IRS Taxes Paint Colors
IRS Taxes Paint Colors
IRS Taxes Paint Colors.

Funny Sharpton And The IRS

Sharpton And The IRS

Funny IRS Beheads Willie Nelson For Back Taxes

IRS Beheads Willie Nelson For Back Taxes
And my advice to those who die. Declare the pennies on your eyes. - George Harrison
Member reactions:
Neat and Clean Nice things placed all over the place
Could be the winner, but the blurry face doesn't match the body posture. Guillotine has a perspective problem and shadows need some improvement. Pity.
Lots of work here. I would adjust the face color a bit to match the hands. Love the quote you chose by George Harrison.
Congrats, Swashbuckle. Can I borrow guillotine from your picture.

Funny Destroyed IRS Hard Drives Are Found with Barack Obama

Destroyed IRS Hard Drives Are Found with Barack Obama
Several important IRS hard drives were somehow destroyed and no one is taking the blame
Member reactions:
Oh Yes. We, finally, found a use for this useless Toad.
, just noticed my hard drive (Newsy) is there too, as well as FN's.
Congratulations # 1...I suppose there are more.(.)
Great representative statement, Doc. Funny as He11 Congrats

Funny The Great Gatsby Buries the IRS

The Great Gatsby Buries the IRS
The author of the great novel," The Great Gatsby," and the IRS buried together. Will real villains in IRS scandal ever be punished.

Funny Obama in IRS Helicopter Takes Half a Building

Obama in IRS Helicopter Takes Half a Building
Member reactions:
Obama in the IRS helicopter is a HAWT here.

Funny IRS Drives Man Insane

IRS Drives Man Insane
Another flies over the Cucoo's Nest News Source
Member reactions:
Yeah, little view is sort of pathetic. Thanks for that, Kellie. I can't say I agree with flying a plane into the Internal Revenue Service but I can say, I understand .
This is a great chop and this contest has some real competition, underrated now with 2 hours to go, Just my humble opinion, we all can't be the winners, just vote with honesty.I just like to see how many people vote this average or 5, it's far above average or as I like to say, I can't do this.
Full view is a flight of beauty, I say. Love this
Thanks HH. It's no biggie. Some hit and some miss. Sometimes I try to put a little humor on tragic incidents that throws people into a bit of a spin on how to vote. You know..."well it's funny, but I'm repulsed." Hehe. It's sort of like that drunk idiot that bungee jumped off the building in the Youtube video and forgot to tie off. I mean it's not funny...but it's funny because it's just so stupid. Once in a while I like to walk that line just because I like to push against the fence and wake up the rest of the animals in the zoo .
fantastic work in full view .. nice work you have done here teacher .
Yup, this guy lost it...humorous spin on a deadly serious topic.

Funny I.R.S. Property Tax Collection Vehicle

I.R.S. Property Tax Collection Vehicle
I thought I'd stray away from the theme post a little in this contest. I didn't have time to cut a house in half. (I have to get up early and go to work so I can pay the tax man. )
Member reactions:
Now we know just how the taxman collects from those unwary homeowners who owe.

Funny I.R.S. Killed the Dinosaurs

I.R.S. Killed the Dinosaurs
Outrageous taxes did it...

Funny IRS Treasure at the End of the Rainbow

IRS Treasure at the End of the Rainbow
Found this Treasure Pot with gold isn't good luck Please view full.

Funny IRS

Today is April 15th, Tax Day. It is interesting how it comes exactly two weeks after April Fools Day. Maybe we should combine these two dates. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to the IRS or income taxes. Examples could be new ways of tax collection, tax tricks, future of US tax system, etc.

Funny IRS

With the approaching 2005 tax filing deadline, let's help the IRS get "more popular"- design adverts, billboards for the IRS, or anything else IRS related (new logo, new service/product, etc).

Funny IRS Tax Collection Methods

IRS Tax Collection Methods
Suggest new effective (or not) methods of collecting taxes for IRS, or photoshop what "red flags" can help IRS hunt those tax dodgers.

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