Symmetric Faced Mick Jagger
Symmetric Faced Mick Jagger
Symmetric Faced Mick Jagger. Member reactions:
Great cariacature And awesome look given to him well done
hahaha very nice. Any tips on how you got the skin tone..
Was going to do him as well but did a different one instead. Great job

Funny Toothless Misk Jagger

Toothless Misk Jagger

Funny Spartacus Jagger

Spartacus Jagger
Roling Stones Spartacus
Member reactions:
Great caricature and nice details used good one in dark shades
Ohh its an amazing work, best balance and the caricature is Awesome, freaky smile in the face ha ha ha lovely job done
Nice caricature work dnunciate … … for me, the face needs shading on the right side to blend more naturally with the shading on the body ...
Congrats caricature, wonderful.. Ficou muito legal Darcio, cada dia tá melhorando suas técnicas parabéns. Mandrak
tks for the comment qtrmoonshop, really, the face fail.
Obrigado Amigo Mandrak, sempre bom um comentário, heheh a cara não ficou tão boa nas cores, mas ta indo.valeu

Funny she moves like Jagger

she moves like Jagger
Member reactions:
umm this is the healthiest Mick has looked in years. ))
you could have put David Bowie behind him.

Funny Cooper-Jagger Nuptials

Cooper-Jagger Nuptials
Member reactions:
Good background choosen nice to see both

Funny Mick Jagger big head

Mick Jagger big head

Funny Mick Jagger Mouth Eyes

Mick Jagger Mouth Eyes

Funny Mick Jagger's Hands Clapping

Mick Jagger's Hands Clapping
Member reactions:
This is my favorite. It's demented, weird and very well executed.

Mick Jagger in Funny Ball

Mick Jagger in Funny Ball
Member reactions:
and the movie credits are just brilliant.
Thanks Newsy Thanks Gman.......... your right.
Great... Great... nice caricature of face and good logo imposed behind the shirt very funny title given with excellent film credits nice change and innovative

Funny Mick Jagger The Indian Fighter

Mick Jagger The Indian Fighter
Mick Jagger as Kirk Douglas.
Member reactions:
After watching him in the Australian movie Ned Kellie - I can believe this -

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