Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal.

Funny Jake Gyllenhaal as a Boxer

Jake Gyllenhaal as a Boxer
Jake Gyllenhaal puts on pounds for his boxing movie
Member reactions:
That freaking tummy . Puss is full in action
Jake went out in the rain - it was literally tRAINING cats and dogs.

Funny Jake Gyllenhall with Double Vision

Jake Gyllenhall with Double Vision

Funny Jake Gyllenhaal Bobblehead

Jake Gyllenhaal Bobblehead
Member reactions:
Interesting theme ... you've got the moon, but the Earth is called the "Big Blue Marble" -- yes.
Now this Owl is spying and the Blue eye is amazing to this chop well done and great job done
Deserved better, I have a rough time figuring out the outcomes of these big contests. So many good ones get drowned out by so many good ones, you know. You are up there with the most creative...

Funny Jake the Pink Navi in Avatar

Jake the Pink Navi in Avatar

Funny Avatar Jake Mouth Eyes

Avatar Jake Mouth Eyes
Member reactions:
Wonderful, great work and head-inside mouth and the loop
Its a Unique chop ever created wonderful look of mouth which was craved so cleverly its impressed me great chop fine blending of mouths over the eyes
The Avtaar New Style is superb. Great work done

Funny Avatar Jake with a Shark Mouth

Avatar Jake with a Shark Mouth
Member reactions:
Excellent Luci, you're getting good at this.

Funny Pink Jake Scully Avatar

Pink Jake Scully Avatar
Something is seriously wrong with the Avatar program...

Funny Presidential Jake-O-Lantern's

Presidential Jake-O-Lantern's
Source Background
Member reactions:
Very nice piece of art the incorporation of everything is very nice, but if I were to choose one thing to fix on it I would say to make the "Obama" sign less transparent because it is a solid object and being able to see through it is a little odd.
I am in love with the full view of this entry. Many many fine details worked into this composition. For one, the Cheney scary jack-o-lantern, is just plain brilliant.
Re: NFLfan Actually. ... I didn't use any transparency on that. It's natural daylight reflections, darken with Levels, a Layer of Reduced Opacity Overlay. Or Some other Transfer Mode. And a Couple of Slices of Screen Transfer from High Right to Lower Left, to fake Moonlight thru trees kind of thingy. Here's the Yard Sign. Thanks. for the Compliments.
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Funny Jake-O-Lantern Monster

Jake-O-Lantern Monster
Member reactions:
Like the effort but this is a simple piece to do.
Love the commentes. but about NFLfan, i would like something from you... you cannot say something if you have never done an entry.... anyway i will take this sugestions for the next time, thanks..... Freakingnews rules........

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