Chris Brown Jailed Again
Chris Brown Jailed Again
Chris Brown Jailed Again. Chris Brown is thrown in jail again.
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Where can I get that toilet paper holder.
You can get it here, Jim.
Ha ha Picnic inside the toilet... great chop and funny to see the toilet paper holder good one
Great caricature.I'm afraid he will suffer with all these restrictions .
He's still in control of his life no matter where "Rehab is for quitters"
Congrats Master P ~and thanks for the link... Talking my wife into it now.
Ahhh ha. What is it with these thug bugs. They get the world handed to them and they screw it up. Great chop Doc. Congrats on the silver. The doll is a perfect touch.

Funny Bradely Manning in Jail

Bradely Manning in Jail
Oh dear
Member reactions:
his expression and place to put him in is finest idea and so the chop. I like the ideology is very good

Funny Bradley Manning with Toxic Waste in Jail

Bradley Manning with Toxic Waste in Jail

Funny George Zimmerman Free From Jail

George Zimmerman Free From Jail
Member reactions:
It's the right verdict although both parties were at fault. Unfortunate outcome for both since 'Z' has a target on his back, now. Good job.
Nice outcoming of events shown in this chop good choice of the background and the Metal Man looks great
Congratulations on your cup Hitman, great work on a precision manipulation.
Awwww shucks thanks I wish I could have done more with the focus of the rock work

Funny Bernie Madoff Earns $40 Per Month in Jail

Bernie Madoff Earns $40 Per Month in Jail
Swindler Bernie Madoff earns $40 per month while in prison
Member reactions:
He really needs and investment banker and Freaking news membership to increase more earnings
Very nicely done, hidden … good caricature work and composition.
Excellent caricature of Bernie, a professional looking job pcrdds ..
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Billy Mac. Thanks, UncleChamp.

Funny Clint Eastwood with a Black Eye in Jail

Clint Eastwood with a Black Eye in Jail
Member reactions:
Hilarious... all the upper row of teeth were gone only two left and he is the winner to come out the prison and going to Hospital for treatment really funny


10 Oct 2012, One PU$$Y RIOT protester freed, but two others jailed in Russia ORIGINAL PAINTING
Member reactions:
Nice Clean job done Great artistic work done
Excellent job, and way to get away with using the P-word on the site. That's a double-intendre...sweet. (I was gonna say something for anyone who said I spelled that wrong, but whatever...)
Pu$$Y is really a funny creation the artist work is amazing piece created from the Original .... wonderful job with the face merge... good artistic effects recreated love you chop...
She looks so beautiful, nice artistic work
Great political art, reminds me some propaganda posters style.

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Bashar al-Assad in Jail

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Bashar al-Assad in Jail Syria unrest: Death toll passes 7,500, UN says
Member reactions:
Nice job with lots of work. Mahmoud looks good in makeup. .
Nice work on smoke ... and what the Dog, might be its the ugliest dog ever i have seen great job done
Fantastic work on the eyes of both Lots of work in here. So professional. Good luck.
rajesh i agree.. I had to add him in to represent the devil ,or badness .he looks downright evil.
heyyy ..ty Chili..... thanks RICKY ,,Mandrake..,, i tried to make him into a skinny bodiless man
thanks gator,,,eric this took,, like 12 hours,, and has a lot of small details too
hahaha, awesome entry Pree..well deserved win..

Funny Rod Blagojevich in Jail

Rod Blagojevich in Jail
They are always listening ......
Member reactions:
Lord and Lady Black. Cute couple, and nicely done.
Nicely done hidden . . . one thing, you're top right microphone is casting a shadow as if it's flush up against the back wall, when the microphone appears otherwise to be in the direct foreground. The same applies to the Blago figure.
Way to go Pree...another Gold to add to the collection
ty D-Man,,, RICKY... pcrdds... Blago has a very interesting face..
Great satire and 'shopping here, Pree. Congrats on the gold. May I ask who's the Blago's cellmate. P.S. I really like what you did with the wall Even "Kilroy was here" stuff is there.
Congrats pree on the back to back contest win.
NewsMaster not familiar with the case but its Conrad Black , hes from Chicago and went to jail.i thought they might meet up

