IRS in a Tank
IRS in a Tank
IRS in a Tank. Member reactions:
Neat idea, but it looks computer generated more so than a photo.
I agree with Janna here. Added elements look cartoonish to me.
yeah kind cartoonish style but nice idea
Not everything is designed to be photorealism. The original image was suppose to represent the "tin soldiers" genre, but apparently the majority didn't see that aspect of it. In any event, I changed it to a more photo realistic image.
I like the edited version better.

Funny IRS Tax Agent in Space

IRS Tax Agent in Space
They're EVERYWHERE. Please, view full before voting. Much Better Detail.
Member reactions:
This is great.... Love how you added the reflection to the helmet.
To be quite honest TP, that reflection was there. I added the IRS bits. But thankyou.

Funny IRS Tax Refund

IRS Tax Refund
Member reactions:
Good idea. You may consider removing strange shadow from the hand, and making a new one which would be located on the monitor rather than floating in the air.
I agree. I think the shadow under the computer is a bit harsh as well. Needs to tone it down just a tad. Maybe a small blur.
Also, besides the above, I'd make the papers a bit bigger. They look to small compared to the keyboard. Just my opinion.
agree all the previews, and also the tax formulary are too small, but idea is so nice
thanks guys. but once you save in jpg and erase the psp(photoshop)file is hard to redoit all again.
mmmmm so u learn it in the hard way , it heppened to me many times too

Funny IRS Audit Electric Chair

IRS Audit Electric Chair
Two things are still certain in the USA. Now the government will supply both.
Member reactions:
Good concept. Love the calendar on the wall.
yeah....I've been zapped by them a few times.
Oh, man. I hope they never catch me. Very nicely done.

Funny IRS Tax Form Game

IRS Tax Form Game
Member reactions:
the text and the numbers without rectangle willbe looks betther

Funny Uncle Sam for the IRS

Uncle Sam for the IRS
Member reactions:
...but the money is not American dollars.
I agree. I think it'd look better with American money.
I made the switch, thanks for the suggestion.

Funny Democrat IRS form

Democrat IRS form
In order to support all of the promises made by the Democratic Party, they have create the new EZ-ALL form to fund all of the insane programs they can come up with.
Member reactions:
A simplified IRS form. Preposterous.
Ha, neat idea. Leaving aside the insane programs, I don't even think it would cover the deficit they are inheriting...
you must now pay for the Sins of your redheaded disfuncional step-fathers
Step 2. If the total amount is zero, start looking for a job

Funny IRS Bingo Cards

IRS Bingo Cards
WASHINGTON, DC - Many a moon ago, Albert Einstein, a man of pure genius, couldn't figure out his taxes. He tried to develop his own theories of deductivity, but broke 2,042 calculators in doing so. His last dying words were: "This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher." That's when the IRS hired Stephen Hawking who sat down and studied the IRS tax codes. After years and years of toiling and frustration, he developed the IRS Bingo Card. And now he spends his time in a wheelchair and speaks via a computer. His comments on this entire debacle. Simple: " ... off."
Member reactions:
Pure genius. The brilliant story goes perfectly with the great picture.
Florida Seniors play 30 Bingo cards at a time but can't vote correct...
Unfortunately for the winner, he did not understand the fine print
. how true
Nice job on the chalk, looks very realistic
"Tax returns should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler" ~Albert Einstein

Funny IRS Billboard

IRS Billboard
Member reactions:
Nice thinking Love the "piranha look" you gave it.
FEED ME SEYMOUR.... Little White House of Horrors
Don't try feeding it a finger. It'll bite your whole arm off anyway.
Darn it I missed the pirahna teeth. Great idea.

Funny IRS

Member reactions:
It's the IRS record label dude. (Thought he fitted well as an IRS agent)
I love that IRS dude. I have so many REM albums with that dude on them.
Give us your money or a Pig's Head will be in your bed it kid.
brilliant, top quality. the text at the bottom is hilarious.
Pay up or you will be wearing concrete boots
"Like with everything, there's alwasy the other HALF of a coin" ~IRS
CONGRATS Hygglobert VERY WELL DONE. this application showed up for you : -->D

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