Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson. A nose-less Michael Jackson may be redundant but here it is...

Funny Diana Jackson

Diana Jackson
. Member reactions:
Perfect merge... she can only replace the legend place... good one

Funny Jackson's Free

Jackson's Free
. Member reactions:
Like it Very interesting and very colorful..
Samuel as a Psycho Killer out and the concept of SOS and asking help from the top of the hospital is really impressive good one
Nice chopHH, background building is fuzzy and distorted on my screen. But that Jackson character is excellent

Funny Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson
. Member reactions:
Smart work done He looks very smart in this..
King came out on the street... a dashing and perfect gentleman good work over all

Funny Samuel L Jackson as a Woman

Samuel L Jackson as a Woman
Samuel Jackson

Funny michael jackson

michael jackson
Full Resolution Available..... Member reactions:
All secrets revealed behind that dangerous dance moves of Michael Jackson All the wires and cables coming out of his body is amazing... He is powered by some hidden battery Good one

Funny Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson
. Member reactions:
Great idea choosing a bald head, really works.
Excellent expression of eyes while seeing the beetle the Bald head looks like a bump of round flesh
Its awesome, very clever and clean chop. nice execution with the face and Eye gives it stunning expression to the Spider Lovely work here Good luck
Brilliant concept and execution. Luv the spider. Congrats on the gold, Mr. Black.

Funny Andrew Jackson Band

Andrew Jackson Band
2nd president John Adams on his homemade guitar & Andrew Jackson 7th president who loves smok'in his fender guitar threads get together for a 2012 Reunion Tour ..... Member reactions:
Did you say Awesome, Awesome69 ....
Well done...merge is rough in spots but it has a nice feel to it...good job.
I knew those two were hard core rockers. Looks great.
Um...you kinda blew the masking on Adams's head, and since all you did was add heads, that's not good.Also, are they a No Limit Records Hip Hop Duo, like in the poster, or are they a rock band like in the rest of the pic.
Excellent work, but why a smoke is coming out near guitar, great work on the beer bottles lying behind good labeling
Everything is well balanced and good to watch simply super job done here......
You have no idea what i did on this chop Malcolxy , You might want to study more on Photoshopping , i put more into this photot them you think , yes the heads of the 2 pres's , the amp , the microphone , the beer the poster in the wall , the shading on everything , the effects on the end results . All i can say to you since you have no big entries in all contests is to study more my friend & do'nt judge on the negative when you can'nt show your own quality of work ....
...makes me think of Obama singing on television the other night.
Very well done and who is this jerk Malcolxy ,he left me a smart butt comment too. Congrats.. Love it.
Well done Chili, I can see you put a lot of work into this, the poster alone would have made a great entry.The beer had a label you made up too. so many details to admire and the heads are beautifully done.
Hysterical.Congrats on the silver, Chili.
Been away a little while Chili just wanted to say congrats, great chop.

Funny Michael Jackson the Voice of the Sky

Michael Jackson the Voice of the Sky
hy newsmaster... i dont see in hy res this my work....
Demon Michael rises.(.) Scary expression-good work.
Hidden Author:Just putting this here as I have mailed you before about this, but you still keep doing it The reason a lot of your images lately aren't going to their own entry page is because when you upload your entry, the actual "file names" you are saving your images as are causing a problem with the code.You uploaded this: -THE-VOICE-OF-THE-SKY-.jpgDon't use "dashes" at the front and end of the image file name.Upload image files without dashes like this:THE-VOICE-OF-THE-SKY.jpgCan you see the difference. Hope so...because I have to re-upload your images every time you do this....and I'm old and feeble and get frustrated easily...
jules, macwithfries ... i'm sorry, i thought we could do to add the names of other members of freakingnews ... now that i know you can not do not do it again ... for the dashes on the securities did not know ... i apologize again.

Funny Jackson Twenty Dollar Note

Jackson Twenty Dollar Note
. Member reactions:
Congrats on the Woody,crusader.
freaky cool work Crusader .. congrats on the woody

Funny Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson
American film star and cultural icon Samuel Leroy Jackson celebrated his 65th birthday on December 21. Samuel came to fame in the early 90s, with his biggest performance in "Pulp Fiction". The Guinness World Records lists Jackson as the world's highest grossing actor, having earned $7.42 billion in 68 films. Jackson is an avid sports fan and golfer. To mark the 65th birthday of Samuel Jackson, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson
This Monday American singer, known for her provocative records and stage shows, Janet Jackson celebrated her 45th birthday. The youngest child of the Jackson family, she sold over 100 million records worldwide, and became one the most known artists in the history of contemporary music. Today we present you some interesting facts about Janet Jackson: * After Janet's breast-baring incident at Super Bowl XXXVIII, she canceled an appearance at the 2004 Grammy Awards show. She was told by CBS that she would only be allowed to go if she apologized for the Super Bowl incident (which Justin Timberlake agreed to do), but she declined. * Janet has won five Grammys. * Janet's rarest album to date is her sophomore album "Dream Street". It is the hardest to find in the United States, and (according to some sources), is only available on cassette. Back in the 80s, "Dream Street" reached #147 on Billboard and sold only 200,000 copies. * She used to want to be a jockey when she was a little child but has been scared to ride horses since Christopher Reeve's accident. * Her nickname "Dunk" was coined to describe her sturdy body, which her brother Michael claimed resembled a donkey. And here's a quote from Janet Jackson: "I kinda see everyone as competition. I'm a very competitive person. But I think that's good. Competition is great. And as long as it's friendly and not a malicious thing, then I think it's cool." Happy 45th birthday, Janet! And as Kratos says "Keep Rocking"! To celebrate the 45th birthday of Janet Jackson, photoshop her any way you wish.

Funny Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson
American film star and cultural icon Samuel Leroy Jackson celebrates his 60th birthday this Sunday. Samuel came to fame in the early 90s, with his biggest performance in "Pulp Fiction". The Guinness World Records lists Jackson as the world's highest grossing actor, having earned $7.42 billion in 68 films. Jackson is an avid sports fan and golfer. To mark the 60th birthday of Samuel Jackson, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
This Saturday, August 29, the "King of Pop" - Michael Jackson will celebrate his 50th birthday. Jackson entered show business at the age of 5 and became a star when most kids of his age could not even tie their shoelaces. He's been in show business for 45 years by now, and became one of the biggest stars in music history. Sadly, Jacko's scandals and lawsuits made more buzz in the last years than his music genius. At the age of 50, he's becoming pretty quiet, hardly releasing anything new. His Neverland Ranch was sold for debts in May this year. For Jackson's 50th birthday, Sony is releasing the double compilation album called "King of Pop", made of his old hits. It's too early to retire, Michael, look at the "Stones" or Madonna - you can still "thrill" the world! To celebrate Jacko's 50th birthday, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show Michael in movies and paintings, photoshop magazine covers with Jacko's new scandals, show how his face may look like after more plastic surgeries, merge Jackson with other celebrities, show what alternative professions he could have chosen, how he'll look in his older years, etc. Here's a good example.

Funny Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
How will Michael Jackson celebrate his court win? What new things will he do, what new CDs or Merchandise will we see?

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