Islamic Firefighting Hero
Islamic Firefighting Hero
Islamic Firefighting Hero. High-rise Hero Photographer saved in High-rise fire
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Silver Congrats Hits. So much great fiery detail. Drawing from experience..
Champ. Well, my equipment looked identical but I never charged a burning building to save anyone. Ummm wait, I take that back, there was a couple of times but turned out the people were not in there after all. Most of the fires I worked on were fought from outside or wild land. I actually was a medic so most were med runs. I hate fire Hahahahah Thanks Champ, Gummy (a real hero), Newsy, Luciano and Crafty
One heck of a HOT CHOP, congrats on the win.
Nice action and colors, but the wings lift this chop to a higher level. congrats.
Thanks Martijn. The wings are fractals. Pretty awesome source. I have used similar in other chops and they always come out quite dramatic. Just search word, "fractal wings" and something should come up
thanks for the info, Tim. that might come in handy one day. i see the next chop of yours will be your 1000th. make it a goldy to celebrate.
Thanks, right you are. I would have missed that milestone. I knew it was coming up but had already zoned it out hahaha
Wonderful chop, you did a beautiful job, my granddaughter will like this, she has been training at Gratis Volunteer Fire Department in Ohio. Congrats on the win.

Funny Islamic Mona Lisa

Islamic Mona Lisa
* Gioconda islamica_I'm not CHARLIE I am child-woman-human
Member reactions:
Clever idea. Just a point, her right hand looks like a man's one.

Funny Evil Islamic State Goat

Evil Islamic State Goat
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Gold congrats, Tim. Seems you've discovered a new species of Batgoat.
Top of the line chop, congrats on the win.
Yes it is a BillyBat, Doc Thanks mate, DD and Wanderer. Hope I haven't offended any ISIL fans

Funny Honest Islamic Woman Ignored

Honest Islamic Woman Ignored
Member reactions:
Great conceptual transformation and execution; high marks.
Lots of work indeed - nicely put together.
haha i read the news and i just loved the chop,amazing work like always Hitspinner.
Nice chop Hitspinner. Congrats on the bronze.
Nicely done Hits...but I wanna know who voted you a 3. Probably was a terrorist.
Thanks for the votes. I thought this was news worthy. The woman showed a lot of courage.
are u in arabia Hits ..... cause the last two chops are in a way near by me ... pay me a visit young man .. congrats on the win
Nope, never been there unfortunately but it reminds me a lot of my original hometown of Miami, minus the sand Currently, I am still orbiting the planet California but still don't know if I want to land here for my retirement or Ireland.

Funny America Remembers Islamic Jihad

America Remembers Islamic Jihad
News Story
Member reactions:
Good colours and precise art work... Americans do like "acion packed" stories. But is the suggested dive-bomb attack on the Kaaba not just as obnoxious as T.Jones's proposed scheme.
The question is, is there balance, detante. We did not retaliate against Islam and leave the Islamic nations as a a smoking nuclear pit for the crimes of a few. Yet we could have. This chop is nothing more than food for thought, perhaps a plea to moderate Muslims to get your house in order, reel in your wingnuts, or this is what may come to pass. I have long prayed that the criminals actions of 9-11 had not signed the extinction notice for the people of the middle east. I understand the two faces of Islam and understand that the rest of the world cannot coexist, will not tolerate domination by Islam or any other religion, not anymore, whether it be Catholosism, Taoism, Judiasm, Islam or whatever. Some of us are past that.We have merged into the age of true modern man, not the dark ages. Americans live with the threat of such an attack as illustrated every day of our lives. It is only fitting that our attackers feel the same. Preferably, we sit down and joke and talk. drink and eat, and fish and play, but if it must be fear, then let it be total until the all parties realize the folly of it. You asked, there you go
Decent work, reminding us that wars should never be the answer
I concurr. It was Gandhi who said that if you would apply the law "eye for an eye" we'd soon all end up blind. Cheers.
Congratulations. I am, still, waiting for that one good Muslim to turn-in O.B.Laden before this scenario happens. I feel I have a long wait coming...
Great work's fav in this contest
n wt u knw abt Muslims, n i'm tellin yr not man enof, keep draw
Not much, other than I know what they smell like when jet fuel doesn't fully cook them. Funny thing, they smell just like they created death.

Funny Pervez Musharraf in Islamic Thunder Movie

Pervez Musharraf in Islamic Thunder Movie
Member reactions:
If you guys haven't seen the movie, it is freaking hilarious.
This is really great, though I'm not sure if it should be there...below the butt of the rifle there's a black square, pretty defined lines.
Thanks Kellie, I found a few more while I was fixing it. I used about three fire overlays because the original text was impossible to clone over. I used fire from three different Tropic Thunder posters. I think I fixed it all.
Your 1st Gold Jerry in an advanced contest w00t.
, have to see that movie when it comes out. Congrats Jerry
It's one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time Rainman. Thanks again everyone, took me awhile to win my first gold trophy. I couldn't let Sid have all the fun anymore. He was starting to outrank me. I did put good time into this one.
I did find a mistake in this one after all, I wish we could edit even after contest is over.

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