Jabba  and Kong
Jabba  and Kong
Jabba and Kong.

Funny Jabba the Lava

Jabba  the Lava

Funny Yoda and Jabba In Wonderland

Yoda and Jabba In Wonderland
Member reactions:
Good job, but give more light to his face.
Congrats on top 5. My favorite in the contest.

Funny Jabba the Hutt in Forrest Gump movie

Jabba the Hutt in Forrest Gump movie
Member reactions:
great humor, LunaC.
Congratulations, LunaC. Funny Stuff. I'd love to listen in on this conversation.
A fantastic idea and great looking chop. Congrats on the Wood, Lunac.

Funny Kim Jong Un as Jabba the Hut

Kim Jong Un as Jabba the Hut
Kim strung out on opium
Member reactions:
Best in the original view. Impressive composition, though there are big discrepancies between the resolution of the sources - e.g. Obama figure on the right is so fuzzy compared to the glass just next to it, and the princess' body is quite blurry while her head is not.
You would throw money and flowers and send virgins to me if you had any idea what miracles I worked with these sources just to get them to this point. Really. Bruhaha. Thanks Newsy, Luciano, Eric. Layers and Sulli.
Congrats on the silver, Hits. I know you do a lot of work with these sources to make them work better, but why not try to find some alternative high-res sources.
congrats hits. funny idea and i like how you merged the face here.
Newsy, because that would change the dynamic overall. I can live with small technical issues on idea driven chops. On technically driven chops, no, I nit pick everything. This one was just a quickie for giggles. Thanks Jere, Doc and NM.
Awesome Chop Hits, great choice for Kim merge.. Silver Cup Congrats
Love your Imagination, congrats on the win................

Funny OJ Simpson as Jabba the Hutt

OJ Simpson as Jabba the Hutt
O.J. Simpson Caught Stealing Cookies From Prison Chow Hall, Says Report Nevada Corrections later denied OJ was busted stealing cookies...but the evidence is all over him, literally.
Member reactions:
staling cookies a humble crime with a funny reason.... crazy fellows make crazy news

Funny Jabba the Hutt Weight Loss

Jabba the Hutt Weight Loss
Another half ton and he gets to meet Valarie Bertenelli
Member reactions:
Gotta giggle
that's the point (for me, anyway). But, ya know, the coloring of Jabba, shadow, window reflection (of his back) and enhancement of what was a horrible picture of a Jenny Craig storefront (but, the best one available) don't add themselves...
Dedicated to some of them who are in diet, Eat a live frog in the breakfast
Excellent work done on the creature its looks so fat why he needs more food

Funny Jabba the Filmmaker Michael Moore

Jabba the Filmmaker Michael Moore
Watch out. He swallowed Rex Ryan (and half the Jets' coaching staff) whole, as an appetizer, when he couldn't get his three cases of Moon Pies.
Member reactions:
Perfect fit for Mr. Moore. Nice to see your work again, serr8d.

Funny Jabba Halitosis Mask

Jabba Halitosis Mask

Funny George Lucas as Jabba the Hutt

George Lucas as Jabba the Hutt
The mystery of George Lucas' neck finally revealed
Member reactions:
One of my favorite entries in the contest. Love the way you integrated Lucas and his creation
I LoL'd

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