Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman. Member reactions:
Gold Congrats, CraftLord. Excellent job and D.S. for your aging source a great choice.
Nice work Craftlord..Congrats on the gold👍
Stately looking Grandfather, CL. Congrats on the Gold Win.

Funny Hugh Jackman as a Woman

Hugh Jackman as a Woman
Member reactions:
Another great one with the red head source.

Funny Hughe Jackman as an Angry Face Emoticon

Hughe Jackman as an Angry Face Emoticon
Hughe Jackman Angry emoticon
Member reactions:
I like how you changed his face color too.

Funny Hugh Jackman in Rope Movie

Hugh Jackman in Rope Movie
Rope in 2013 starring Hugh Jackman
Member reactions:
Ahhh a graphic artist emerges, Very nice, and so is the next.
doing my best just keep plugging away....

Funny Hugh Jackman in North by Northwest

Hugh Jackman in North by Northwest

Funny Hugh Jackman Neanderthal

Hugh Jackman Neanderthal

Funny Skinny Hugh Jackman

Skinny Hugh Jackman
Member reactions:
Great job done Like the way it has been executed lovely caricature and his lean hands and body is ...
Brilliantly done..victim of healthcare department
thanks for your comments guys

Funny Hugh Jackman Caricature

Hugh Jackman Caricature
Member reactions:
hahaha..sorry krrish, I used your source..

Funny Hugh Jackman as a Woman

Hugh Jackman as a Woman
Member reactions:
Great source matching. There's a faint cropline across the chin though.
ooh thats strange. was never cropped through chin. will sort it
Sorted. when I enlarged the source for a look it turned out to be a makeup line or bad fake tan job . done now though

Funny Upside Down Hugh Jackman

Upside Down Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

Funny Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman
Australian actor Hugh Jackman celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday. In Hollywood Jackman is mostly known for his roles in Van Helsing and X-Men. My personal favorite of Jackman's acting was his recent role in "The Prestige". We think 40 is a wonderful age for Jackman's acting career and wish him many new roles and his first Academy Award in the near future! Happy 40th Birthday, Hugh! To celebrate the 40th birthday of Hugh Jackman, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what other movies he could have played in, design a poster for any of his sequel movies, merge Jackman with other celebrities, show how Hugh will look in his old age, etc. These are just some ideas.

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