Jackass Presents at the Oscars
Jackass Presents at the Oscars
Jackass Presents at the Oscars.

Funny Jackass Christmas Special

Jackass Christmas Special

Funny Jackass the Movie

Jackass the Movie
Member reactions:
I miss the funny roof eagle. However, the dog in the box makes up for it.

Funny Past American President in Jackass the Movie

Past American President in Jackass the Movie
Member reactions:
More true to life then perhaps people would dare to think...

Funny Barack Obama Jackass Eating Money

Barack Obama Jackass Eating Money
*Not as dangerous as he should be. All he wants to do is take US $$$ and 'throw it' (eat it) away. Didn't make it for jackass contest. Voters nervous about Obama's spending habits/use of public funds.
Member reactions:
Pretty cool, and the sign is hilarious. Sign Translation: only de-fence will protect you from the jackass. I saw this sign before but you did a great job redoing it.
that was great design doxi , keep up nice work

Funny Barack Obama Riding Kane West Jackass

Barack Obama Riding Kane West Jackass
Giddy-on up to the full view
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Nice touch on the smokes...see full size.
Excellent job. Everything about it is right. Great posture on the rider.
Congrats XMan. Would love to see Kanye West (and his ego) ride off into the sunset.
Congrats on silver Xaos. Excellent chop. My fav here.
Thank you all. for your comments and votes.
Cobgrats Xaos Maybe West can audio dub the jackass on the next shrek...hehe
Full View is the key. Love the composition and wild hdr effect.
Silver for Xaos and his two jolly friends. Congrats.

Funny Barack Obama Jackass

Barack Obama Jackass

Funny Hillary Clinton Jackass

Hillary Clinton Jackass

Funny Nancy Pelosi Jackass

Nancy Pelosi Jackass
The button says it all.Please view full.
Member reactions:
Pelosi is my favorite part here. Totally hilarious.

Funny Kanye Jackass West

Kanye Jackass West
Member reactions:
You can dress him up...but he's still just a jackass. (Obama nailed it.) Congrats AZRM.
Tis image is not showing. Just a red X. However I remember it as beeing excellent.
Thanks all We were testing resizing scripts and using this as test pic, hence the red x.
Out-freaking-standing blend. The badge is a nice touch too. Yee Haw.
Bronze for Rainman and Mr. Hee Haw West.

Funny Jackass Celebrities

Jackass Celebrities
CNN today played the video everybody has been waiting for: President Obama calling Kanye West a jackass. It is interesting that the White House would allow any television station to release this video. After all, Obama is one of most manufactured, poll careful, image conscious President's ever. But the White House was likely surprised and relieved at the positive response to Obama telling it like it is about Kanye. We demand his full Jackass List! Photoshop celebrities (and politicians) as jackasses.

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