say for 55 she looks so good, even totally stoned Nice HDR effects too.
Congrats Dilemma, funny stuff To see a 30' Whoopi on the beach with a 20-something body, makes me wonder what is smoked....
Congrats D. whoopi never looked as hot as in this piece
congrats . great caricature work...Whoppie looks great.

Funny Kayaking in Jamaica

Kayaking in Jamaica
The hands were small, from a white girl. Kayak was in a river. Girl in background was not in the water, that you see.
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excellent. love the starfish on his shoulder.
the Freakingnews paddle.
What are the odds that I would find a picture with a Freaking News kayak paddle. None..

Funny No Water in Jamaica

No Water in Jamaica
Please Preview Large Sources
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...... what am I doing here. Bet the hardest thing was the string.
Freaking fabulous. It looks so naturally in harmony that I would not guess the guy was taken from some wild fisherman dude holding his catch.
Congrats Salis, a most excellent image I like the crisp realism and limited palette with a center of blue that brings my attention to the main subjects, while my eyes dance around trying to figure what it all means. I still have no idea why the panther is there Catfish. Good stuff...
deaddog : adding the string was so easy Compared to the Huge Process of SAVING the file Rainman: thanx, the black tiger was only to show an extra dark mood to the piece... this was my attention.. maybe I failed achieving it.. I don't know.. I have to mention here that as much as I enjoyed chopping this piece as sad I felt digging out the sources and seeing the faces of poor Africa.. thats why i named it the message... hopefully it sends a message... thanx alot for generous votes and comments..
Congrats...your work clearly depicts a deeper message. It looks surreal using the items and animals you did. Beautiful orange colors really give it a warm glow. Great work.
What process or filters did you use to get the skin to glow like that. The only way I can get that effect is through airbrushing but I don't think you did that because you retained all definition. Strange, I didn't get any particular "Place" from this, just a "third world strife" message. It could have been Guatemalla, Brazil, Congo, South Paciffic but in retrospect, Africa makes sense. Really splendid work.
hay wise man... and yep I didn't use airbrushing here, from what I recall, and hopefully my English helps me here: - decreasing the original saturation for the source and creating my own by adding two layers of olive green and light brown in (color blending mode) minimum opacity like 10 – 15 %. Merging the three layers , duplicate the merged layer ( set multiply mode ) - Gaussian blur the resulted layer a bit… merge it down again - increasing the saturation .. Topaz sharpen + topaz edge softener. A touch of lighting effects --> spot light ( pink color for intensity and light kaki color for material ) . and you know as an artist ur self, that dark skin color reacts better to orange and green touches than light ones.
congrats talented guy. awesome work. It's very beautiful
Black panther sets the mood very well and a great fit for a dark forefront.

Funny Bob Marley Making Hurricane Smoke in Jamaica

Bob Marley Making Hurricane Smoke in Jamaica
DEAN'S COMING. Jamaica braces for hurricane hit
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Time to put down the bong, the 'cane is going in the wrong direction.

Funny Tom Cruise in Dreadlocks in Jamaica

Tom Cruise in Dreadlocks in Jamaica
We jamming. I hope u like it. Full view is better.

Funny Rabbi's Jamaica Rum Gift

Rabbi's Jamaica Rum Gift
Oy Vey.

Funny Come To Jamaica

Come To Jamaica
Member reactions:
man that place is Smokin we were lit the whole trip...
Lifes a Beach...so grab a Belikin, a smoke and a Smile..
Jamaica me crazy
Ganja here, Ganja there, Ganja everywhere.

Funny Team Jamaica Money

Team Jamaica Money
Member reactions:
The most fastest team in the world is the team Jamaica.... well done bolt and his friends.. good job done by putting dollars all over and nice show of medals

Funny Man Catches a Goldfish in Jamaica

Man Catches a Goldfish in Jamaica

Funny Fishing in Jamaica

Fishing in Jamaica
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of fishing in Jamaica any way you wish. Some examples are - showing what scenery or objects can appear on the beach behind the fisherman, designing an advertising poster with this Jamaican fishing image, putting the fisherman into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to John H and Stock Exchange for providing this photo.

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