JAIL BIRD PRESIDENT. JAIL BIRD PRESIDENT... I didn't get the wrong one I think you should all do some research... over a dozen women accusing him of ... ual abuse, 3,500 lawsuits.. and running a phony school No this the right one.
Member reactions:
I think you chopped the wrong candidate there.
No I got the right one. And what you see is only the top of the iceberg.. this man has so much dirty laundry, it's pathetic....
Just think, If she wins Her and Bill will be the first husband/wife couple to both be impeached.
I doubt it....Trump runs more of that risk with all his 3,500 lawsuits against him..
Both Trump and Hillery have records that make the dump smell like a rose.
You're confused Mundo...it's the skirt a.k.a. Hillary 'Rob-Em' Clinton that should be in jail.

Funny Loretta Lynch Goes To Jail

Loretta Lynch Goes To Jail

Funny Hillary Clinton the Clown in the Whitehouse or Jail

Hillary Clinton the Clown in the Whitehouse or Jail
Member reactions:
Hahahahaha, Bernie the bow legged dwarf. The liar reference is priceless. Also, it is a fine chop, HH.

Funny Robert Downey Jr in Jail

Robert Downey Jr in Jail
Member reactions:
Feathering by a couple pixels might help eliminate those haloes, but Will probably need a bit of masking (especially on the cuffs).

Funny Bill Cosby in Jail

Bill Cosby in Jail

Funny Arpaio America's Toughest Sheriff in Jail

Arpaio America's Toughest Sheriff in Jail
Sheriff Arpaio's Contempt Case Sources Could America's Toughest Sheriff end up wearing a pair of his "world-famous." pink underwear.

Funny Child Police Officer Puts Thug in Jail

Child Police Officer Puts Thug in Jail
Member reactions:
Crazy and stunning smile, cool posture and taken over the role of mob Vs officer is great deal
I knew it had to be U, is that a song. Congrads on the Gold Cup,
This is soooo darn cute, as always another super chop from the best, congrats.
Excellent chop. I am a bit confused about the gender of the criminal kid - the body seems to be male, but the face female
Newsey. Not a problem. I mistake the gender of little kids half the time myself. They are sort of A-cexual creatures until they can grow some hair. Thank you for the votes and the top cup. I was getting pretty depressed. Not used to 1 out of 17 gold wins. You all spoiled me in the past. Thanks be to Newsey, Hobbit, HoHouse, Bob, Doc, eric, Luciano, anurahaallu, balodiya, and andwhat
back the winning trophies again. congrats hits.
Thanks Jere, and Wanderer. You too Jere.
Brilliant Tim, Well done on winning the gold.

Funny Elivis Preslet in a Barcode Jail

Elivis Preslet in a Barcode Jail
Funny two of us put Jailhouse Rock and prison bars together for bar code. So it's either a very good idea, or a very bad one. I had a lot of fun with this. It kind of screams for an audio track. You can do anything, but don't step on my blue cell bars..

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Barcode Jail

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Barcode Jail
Member reactions:
Cool beans.

Funny President Nixon in Jail

President Nixon in Jail
Crimes against the people. Nixon resigned the presidency before he could be impeached and jailed. 1974 Source photo
Member reactions:
Great work overall, but I would not guess it's Nixon without reading the title. I think you've started with his photo in his last years (like this one), then changed it quite a bit too. Honestly I would prefer no change to the face at all rather than guessing who is chopped here. No change to the face would work just great here with decent blending.
Actually this is the source. I just gave him a high forehead and fattened his jowls. It was in his latter years SOURCE I already invested 7 hours. And it looks enough like him to the two other people that I have shown it to. If I get more complaints I may putz with it some more. But for now.... Found time.... Fixed
He looks more like him after the edit, but I see the following changes you did to the original Nixon photo: changed his head shape - turned the pointy wide forehead into a vertically stretched rounded oval. The jaw got longer and lost his shape with those fattened sagging bulldog cheeks, and increased chin. You made the ears bigger, and did change his eyes the most. They are not dark distinctive Nixon's eyes any more but some kind of tiny amber glowing spider eyes. Added red layers on the eyes area killed his distinctive eye bags - they look different now. Sorry for this hard critique, but I feel a change to face features is only good when the subject's distinctive features are exaggerated in moderation, not changed for the opposite. I did so many similar critiques on your chops that I feel I'll shut up next time because you keep doing your thing, and I keep feeling it wrong. It's probably just a difference in tastes, because other members don't seem to have an issue with such modifications in your chops. But personally, I feel it's a pity that those face modifications take away from otherwise great chops of yours.
Thanks. It is simply a style, yet perfected. I am not trying to be Rickytrek or Pike or any of the other choppers that have an incredible style yet barely distinguishable from the other. So I tend to work the caricatures from a different approach. I tend to mix it up a lot, try to keep it fresh and entertaining. I throw a lot of different styles out there because every chop should be a new performance. But every performance isn't going to rock the house, especially when you continually explore new ways to present the material and try to avoid stepping where other choppers have already been. So my aim is to keep a standard of technical excellence And I am acutely aware that I have set the standards for which my chops are judged. It is hard meeting those expectations. Anyway there it is, that is the thing
This caricature is really awesome wether it is close to the subject or not.
Well my theory that negative review during contests equals the kiss of death just went all to he11. Thanks folks.
Congratulations for the Win, Hits. Great Job, really like his secret tape on a chain.
How DARE you say I have a handful of noses, lips and ears that I use in a machine fashion. Each and every caricature is independently done for each chop. I take great offense at your comment.
My apology Doc. Thanks Toledo Eagle Wanderer and Doc
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Sorry if I caused any trouble this time.

