Jacko. The glove was the toughest part.
Member reactions:
That is gross, he should not be around children.

Funny Jacko

After Jacko and Angelina got jiggy, they were blessed with a child. They are pretty sure it's a boy, so they named it Prince Botox Liposuction Surgical Procedure Jackson.

Funny Mad Cow Disease Jacko

Mad Cow Disease Jacko
Member reactions:
Whoever did this should be punished by Meert~.

Funny Jacko Surprise

Jacko Surprise
Michael Jackson drops by for a surprise visit at the Playboy Mansion. Seems he is enjoying himself quite a bit with the Bunnies.

Funny Foshizzle Jacko

Foshizzle Jacko
MJ in the hizzouse
Member reactions:
Touch the midget and u get touched in the shower boys. He He
The other entry with Mini-Me is way better
ah, i didnt even see that one last night.. it was really late and i was a bit drunk. oops.

Funny Jacko Jail Performance

Jacko Jail Performance
Member reactions:
Pretty funny but the image wasn't well done.
michael jackson is silly

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