New Freaking News Jackpot
New Freaking News Jackpot
New Freaking News Jackpot. Member reactions:
Good concept. Add some shadows and you'd improve this image a couple notches.
I agree the front rings may fall soon. Kudos for the concept.

Funny Lucky Lottery Jackpot Winner

Lucky Lottery Jackpot Winner
first thanks to Sir Mashby for the Pic. " My Lucky Guy " and " My Lucky 7 ".
Member reactions:
Hey, check out midian in the background. Good job here.
very nice done but I think would be less expensive and better luck to him just a six pack of beers

Funny Jackpot

Thanks Newsmaster your the greatest... Full View Is Best
Member reactions:
The color used to block out the username, credits, etc. is lighter than the gray and the credits ought to be a bit more blurred. Also the first "credits" seems a little too high
This is a great idea. (note to Newsy: remember this for next year, would be a GREAT hoax to play on the masses)

Funny Donut Jackpot Slot Machine

Donut Jackpot Slot Machine
Member reactions:
now this is a real world example, very well done

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