Mick Jagger Emoticon
Mick Jagger Emoticon
Mick Jagger Emoticon. Full conversion
Member reactions:
Luciano. Jaggerball... good title for it, huh. Thanks for the votes Luciano, SplatShot and Eric. Hey it made the top 10, I'm happy
If I was going to present it to Mick, I'd do it over. Tis image is a bit fuzzy. We do the best we can with the sources
Very creative , and truly a smiley - like creature.
I thought this might inspire more choppers to follow suit. No guts, no glory and all that.

Funny Linda Hunt as Mick Jagger

Linda Hunt as Mick Jagger

Funny Mick Jagger with a Goat Head

Mick Jagger with a Goat Head
Member reactions:
Another MASTERPIECE. I might clone out the writing on the t-shirt, since it's backwards. Quite "funky," I might add.
I think the t-shirt is being worn inside out, and so the writing would be correct and this is quite the Masterpiece.
Love the strong directional lighting. Crisp as a cracker.
Primo old Pal. Some super pro touches Mick and Keith Richards are by far the most fun faces to characterize. Pike would be envious He11, I'm envious hehehehe Good luck. This one might be a slugfest :O
Another great picture. This is one of them. It's getting very difficult for me to pick my favourite one but you are a top contender.
No words to express the eauty of this chop. Caricatural perfection.
Congratulations. Glad to see your work again.
Congrats on the win, Funkster. One Super treat... Keep'em coming.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, always top notch.
Congratulations on the Gold, Funkwood.. Like the t-shirt best of all..
I might run out of words to describe my fascination for such chops. It really is an impressive piece.
Congrats on the gold. It weren't quite as close as I thought it would be. But I do have a high opinion of my doodles You did a masters job as always, Congrats. And I would like to add you are an inspiration.
Thanks everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Funny Mick Jagger the T-Rex

Mick Jagger the T-Rex
In this chop, I cheated by chopping an actual dinosaur into a T-Rex.

Funny Mick Jagger Cholafied

Mick Jagger Cholafied
Member reactions:
Pretty cool, though the lip outline needs more work (part of it should not be visible due to the angle of the head)

Funny Mick Jagger with a Shark Mouth

Mick Jagger with a Shark Mouth

Funny Mick Jagger Playing a Swordfish

Mick Jagger Playing a Swordfish
Member reactions:
Great. He can also eat his guitar after the concert.
Cool. I like the smoke, great touch. I can just see Mick rhythmically pounding out the tune on the side of the fish.
He knows how to tuna guitar. Brilliant chop, Andrew, congrats on the wood.
Congrats Wanderer. Newsy...Tuna Guitar-hehehe

Funny Mick Jagger with an Upside Down Face

Mick Jagger with an Upside Down Face
Member reactions:
I still see eye wrinkles & part of an eyebrow by his mouth
Looks so naturally developed face good one
His eyes show some transparent masking debris. Good job otherwise

Funny Mick Jagger with a Big Nose

Mick Jagger with a Big Nose
Member reactions:
Line between chin and under nose is pretty clear. Close, but a bit more time would have helped.

Funny Mick Jagger the Great Grandfather

Mick Jagger the Great Grandfather
Mick Jagger became a Great Grandfather
Member reactions:
The baby is hysterical (with the tongue and all).
Good chop, hope the poor kid really doesn't look like him, congrats on the win.
Congrats on the Wood Paulina Great job your stock image supply is endless.
congrats Pcrdds.... lovely decor........

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