Unlce Sam's IRS Obamagate
Unlce Sam's IRS Obamagate
Unlce Sam's IRS Obamagate.

Funny IRS Flushes Outhouse

IRS Flushes Outhouse
They even took some of the roof.
Member reactions:
is this what you'd call a "half-sh*t". fun chop
Everything is half torn wonderful tax extraction

Funny IRS Taxed Leisure Craft

IRS Taxed Leisure Craft
Member reactions:
Half ship how could the tax men leave the sea as it is very funny to visualize

Funny Jeep Taxed by IRS

Jeep Taxed by IRS
This is a touchy subject
Member reactions:
Thanks. Bit rushed. Had to go to work ,no excuse , but true.
Quality work, but the shadows from the car may need more work

Funny IRS Slot Machine

IRS Slot Machine
Member reactions:
Excellent chop on its own. It would score higher if you used the partially cut things as the contest directions ask
Cutting out some of the slot pics and leaving it blank just didn't look right. Pasting in the IRS symbols in their place made the political statement about taxation that otherwise would have been missing. I figured there wouldn't be another Taxation challenge, so I went with it.

Funny Obama IRS Plane

Obama IRS Plane
A failed economic policy tried before The Wrong Way to Kick An Oil Habit

Funny Wesley Snipes with the IRS

Wesley Snipes with the IRS
Wesley Snipes is heading to the Big House
Member reactions:
I thought that contest was over...you get an E for "Effort".
They were just standing around and it was late and I made a nickle
Recycling will save the planet one day. Good work.
I'm glad you did a piece on Snipes - very topical and timely. police source images.

Funny IRS Kid

Man accused of stealing 7-year-old's ID

Funny Generous IRS

Generous IRS
The IRS are feeling generous this year (by their standards ) so don't forget to make a claim"
Member reactions:
That one on the very right doesn't look like its actually being held by the hand

Funny New IRS

For years we've been kept dependant on oil from the Middle East. Most of the money they get from us, goes to fund terrorist activities against us. It's about time we send them a few terrorists of our own. And who better fits THAT bill than the IRS.
Member reactions:
Holes in my sneakers, No money in my pockets. But I got the pleasure of paying arm & a leg for gas. ~not from Mask
Idea is good but it was a very simple pic to make.
It's not the simplicity/difficulty that matters, it's how well the pic & the idea are put together.
IRS: So you're not happy to see us any more.

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