Lebron Jams
Lebron Jams
Lebron Jams . Member reactions:
Hilarious an nicely done, Cosmix. Lol Stretch under net.
I like it..he is filled out well and nice work on the shadows and reflection
Thanks Reg. I was amazed how long stretch was without exaggerating it. Thanks fugit appreciated. Pizza tattoo on the back of his hand
Super Work, Cos. Could have easily placed on the podium. Great humor in the pizza tat. :o)

Funny Jam Packed Suitcase

Jam Packed Suitcase
Member reactions:
Nice idea, but you should try to find jars that match the perspective of the case (not straight on).
Thanks, all. Bob, I tried and tried to find a picture that would work, a good source. Almost went to the store to take a picture myself from the right angle, but got an idea for another chop, so did that instead. Thanks for the suggestion.

Funny Jamming In The Outback with a Kangaroo and Emu

Jamming In The Outback with a Kangaroo and Emu
Bush Music
Member reactions:
Animals now joined for the protest.... like the Ostrich with drums helping him
Nice work, feels like real in this environment

Funny Boy Jamming on the Saxaphone on Stage

Boy Jamming on the Saxaphone on Stage
Member reactions:
Nice Performance love your idea its different...

Funny Barack Obama Drummer in Jam Band The Movie

Barack Obama Drummer in Jam Band The Movie
Member reactions:
Clean work. You turned Obama into a natural Indian.

Funny Princess Diana Jam

Princess Diana Jam
Please, Oh Please View Full Quality (1250x1667) Steps for creating Diana Jam (refer to pictures) 1. Find the easiest locatable bits of Princess Diana, like some hair from a brush she once used. 2. Have a culinary expert in a sterile location “infuse a tiny speck of the late princess of Wales' with gin… then combined with milk and sugar to create a product with a taste resembling condensed milk”. 3. Find the most reputable salesman possible and set up shop in an area with high foot traffic. Enjoy the money you make as your patrons sit back and dine on the Late Princess of Wales’ creamy goodness. Jam Made from Princess Diana's Hair Up for Sale SOURCE
Member reactions:
hahaha, think she would've tasted good...
Very clever, me loved the full view. TONS of work went into this and it shows.

Funny Frog Jam On a Bun

Frog Jam On a Bun
Member reactions:
eeeewwwwwwwww. Thanks for the weekly wallpaper. How cool.

Funny Angelina Jolie Toe Jam

Angelina Jolie Toe Jam
I couldnt help myself after it came toe me

Funny Jam Frog

Jam Frog

Funny Old Billy Joel Jam Session

Old Billy Joel Jam Session
Member reactions:
This is great. Never enough B&W work here.

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