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Funny Jagger Pictures

Mutated Mick Jagger Working a KFCFunny Mutated Mick Jagger Working a KFC
Member reactions:
On the 13th Day of Christmas, a Mutated, Grinch Faced Mick Jagger gave to me... A bucket of Fried Chicken from KFC. or Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, Hello KFC.
great caricature of mick... very well done friend
Congrats. This is so funny... Creative lyrics too.
Wooden congrats ZalisMR nice work "Grinching" Mick . . . love the tie.
Excellent Congrats on the wood, Zalis.
nice one ZalisMR congrats on the woody

Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney Ancient RivalsFunny Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney Ancient Rivals
Member reactions:

Ah, ah, ahaaa.... BELLISSIMA VERY goooooood....
heheheheh roby... o belle o bellissime... giusto........ ----------------------------------------- heheheheh ... roby or beautiful, or gorgeous ... right ........
Nice work but, the pistol brings back bad memories of John Lennon.
Good job well studied in detail, shadow and light, good, history representing an bit surreal, rappers are fired, they fired more .... ihihihi John's story is a bit different ..... however, did very well.
mandrake thanks for the nice comment .... but rappers do not know
thank you black... i am happy you funny
Excellent work. ... though I think it would have worked just as well, if not better, without the weapons ... Especially the gun.
balodiya thank you in advance
thank you qtrmoonshop... you maybe you're right, but it seemed to me with arms to give more strength to what i wanted to understand about old rivalries ... however, are okay with you ... weapons are the ugliest thing in the world ... cleaning should be done and take away their weapons at all ... and destroy them .....
hi disaster my friend... thank you
My favorite in the contest, congrats Ricky.

Mick Jagger Playing an Old GuitarFunny Mick Jagger Playing an Old Guitar
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Sir Mick Jagger with Horse LipsFunny Sir Mick Jagger with Horse Lips
Member reactions:

Mick Jagger SharkFunny Mick Jagger Shark
Member reactions:

Mick Jagger Shark SingingFunny Mick Jagger Shark Singing
Member reactions:

Mick Jagger CaricatureFunny Mick Jagger Caricature
Member reactions:

Release details announced for Mick Jagger's SuperHeavy supergroup
Can't go wrong with this guy, those lips & making a caricature Well done.
Twisted representation of the 'Bad Boy' of Rock. Great work-love the overall effect.
Great caricature, congrats on the bronze.
thanks pcrdds , JoaoN , Sunshin. many thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed, although I adored, after 4 hours of work.
Another surprise-Congratulations. RWP has some competition it appears.

Old Mick JaggerFunny Old Mick Jagger
Member reactions:

Paint it old.
a very goooood caricature... well done
Great. This is the first bald Jagger i've seen unique.

Mick Jagger Killing Two Birds with One StoneFunny Mick Jagger Killing Two Birds with One Stone
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Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones CaricatureFunny Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones Caricature
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Source Image
this is one of the best Jagger's i've seen. Congrats
Another wonderful caricature from Mr. Pike. Congrats on the bronze.

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