iSuit. Google and Apple merge to produce a fully integrated, iPhone super-suit.
Member reactions:
Logically this is... where we are headed. Think about it. Just how many people do you know that are totally consumed by their little hand device. It's a , Hidden. Shiny too, I like it.
Thank you, SS. I agree with you. I think personal communications is headed this way to some extent. Integration with the human body might take longer but the implants and interphase technology required to plug into the brain safely is probably already here. I can see a time in the future when you just think a command and zooook, your body is shielded in an energy shroud not unlike this suit. Users will go out into storms without getting a drop on them, navigate darkness, follow digital blueprints in rescues that illuminate in your field of vision... man, all sorts of applications. Thanks for the comments and votes
Just two more for 2nd place, next and your favorite # 69 to the top, only 259 behind hahahaha
TY Mr Assad, Bob and House. Yeppers HH, it has been a struggle to keep pushing when all I want to do is stop. But I think AZ is safe.

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