Hamas Captures An Israeli Spy Dolphin
Hamas Captures An Israeli Spy Dolphin
Hamas Captures An Israeli Spy Dolphin. Israeli Dolphin spy
Member reactions:
Ha. But is isn't really a funny story. Great chop. I hope Flipper keeps his head. If Hamas want's to avoid extinction they better leave the dolphin alone and unharmed. Even the WORLD hates dolphin killers
Dolphin perfectly fit for an Combat operation
In this situation (Israeli dolphin with gun), Hamas man has no chance.

Funny Rocket Landing in Golf Hole on Israeli Golf Course Next to Benjamin Netanyahu

Rocket Landing in Golf Hole on Israeli Golf Course Next to Benjamin Netanyahu
Member reactions:
Good message... the rocket directly jump into the hole
1st, why would Bebe celebrate Hamas' "hole in one" in Israel. Technically, you need to de-pixelate the rocket--The edges are too rough. Nice shadowing.

Funny Israeli Fighter vs Hamas on Camels

Israeli Fighter vs Hamas on Camels
Where did you hide the rocket. Sources
Member reactions:
I so LoL'd when I 1st saw this, where'd it go. Still a gr8 chop.
I just thought it (rocket up camel's rear) was a bit too cornball and detracted from the overall look
Back by popular demand - Rocket in the arse
Plane shadow fixed, I think.
Judging from the Dive Angle. The Pilot is in for a Sand Enema Himself. Neat Perspective Art.
I loved this. But looking at your sources and coming up with this shows me your mind. And the missile in the as. is funny.
i really love this too i love the depth of field (perspective) colors,, and content .
Keep it real, wonderful work, Congratulations
nice................ congratulations ((GOLD)))
really wonderful work .. Congrats on the gold and the bronze.
The rocket is golden, after all. Congrats, KIR.

Funny Israeli Albert Einstein Dog Banknote

Israeli Albert Einstein Dog Banknote
Albert and his dog Albert
Member reactions:
The hair is a perfect match. Great choice.
perfect gold LunaC This one will end up in magazines for sure.
Great job on this image LunaC. I love it. Well deserved gold. Congrats.
Congratulations, Luna. Great to see you on the gold podium again.

Funny Israeli Missiles Hit Hezbollah

Israeli Missiles Hit Hezbollah
this source and some fire and some ruin building using this figure news
Member reactions:
...the explosions are great, very good job
the smoke should be a little blacker and more realistic.
Very scary and realistic, smoke on bottom left side and right foreground could be more blurred, not sure about colour, black smoke would be from oil or gas I think.

Funny Israeli Negotiations

Israeli Negotiations
I'll get your new book published if you vote for me.
Member reactions:
I have to tell you, I had this same source image.. and put a chop of Lieberman on it as well... I came to upload it, saw yours.. and trashed it. I had to start all over. But yours.. was much better than mine. Great job..

Funny Illegal Israeli Settlers Stoned

Illegal Israeli Settlers Stoned
Not in my Neighborhood
Member reactions:
Sure......... take a rock to a gun fight.

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in The Walking Israelis

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in The Walking Israelis
best series ever
Member reactions:
yes he can be well fitted into the TV Series group.... will earn some extra bucks

Funny Bush with Israeli Friends

Bush with Israeli Friends
Putin, you could have removed the tag. Please View Full
Member reactions:
This is freaking hilarious. Putty with a beard is hoot.

Funny Israeli Tanks Nascar Race

Israeli Tanks Nascar Race
Source image
Member reactions:
Bin Laden wants one of those for his team...
I don't know what, it's really good though, laughed the first time I saw it.

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