Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger. I know it has been done million times...

Funny Jagger

Member reactions:
Congrats, Hitspinner. Thank you for a lot of funny pictures in the contest.
") YW Andrew and thank you as well as Bob, John, Luciano, Gummy, Layers, Tjeb, AntoZ, DD and John again. I don't generally enter many, opting more for quality than quantity because these chops almost always have a minimum of 4 hours up to 15 or so. I have gotten faster though. I also am acutely aware of how frustrating trophy hogging can be so I limit output for that reason as well. But this contest was just too much fun and as it turns out most finished in the middle to back. There were some great chops, and even grabbing one is a real big deal.
It was my favorite and it won, Congrats .
Thanks Willie and Denlig. The source photo begged to be chopped

Funny Mick Jagger with a Big Head

Mick Jagger with a Big Head

Funny Sir Mick Jagger with Mouth Eyes

Sir Mick Jagger with Mouth Eyes

Funny Mick Jagger with Mouth Eyes

Mick Jagger with Mouth Eyes

Funny Old Mick Jagger

Old Mick Jagger
Member reactions:
Their is no need to make Mic look older than he really is.

Funny Mick Jagger Jaguar

Mick Jagger Jaguar
Member reactions:
Herbivorous teeth given to that animal... looks cool and its seems like to be Vegan

Funny Mick Jagger the Orangutan

Mick Jagger the Orangutan
Member reactions:
Nice Job. ...I see Mick in your blend. But my first thought was "Axl Rose actually looks like this now"
The mic is a bit distracting and brings nothing to the party. The rest is awesome

Funny Mick Jagger in the Avengers

Mick Jagger in the Avengers
Member reactions:
Which one, this is a build... there are 8 sources This wasn't a cut, blend and paste-a-face. Thanks for the comments
So good it looks like an original Avengers poster.
Yeah, possibly hoisted on my own petard. It must have fooled a judge because that is the only 6 it got beside a 1 Karma. That or a general rejection because "Too" much art was employed. It is just discouraging that such a high quality chop didn't even break a 7. Thanks Chris, thanks Gummy

Funny Mick Jagger as a Smiley Face Emoticon

Mick Jagger as a Smiley Face Emoticon

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