Jack by Degas
Jack by Degas
Jack by Degas. Member reactions:
Got a Shining/Degas feel to it. Nicely Done, Vic.

Funny Jack Attack

Jack Attack

Funny Jack Pumpkington & Friends

Jack Pumpkington & Friends
Member reactions:
Excellent entry in tough company,the peeps did good in this contest.
Tim Burton needs to hire you 😎👍🏼
Fantastic work of pumpkins, background with lighting. Congrats on the Silver, Manosart.
Fantastic... Congrats, I knew this one would give me a run for my money

Funny Jack O Lantern

Jack O Lantern
Member reactions:
Thanks hobbit. Ironically Hits Johnny Depp is a massive Keith Richards fan and things like his Jack Sparrow braids are inspired by Richards look. 👍🏼
MUST be seen in original view.. Great idea and execution. Love the seeds, top 3.
Thanks CL and HH 😎👍🏼
A super job on this one too PS, but your original's size 2969 x 1568 is almost twice as wide as tall. The standard re-sized contest view of 800 wide, forced the height down to a tiny 422 and much detail loss. Since most vote the contest view, your original's height should closer match width, to see more of your awesome detail in contest view.
Thanks Reggie I didnít pay much attention to itís dimensions concentrating on compression to 500 meg size. Appreciate your considerate observation and sharing with me 😎👍🏼
Your welcome PS, your work is too awesome to lose detail with the reduction in contest view size. Just try to stay close to the width when starting a new project in Photoshop. Then when ready to save, go to File -->Save for Web and Devices, and in the window that opens up click the little button top right to set optimize at 500. So no matter the dimensions it will auto set it at below the 500 meg size.

Funny Colonel Jack Warner and Werewolf

Colonel Jack Warner and Werewolf
Jack Warner: President of Warner Bros. Studios By: Salvador Dali
Member reactions:
Quality work on the Hound from Hades, SplatShot. The lil skeleton a great touch.
Thanks Reggie. Yes it is good work but too subtle for this crowd. Bold and in ya face is where the money is at. Peoples like their entertainment fast and easy. But I had fun and I was determined to use Dali.

Funny Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus

Funny Jack Bennie Steve Mnuchin

Jack Bennie Steve Mnuchin
Member reactions:
, two of a kind pennny pinchers. Might be J B's first appearance on FN, nicely done Gummy.

Funny Black Jack

Black Jack



Funny Apple Jack

Apple Jack
Member reactions:
Thanks Crafty it's actually the axe from 'The Shining'. 😝
Thanks Crafty, hobbit, Bob and Wanderer 😎👍🏼
Great idea and hairdo. Congrats on the Bronze PS.
Perfect.. The axe build is flawless. GRATS.
Thanks dd appreciated 😎👍🏼

Funny Jack Nicholson's (Im)Possible Movies

Jack Nicholson's (Im)Possible Movies
Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson announced that he has retired from acting. The 76 year old actor said his memory problems prevent him from acting - he just can't remember long script lines these days, so he decided to call it quits. Nicholson's career spanned five decades and he's considered one of the best actors in the history of Hollywood. It's a pity that we won't see Jack in any more movies. Or, perhaps, with a power of photoshop we will? Photoshop Jack Nicholson in the movies where he did not act, or create sequels to the movies where he did act.

Funny Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson
You don't know Jack until you've seen a bunch of Nicholson's movies... Last Sunday, one of the greatest actors of all time, the most nominated male actor in Academy Award history, Jack Nicholson, celebrated his 75th birthday. And here's what Jack said on his 75th birthday - "Down deep in my heart, when all is said and done, I still live under the illusion that basically people think of me as an up-and-coming young actor". Today we present you some interesting facts about Jack: * He turned down the role of 'Gordon Gekko' in the 1987 movie "Wall Street"; * He was voted "Class Clown" by the Class of 1954 at Manasquan High School in Manasquan, New Jersey; * One of Jack Nicholson's favorite expressions is: "My motto is: more good times"; * Jack is of Irish and Italian heritage. We suppose, like a fine wine, Jack gets only better with age. Happy 75th birthday, Jack! Here's to many great roles ahead! To mark the 75th birthday of Jack Nicholson, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Jack Black

Jack Black
This Friday, American actor, comedian, and musician Jack Black will be celebrating his 40th birthday. His acting career is extensive, starring primarily as bumbling, cocky, but internally self-conscious outsiders in comedy films. Black also makes up one half of the comedy and heavy metal music duo Tenacious D. The group has two albums and a full-length film. To mark the 40th birthday of Jack Black, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what other movies Jack Black could have starred in, Jack Black in paintings, his hobbies and personal life. These are just some ideas.

Funny Jack-O-Lantern

Photoshop this Jack-o'-lantern image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include changing its shape, merging the jack-o'-lantern with some other object or animal, including the Jack-o'-lantern in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Lyina for help with the concept, and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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