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Funny Irish Pictures

Irish PaulFunny Irish Paul
Member reactions:
Irish Eyes
Excellent work love the ambiance and the total mood of the pic peaceful and lovely chop

True Irish CoffeeFunny True Irish Coffee
Member reactions:

"Give me the frothy 'Irish' Coffee anyday. .
very clean, would have also done the coffee cup in the bottom too. But still nice idea.
Really like this one..thought I would have changed the text at the bottom or cut it off completely
Beer and Coffee is a freaking combination Its a perfect chop, good one to see this
Background is Too Dark Well tried good job
Background is OK, just wondering about the grey lines on the left. Are they intentional.
"THNX AzureSky, I didn't see those lines until I looked at the image with the Layer level sliders pushed way up. All fixed now. Appreciate your comment.
Congrats Wiz... Very clean and well-done.
Congratulations. Liked this one the best.
Flawless blend, flawless taste. Congrats on the silver, Wiz.

Green Irish Iron ManFunny Green Irish Iron Man
Member reactions:
FULL VIEW works best.
Fatal Attraction, great work with the green robo, love to see the robo with the heart and flowers in his hand
This rally captures the feel of Ireland. Love the robot.
Thanks for the comments & votes all.
Thanks Newsy-a compliment from you means a lot. "All hail the NewsMaster.."

Irish Tom GreenFunny Irish Tom Green
Member reactions:

Green Irish Mount RushmoreFunny Green Irish Mount Rushmore
Member reactions:

Irish SmurfsFunny Irish Smurfs
Member reactions:

Excellent work on the face and the clothing color is great Love the background chosen
Thanks to all. I am very proud of this one.

Irish Marilyn MonroeFunny Irish Marilyn Monroe
Member reactions:

Great dress, lips, ear rings, flower on the shoulder and hair all the stuff were studded with green, looking like a fairy Green

Green Irish Obama and FriendsFunny Green Irish Obama and Friends
Member reactions:

Irish Burger KingFunny Irish Burger King
Member reactions:

Very funny, the Emperor is enjoying to his fullest

Irish Barack ObamaFunny Irish Barack Obama
Member reactions:

"Brings a whole new meaning to a 'Black & Tan' in Ireland." .
He seems to have heritages in all countries.... Nice work-love the hat.

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