IRS Lotto
IRS Lotto
IRS Lotto. Scratch off and win some of your money back.
Member reactions:
I thought the Lotto was already a tax on the mathematically ungifted..

Funny IRS PostTax

IRS PostTax
For each dollar you earn, you will now be paid a new, smaller Post Tax Dollar, worth 63c.

Funny IRS Audit Banner

IRS Audit Banner
So I wonder what FN's cut of this banner ad would be. PLZ VIEW FULL TO READ TEXT

Funny IRS

Get one today. View full, too.
Member reactions:
I love the 'call dad' button. That one never seemed to work right on mine ... if you gave that text a little drop to it like you see on a calc screen it would look a little more realistic

Funny IRS Leaf Cutters

IRS Leaf Cutters
The IRS sends out some new "Collection Specialists."
Member reactions:
I love this entry you must have a degree in art.
. I did this entry and at the time, thought it was funny. The voting population doesn't seem to agree though.

Funny IRS

View full if you must.

Funny IRS Tax Ninjas

IRS Tax Ninjas

Funny IRS Nightmare

IRS Nightmare
My worst nightmare. If a pill can protect me from her, I'm buying a year supply.

Funny Unlce Sam's IRS Obamagate

Unlce Sam's IRS Obamagate

Funny IRS Flushes Outhouse

IRS Flushes Outhouse
They even took some of the roof.
Member reactions:
is this what you'd call a "half-sh*t". fun chop
Everything is half torn wonderful tax extraction

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