Jacko + Bush
Jacko + Bush
Jacko + Bush. George Bush and Latoya Jackson's offspring for president in 2008... He's bad, a smooth criminal and you just can't beat it.

Funny Jacko by Stephen King

Jacko by Stephen King
Member reactions:
Very Nicely done.

Funny Jacko Jailhouse Rock

Jacko Jailhouse Rock
It had to be done
Member reactions:
Well you hit the theme right on the head . I would shrink the head a bit to make it more realistic, great idea

Funny Jacko Trading Card

Jacko Trading Card
Somebody just might make some trading cards like this.
Member reactions:
That's the funniest thing I've seen all day.

Funny Jacko in Prison

Jacko in Prison
Even in jail, Michael Jackson is spotted with little people.
Member reactions:
No Michael, I'm not touching your "Mini-me".

Funny Jacko Bust

Jacko Bust
His favourite Wacko-Bust (once knocked down by Bubbles)

Funny Scary Jacko

Scary Jacko
Hi there. Don't be afraid...do a little dance with me.

Funny Wacko Jacko Santa

Wacko Jacko Santa
As if Neverland wasn't wierd enough.
Member reactions:
thats not a lap kids should be sitting on

Funny Jacko Claus

Jacko Claus

Funny jacko

Jacko Baggins
Member reactions:
A better source image of Jacko would have gone along way, otherwise a good concept

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