Funny Lindsay Lohan the Wild Child in Jail

Lindsay Lohan the Wild Child in Jail
Lindsay Lohan released hours after checking into jail for 30 day sentence Full View original photo
Member reactions:
I like the reverse clock LoL & lots of the other ex additions, pretty cool pic all over.
Thank you very much Crusader, Chili, BlackX, Kellie, pcrdds, raj & balodyia .
Super Gold congrats, qtrmoonshop. Great job here.
Superb work with many great details. Most have taken many hours.
Congrats qtrmoonshop. Someone has stepped up their game.
excellent work..qtrmoonshop ,,, its fun to see all the stuff in the chop.. congrats....
Thank you so much to everyone for your comments and votes, I truly appreciate it . . . … and yeah, Newsy . . . lot of hours on this one . . . took my time for a change . . .
Good one and so true, you have it all here, even the morgue which may be her next stop. Congrats on the win.
Thanks PixJockey and thanks hobbit90 ... I'd like to point out that the morgue sign refers to the community service she was assigned to there ... I wasn't inferring that she was headed there wearing a toe tag ... I'm pulling for her to get through all of it, and turn her life around.

Funny Blagojevich in Jail

Blagojevich in Jail
After two trials, an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice and a plea for mercy, Rod Blagojevich (Democrat) was sentenced today to 14 years in federal prison, after the former Illinois governor guilty on 18 counts involving the attempted sale of a U.S. Senate seat, illegal shakedowns for campaign contributions and lying to federal agents. Prosecutors asked for 20 years, but since the seat was not yet sold and no cash exchanged hands, Blago "got away" with only 14 years. Selling Senate seats ain't as easy as it seemed... Interestingly enough, former Illinois governor George Ryan (Republican), predecessor to Blago, was also convicted on corruption charges, landing him in prison for 6.5 years. Ryan gets out of prison in July 2013. One has to wonder if the courts lengthy sentence was meant to send a message for future governors. Photoshop anything related to Rod Blagojevich getting sentenced and serving time in jail. E.g. show evidence that was used in court, or how Blago will spend his prison days - these are just some ideas.

Funny George Michael in Jail

George Michael in Jail
George Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in jail and lost his license for five years Tuesday for driving under the influence of drugs when he crashed his car into a London photo shop. A British judge told the wayward star his addiction to marijuana put him and the public at risk. The former Wham! singer pleaded guilty last month to driving under the influence and possession of cannabis following a July 4 collision between his Range Rover and a Snappy Snaps store in north London. District Judge John Perkins told the singer he had taken a “dangerous and unpredictable mix” of prescription drugs and marijuana. Photoshop anything related to George Michael getting sentenced and serving time in jail. Some examples are: George Michael mugshots, photo (and other) evidence used in court, jail strip search, what George Michael will do in jail, how he'll decorate his prison cell, some songs George Michael should remake once he gets out, etc.

Funny Lohan in Jail

Lohan in Jail
Lindsay LOLhan was sentenced to 3 months in jail followed by rehab time, after the judge found out she violated the terms of her probation in 2007 drug case. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel issued the sentence after listening to testimony from employees of a court-mandated alcohol treatment program. Lohan tried to convince the judge she did the best she could by trying to balance work and mandatory alcohol treatment program. Revel said she found Lohan’s apology insincere, comparing it to “somebody who cheats and thinks it isn’t cheating if she doesn’t get caught.’’ Lohan was not immediately taken into custody and will be permitted to surrender on July 20. She will have to wear an ankle alcohol monitor until then. Photoshop anything related to Lindsay Lohan getting sentenced and serving time in jail. Some examples are: Lohan mugshots, photo (and other) evidence used in court, jail strip search, what Lohan will do in jail, how she'll decorate her prison cell, some prison movies Lohan should remake once she gets out, etc.

Funny Wesley Snipes in Jail

Wesley Snipes in Jail
As we all heard, the "Blade" star Wesley Snipes was sentenced by federal judge to 3 years in prison - maximum conviction time for tax evasion. The decision came as a big surprise for Snipes, who even wrote the government three $5 million checks to convince judge to give him just home detention and community service charges. None of this worked - Wesley is going to do hard time. This case marks a big victory for prosecutors who made the Spines case an example and a threat to all rich people who fail to correctly file their tax return. Photoshop anything related to Wesley Snipes court case and Wesley Snipes serving time in jail. Some examples are: show the filed tax forms by Snipes, what activities Wesley will engage in behind bars, what new movies (or sequels) can he star in while in prison, demotivational poster with Snipes, etc.

Funny Jail

Paris Hilton started serving time in Los Angeles County jail. It's interesting that the authorities made an exception and allowed Paris jail wear to be designed by Gucci. However, Paris jail cell is no Hilton. In this contest you are asked to turn this world into a jail world. Put jail wear on any animals, give striped jail paint job to any clothes, objects or animals, or put anything behind the bars - these are just some ideas. You are welcome to use photos, posters, or paintings as source pictures.

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