ISIS Taking a Karma Selfie
ISIS Taking a Karma Selfie
ISIS Taking a Karma Selfie. Member reactions:
Don't I WISH, BEAUTIFUL..... Congrats on the win. My friends and family loves your pictures.
Congrats on the wood, Hits. Karma should get them.

Funny Barack Obama the ISIS Fighter Pilot

Barack Obama the ISIS Fighter Pilot
Member reactions:
Too Good. ...great expression on his face.

Funny ISIS Recruitment Poster

ISIS Recruitment Poster
ISIS: Crimes against humanity in the name of religion. Simply unfathomable.

Funny ISIS Kills Everyone

ISIS Kills Everyone
The irony is lost on these idiots. The ISIS Threat

Funny Isis Apes Destroy Artifacts

Isis Apes Destroy Artifacts
Artifact Thugs ISIS thugs destroy priceless ancient art
Member reactions:
Excellent and a bit scary too... then again so is their vandalism
I would have expected ,ore outrage considering we are all supposed to be artists. Thanks for the comments, guys.
I expected this one definitely to place. Go figure.
Though not meant to, it may have caused some discomfort with folks sensitive to the subject. Sometimes chops that deal with Islamic bad apples don't do very well and that is understandable. But it is current news, chop-able stuff and that is what we do. It actually takes courage to take these idiots to task because they can't laugh at themselves and tend to get all violently angry and kill people that object to their BS.

Funny Isis Hostage Video Green Screen

Isis Hostage Video Green Screen
Was the new ISIS hostage video shot indoors.
Member reactions:
That may well be the case. Bad idea to ... off the Japanese in any case.
The Japanese will find a way to get back at those lunatics.
Hmmm. Makes me wonder what they're doing up there at Skywalker Ranch.

Funny Kobani Isis Siege

Kobani Isis Siege
Kobani Kurdish Forces Cut ISIS Supply Route From Raqqa, Take Back Part Of Strategic Hill
Member reactions:
The original view is super. Should have placed way higher, in my humble opinion.

Funny Iraqi Army Vs Isis

Iraqi Army Vs Isis
Full View plz.. A month ago, ISIS’s advance looked unstoppable. Now it’s been stopped. landscape View
Member reactions:
I would recommend a big image, its really nice in full view
Impressive work especially in the original view
Yikes. Yeah, they were getting a little too close to your neighborhood, huh. People wonder why American's have this love affair with guns. Well you illustrated it right here. If it can happen there it can happen here. We just make it infinitely harder when 4 out of 5 homes have one or more weapons inside and mainiacs that know how to use them Nice one my friend. Be safe

Funny Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin Make Peace with Isis and Demon

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin Make Peace with Isis and Demon
Member reactions:
No disrespect, but what Bush has to do with ISIS.
There are no saints in paradise...Awesome chop hidden.
Bright, Bold, and Bizarre. Just the way we like it.. Congratulations on the Gold, Elegary.

Funny Obama Sending a Bomb to Isis

Obama Sending a Bomb to Isis
Why So Syria.
Member reactions:
This is so freaking good, love it, another 10.
Thank you SplatShot and Hobbit. Yippie f--kin-A.
TY Karar. It says "God's Express" on Obama's bomb. You be safe over there my friend. I know you are a good distance away but crazy ideas can grow legs. God bless you and yours
Gummy. I guess ISIS has shown us where the line is drawn and where you don't cross it. So sad it came to this
Brings me back to the 1964 film “Dr. Strangelove”, with Slim Pickens aka Major TJ “King” Kong, straddled an H bomb, as it drops from a B52 over Soviet Russia, whooping and swinging his cowboy hat rodeo style. That alone would have made a great chop, this is outstanding.
Masterpiece chop. Lot of perfect details. Big efforts (bomb) bring only to small effects (destroy a car)
it would be nice if i would have seen this picture before 3 glasses of Hefe
, this is unexpected. I thought Silver was a shoe-in. Okay, so be it, thank you PJ,Doc, Sulli, Luciano, Yep Champ, Newsey, Balodiya, Marco, Misspix, Silver, Gummy, SS, and Hobbit.
Bow down to master Hit, Your work is always a for me.Congrats on the gold
I thought this was your work, congrats, love it.
Thanks Andwhat, Hobbit and Elegary. Sometimes the sources fit so well the chop almost chops itself. This is one of those cases. I got lucky but in truth I did spend a long time on the source hunt.
Gold Congratulations, Hit-man. One Super Chop Saved to favorites.
Cong rads Hitman. You got the "Golden Touch".. Professional artwork, a 10 getter...
Key search word; Muslim head wear. Thanks mate and thanks Newsey
Congrats on the gold Hitspinner Awesome as usual.

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