Funny Blagojevich in Jail

Blagojevich in Jail
After two trials, an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice and a plea for mercy, Rod Blagojevich (Democrat) was sentenced today to 14 years in federal prison, after the former Illinois governor guilty on 18 counts involving the attempted sale of a U.S. Senate seat, illegal shakedowns for campaign contributions and lying to federal agents. Prosecutors asked for 20 years, but since the seat was not yet sold and no cash exchanged hands, Blago "got away" with only 14 years. Selling Senate seats ain't as easy as it seemed... Interestingly enough, former Illinois governor George Ryan (Republican), predecessor to Blago, was also convicted on corruption charges, landing him in prison for 6.5 years. Ryan gets out of prison in July 2013. One has to wonder if the courts lengthy sentence was meant to send a message for future governors. Photoshop anything related to Rod Blagojevich getting sentenced and serving time in jail. E.g. show evidence that was used in court, or how Blago will spend his prison days - these are just some ideas.

Funny George Michael in Jail

George Michael in Jail
George Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in jail and lost his license for five years Tuesday for driving under the influence of drugs when he crashed his car into a London photo shop. A British judge told the wayward star his addiction to marijuana put him and the public at risk. The former Wham! singer pleaded guilty last month to driving under the influence and possession of cannabis following a July 4 collision between his Range Rover and a Snappy Snaps store in north London. District Judge John Perkins told the singer he had taken a “dangerous and unpredictable mix” of prescription drugs and marijuana. Photoshop anything related to George Michael getting sentenced and serving time in jail. Some examples are: George Michael mugshots, photo (and other) evidence used in court, jail strip search, what George Michael will do in jail, how he'll decorate his prison cell, some songs George Michael should remake once he gets out, etc.

Funny Wesley Snipes in Jail

Wesley Snipes in Jail
As we all heard, the "Blade" star Wesley Snipes was sentenced by federal judge to 3 years in prison - maximum conviction time for tax evasion. The decision came as a big surprise for Snipes, who even wrote the government three $5 million checks to convince judge to give him just home detention and community service charges. None of this worked - Wesley is going to do hard time. This case marks a big victory for prosecutors who made the Spines case an example and a threat to all rich people who fail to correctly file their tax return. Photoshop anything related to Wesley Snipes court case and Wesley Snipes serving time in jail. Some examples are: show the filed tax forms by Snipes, what activities Wesley will engage in behind bars, what new movies (or sequels) can he star in while in prison, demotivational poster with Snipes, etc.

Funny Jail

Paris Hilton started serving time in Los Angeles County jail. It's interesting that the authorities made an exception and allowed Paris jail wear to be designed by Gucci. However, Paris jail cell is no Hilton. In this contest you are asked to turn this world into a jail world. Put jail wear on any animals, give striped jail paint job to any clothes, objects or animals, or put anything behind the bars - these are just some ideas. You are welcome to use photos, posters, or paintings as source pictures.

Funny Jail Fashion?

Jail Fashion?
[ Four inmates in an Italian women's prison near Milan used their jail time to create their own fashion line inspired by stripy prison design. About 50 creations were modeled on a Milan catwalk this week. ] Let us take a wild guess why some of the most famous fashion designers are Italians. They all served sentences, had too much time on their hands and made their fashion lines behind the bars. See, that's the difference between Americans and Italians - in the US you go to jail to serve time, in Italy you go to jail to become a fashion designer. They have a never ending supply of future designers on every street corner. The next time you are in Italy and get mugged, ask the mugger for his autograph. And those of you who wear Armani, Gucci, Versace, or Valentino, know there's always an extra pocket for a knife, even if we're talking about underwear. In this contest you are asked to photoshop clothes inspired by classic stripy prison design, or by modern prison clothes design. We aren't asking you to paste a person wearing a prison uniform into another image here. We are asking you to re-design clothing using the prison motif.

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