Happy Birthday Mick Jagger
Happy Birthday Mick Jagger
Happy Birthday Mick Jagger. Many rocking years Character Tutorial and Sources
Member reactions:
Awesome Caricature Work and choppage. Thanks for the tutorial. Poor Mick. Looks as if he's already downed a full bottle of the Tennessee Whiskey sitting behind him, or he's just wearing that hat to cover up the bore hole.
Thank you for the funny comment, slapshot. You are welcome for the tutorial. I noticed a few people were struggling with them and there is no need for it to be hard. I tried to make it so the words weren't necessary and the pictures told the story in consideration of our non-English speaking friends
Ouch, 9:00 PM West coast, US time.
One of the greatest caricatures seen in the recent past Nice makeover of him on his 70th Birthday and the background used here is awesome
A fasinating creation. Expert chop and tutorial, thanks Hidden
What a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Thank you: Bob, Gugu, Doc SplatShot, Champ, Starman and Geri. Just a note* For some of you the Tutorial is way under the techniques you may currently employ but for the novice and intermediate I think it will take some of the mystery and pain out of caricature work. Going to the next step is learning how to really control the liquefy tool and fix your mistakes with texture samples. Another Tut on that at a later date. If any of you folks have any trade secrets that you don't mind imparting to the rest of us, there is a Tutorial section in the "Forums" under "Community". Thaanks again
Congrads winning the Gold Cup HitMan, Magnum Opus..
FANTASTIC.............Congrats on the win..
Magnum Opus. That is quite a compliment. I hope not the last hahahahahaahahaha Thanks for that Champ and thank you Hobbit
Congrats, Hitspinner. All your works have GREAT Quality.
Thanks Wanderer and Geri. I Have to give you guys a little break from my persistent presence and deal with some personal stuff. Later

Funny Mick Jagger's 70th Birthday Concert

Mick Jagger's 70th Birthday Concert

Funny Sir Mick Jagger Caricature

Sir Mick Jagger Caricature
Member reactions:
Glad you like it,ericnorthend. Thank you.
Pretty Darn Cool. Love the blending of color/light, really embeds your caricature into the scene.
Nice work shown using the background Caricature face of him is really awesome
Magnificent caricature with a stunning background Hidden.
Thank you rajeshstar and UncleChamp.
Silver Cup Congratulations gugulanul, phenomenal job.
I thought this one was done by Xaos. Very well done. Congrads on the cup
Thanks so much Hitspinner and NewsMaster ... ...

Funny Mick Jagger in 2040

Mick Jagger in 2040
medical science keeps Mick going
Member reactions:
This is so Visionary of u hidden , great work
Gee I wonder if Obamacare would pay for this.
Gummy that would be cool if they did but with my luck they'd just stick my brain in a gumball machine and put it in the oddities store in San Fransisco
, Raj. With all Micks been thru he's probably immune to anything and everything out there now
Bwhaha Micky Mouse ears, I get the connection. Funny

Funny Mick Jagger Losing His Teeth on Stage

Mick Jagger Losing His Teeth on Stage
Member reactions:
What. Gummy... humm, OK,,, to quote Bugs Bunny "Of course you know dis means war" I will have revenge.
Gummy comment. Great chop.
Yea great chop Hidden, All in good fun my friend.

Funny Old lady Mick Jagger

Old lady Mick Jagger

Funny Rinnie Wood and Mick Jagger Mixed Together

Rinnie Wood and Mick Jagger Mixed Together
Member reactions:
Fan-freaking-tastic natural blending. Looks real.

Funny Symmetric Mick Jagger

Symmetric Mick Jagger

Funny Symmetric Faced Mick Jagger

Symmetric Faced Mick Jagger
Member reactions:
Great cariacature And awesome look given to him well done
hahaha very nice. Any tips on how you got the skin tone..
Was going to do him as well but did a different one instead. Great job

Funny Toothless Misk Jagger

Toothless Misk Jagger

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