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Funny Jaguar Pictures

The JaguarFunny The Jaguar
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A lot of people love the big cats and I am one of them. Sometimes, I think I could spend a whole day just sketching the big cats like this beautiful jaguar. digital art
Cool... nice sketch It brings life on the picture

Flipped JaguarFunny Flipped Jaguar
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Jaguar Mouth EyesFunny Jaguar Mouth Eyes
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Jaguar + BugattiFunny Jaguar + Bugatti
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Nice, but the front grill looks a little off. (more to the right)
I agree with Funk on the grill, also two front wheels are definetly heading this one into interesting lanes. ;0

Ferrari + JaguarFunny Ferrari + Jaguar
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Bollywood Jaguar CommercialFunny Bollywood Jaguar Commercial
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Unfortunately - the dancing got out of control.

Monopoly Jaguar & Land RoverFunny Monopoly Jaguar & Land Rover
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Just move the pawns around the gameboard

Indian Jaguar CarFunny Indian Jaguar Car
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source images
Superb work. Thanks for linking the source images.
Congratulations on the gold, wood. Truly a work of art here.
Thanks Newsy, It's good having you around, or I'd have no comments for a gold entry. Cheers.
This job was my real favourite in this contest, congrats on gold funkwood.
Thanks for your honesty Zorro.

Jaguar CartFunny Jaguar Cart
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Are you ready to the evolution.

Indian Jaguar Car with Elephant FeetFunny Indian Jaguar Car with Elephant Feet
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Bronze congratulations on the bronze elephant, kadath.
Congrats on the Bronze Kadath. Great Entry.

Jaguar & Land RoverFunny Jaguar & Land Rover - Ford Motor Company sold Jaguar and Land Rover car businesses to India's Tata Motors Ltd. for $2.3 billion. The decision to sell these two car brands comes at a difficult financial time for Ford which wants to concentrate on its major brand and increase Ford's auto market share. The sale price of Jaguar and Land Rover is only half of what Ford paid for these brands - it bought Jaguar for $2.5 billion in 1989 and Land Rover for $2.7 billion in 2000. India's Tata Motors company was in the news just recently with its $2.500 car model that is made from cheap materials and "should be affordable for everyone". Photoshop anything related to Jaguar and Land Rover becoming Indian auto brands. Some examples are: create new advertisement posters for Jaguar or Land Rover, re-design these cars with cheap materials (or maybe even from the old car parts), create employment hire posters, re-design logos, etc. Your entry has to be related to either Jaguar or Land Rover - it does not need to have two brands in one entry.

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