Hawk Flying Over a Dome Island in the Sea
Hawk Flying Over a Dome Island in the Sea
Hawk Flying Over a Dome Island in the Sea. Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver Hit,Fantastic surrealism and gorgeous colors
Thanks Andrew, AndWhat, Bob, Gummy, Luciano, Joan, and Nanny. Yep, Purdy colors to make the day a little brighter
Awesome surreal art here, Hits. Congrats on the silver.
Great effects with water, I see you have fun, indeed... I just don't get why you always put this moon in 50% opacity... Is it some sort of signature, like a call for aliens . Congrats on the silver
TY Newsy and Evirio. The reason for the moon, presented as it is, is simply a compositional element. But it does pose and existential premise I decline to get into due to it being a philosophical subject of extensive debate. Maybe just consider gas and particulate saturation of this hypothetical place is more dense than your normal expectation here on Earth. Thus you are viewing through haze.

Funny The Screaming Skeleton Tree of Ghost Ship Island

The Screaming Skeleton Tree of Ghost Ship Island
Member reactions:
Thank you, LunaC. Thanks, Gummy. I'll be pulling for the bones guy too.
Love the skulls embedded in the tree trunk
Thanks Luna, Hits and Joan... Guess I'm still in that festive October mood.
Ha, I saw this Gold Grats coming from a mile away.
Thanks very much, HoHouse... Thanks Gummy. Ha, Yes. You must have ESP.
Thanks... everyone for all the great comments and super high scores. Much appreciated.
Splendid chop. Deserves gold all the way. Yeah, I saw the difference in our scores and that surprised me. A lot. I thought we were closer. That is a crazy wide gap. But hey, I rock the boat sometimes and it reflect intentional or not..
WoW. Fantastic job. Congrats on the Gold.
Another knockout chop,congrats on the gold Splat
Thank you, Hit-man. What can I say but... Sometimes the stars align. Thanks, Bob. "" is Gummy's Highest accolade. I'm honored. Thanks, Debbie. It started out Sunday night with no idea, just a 50% gray layer and a quarter moon brush. Some where along the way... I lost the moon Thanks for the fave, Hits and LunaC
Great work, Splat. Congrats on the Gold.
Fantastic chop, Love it. Congrats on your win.
Thanks, Doc. and Thanks, Hobbit. It was a fun build. I'm happy you like it.
Congrats on the gold, Splat. and thanks for another treat.

Funny Easter Island Statue Wearing a Bikini

Easter Island Statue Wearing a Bikini
Member reactions:
Great tried... like the Iphone and the headset concept on this statue
I saw someone else had the same Idea... I had already put 2 hours of work into it so I posted it :/ sorry
Congrats on the gold, Pree. Great to see you entering again.

Funny Easter Island Statues Talking on Cell Phones

Easter Island Statues Talking on Cell Phones
Member reactions:
neh, tourists drunk it all, and then they forgot to put out the campfire.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. Can you hear me now.
Merci, mon amis. Newssy, speak up, mate. Use capital letters.

Funny Sunset by the Island

Sunset by the Island
I love sunsets over water. Digital art
Member reactions:
Cool Art. The colors really make this work. Interestingly, a couple of the reflections in the middle seem to be off. Is that purposeful.

Funny Plane Flying Over Pi Island

Plane Flying Over Pi Island

Funny Bent House on an Island

Bent House on an Island
Member reactions:
Be careful about mixing lo and higher resolution sources, Renegade.

Funny Snail Island in the Sea

Snail Island in the Sea
Thanks for the image quítons Eduardo Xavier
Member reactions:
Fa-bolus job done... looks like a fairy tale dream land come true in front of my eyes. Like the concept of snail island
Congrats hidreley ...and very very NICE work,LOVE it...................

Funny The Hand Island

The Hand Island
Thank you very much ANDREA SURAJBALLY
Member reactions:
Very cool. Some shading & enhancement on the hand would really put this over the top.
This image is looking real and two king of this island
You could have used both fingers for palms on a island or beach, good job anyway.
Thank you
Way out there.. Super nicely done, Hidreley. Congrats on the bronze
One of my favorites in the contest - very impressive. Congrats on the bronze, Hids.

Funny Giant Parrot Island

Giant Parrot Island
Member reactions:
Nice idea. His claws need more work (the seem to be wiped out at certain point), and the parrot needs to cast shadows on the island

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