Mick Jagger Caricature
Mick Jagger Caricature
Mick Jagger Caricature. THE OLD ROCK...
Member reactions:
Great Caricature..... and fantastic chop with fumes all around with well lit
I am totally amazed with this smokin caricature with cool looks of him
Congrats on the gold, Ricky. Viva, Italia.
Many congrats. Beautiful chop........... Close race I see 0.017 separation
The aged teeth... skin and hands... awesome.
What an amazing portrait. Congrats on the Gold.

Funny Mick Jagger the Pirate

Mick Jagger the Pirate
Member reactions:
He nicely fit into the Pirate Boots... and gives good expression as well well suited

Funny Mick Jagger with a Shark Mouth

Mick Jagger with a Shark Mouth
Oh that mouth

Funny Mick Jagger Monkey Mouth

Mick Jagger Monkey Mouth
Member reactions:
Can't stop myself by giving critics makes me laugh clever idea used here
Yikes.. Guess that's what 70 hard yrs. will do to you

Funny Mick Jagger as Whoopi Goldberg

Mick Jagger as Whoopi Goldberg
Mick Jagger and Tina Turner Video... ~Brown Sugar~.... Hum...Belly Intelesting... Mick just seems to age differently than most. Whoopi Jagger...she may already be a star...I'd like to see her moves...
Member reactions:
Thanks NewsMaster... Whoopi Jagger, She just keeps developing....
Whoopi Jagger, One thing is for sure he/she would tell it like it is. Great work hidden.
Thanks Gummy. Didn't I see you earlier on in the contest. Yeah..that's right. Say Gummy if your out looking for your teeth I spotted them. They are on page one. Thanks Paul. I always thought it wouldn't hurt Mick to put a little more weight on those bones.
Thanks hidden, I found them but they taste like ****
Extremely different look given to him.... nice way showing him 70th Birthday
Great version of Mick n Whoop all nashed together.
Thanks Geri, Raj, and U-Champ. Champ, it may be a Whoopi/Jagger original.
Thanks Much Gugulanul. Thanks Paul. Got Floss. Termite food for me again...
Congratulations on getting into the winners circle S.S. You did a masterful job..
Expertly done and I realized that Mick probably is just one chromosome away from a black guy, heck, he's got enough soul. But his features do lend themselves pretty easy it seems. You got wood over this ..... well done
Much Appreciated Champ, and Hit-man. This was a fun chop.
Thank muy much N-Master Muchas Thanks Wanderer

Funny Mick Jagger Dancing in the Street

Mick Jagger Dancing in the Street
Member reactions:
Very funny Mick is creating disturbance in the street with Dogs very hilarious

Funny Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Caricature

Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Caricature
Member reactions:
Nice caricature done.... like the White Teeth
Phenomenal caricature job and background.
Needed one more cup LunaC, yours was an outstanding likeness and tribute..
Ahhhh LunaC, there was a shark swimming in here, I could feel it. welcome back mate, truly fine work

Funny Mick Jagger the Moses of Music

Mick Jagger the Moses of Music
Member reactions:
Ewe did good, Mr. HoHouse, it was a tough competition after all. You are posting some decent numbers for a conventional chop. That means they liked it hehe and so do I. His name shall henceforth be known as Mick Moses or McMoses for short

Funny Mick Jagger with a Gun to His Head

Mick Jagger with a Gun to His Head
Member reactions:
Is when ur 70, broke, helpless, and can't sing for ur supper.

Funny Mick Jagger Made It To Seventy

Mick Jagger Made It To Seventy
Few probably thought he would live this long, after having led such a wild life.
Member reactions:
What about Keith Richards. True-to-Mick expression-Good Luck.
Looks awesome as a kid with Bong on one hand and toy in another very funny
, No disease could touch him now. He's immune to everything
Ahhh this is yours, I wondered. Fine chopping as always. It is very cool how you have Mick chopped chronologically. That is some fine thinking. It's a crack-up that we both thought of Jack Daniels. It was a natural thing to do but I don't know if he's ever even tried it. That is what you get when you project a bad boy image, huh. Hehe
Great minds think alike, Tim. I don't know if that's his choice, either...but it was my first thought as well.

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