Party like an Irish American Aussie.
Party like an Irish American Aussie.
Party like an Irish American Aussie. . Mel Gibson's mother was an Irish Immigrant.
Member reactions:
Green in the mouth, but still darn cute.
Thanks Hobbit90 edited it more in the shape of a green tongue as this isn't his the first green pint of the shenanigans. will need to refresh the page to notice. Cheers CraftyOne.
There is a green streak on the left side of his beard but isn't showing on full view and original.
Thanks Wanderer my first gold. I'm going to to take the trophy to bed with me.
Thanks to everyone who voted. Helping me achieve my first gold. 😎 Celebratory drinks are commencing 🍻 Cheers peeps. 🏆
Thanks Kellie
Happy St. Pats to you too and congrats on 1st and a great chop
Thanks Hitspinner. Congrats on Silver. 🍻
Hey, tongue looks good now, congrats on the gold.
Cheers Hobbit👍🏼 happy chopping 😎
Congratulations PS .. You found the Pot of Gold...
Man, you have excellent skills. Soon your trophy shelf will be overloaded and you have to cash-out of your credits to buy new one.
That's very encouraging Wanderer THANKYOU. I wish

Funny Tested with whisky and beer. Certainly he is not Irish.

Tested with whisky and beer. Certainly he is not Irish.
Please skip vote if you are not Irish or don't drink.
Member reactions:
Poor Trump, that's what happens when you're not a drinker, congrat on the win.
So that's what they do in Washington DC .... Congratulationsss Wanderer...
Thank you, Preemiememe. ... and not only in Washington DC ...................

Funny Irish Frog

Irish Frog

Funny Irish SetRooster

Irish SetRooster
Member reactions:
This entry is great. Well done. I like how well the neck and back blend.

Funny The Irish Goat

The Irish Goat
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Woody, Hobbit. Great idea.

Funny Irish and another Irish

Irish and another Irish
Member reactions:
I am not surprised. It is not first time. Thank you any way for second place. Bye.
Armatien, I am right. Who are you, one of competitor from contest.
Congrads on the Silver Cup,funny as always.
Congrats on the Silver, Wanderer. Very clean.

Funny Donald Trump the Irish Setter

Donald Trump the Irish Setter
Trump Pup
Member reactions:
Hahaha, even the hair is about the same with Trump.
Now why does this fit so well hahahaha good job.

Funny Irish Tear Beer

Irish Tear Beer
Member reactions:
Quite nicely crafted ... It's a winner for crying out loud ... I'll keep an eye open for this beer
Its for those people who left us weeping
Great Irish "spirit" in this chop, Hidden.
Thank you Newsy, Lucianno, Rajeshstar, Qtrmoonchop and Hobbit.
nice still life, hits. good labelwork too. congrats
Thank youChamp, Swashbuckle, Andrew, Jere, HH and Doc
Congrats on the Silver, HS ... if FN had an $ award for tight races, you'd have some nice extra cashflow ...
TY Chris, Hobbit and Qtrmoonshop. It is a little curious how the close ones tend to bend away from my favor disproportionately. Been told it is because I rock the boat occasionally Of course it may also be that I was simply out chopped Ha.

Funny Irish Santa with a Green Beer

Irish Santa with a Green Beer
Member reactions:
Crisp chop, well why is his had got Aura..
Congrats. Looks like there's a body moving around in that bag, is that a head kind of bulging up.
TY Eric, Luciano, Swashbuckle, fugit and Robb. I dunno, it's a magic hat eric Could be many heads, Robb If ISIS gets their way the story of Santa will probably be rewritten in history as the "head collector" that deposits the severed heads of infidels on naughty children's beds. After all, he's got the beard already. Hehehehe
Congrats, Hitspinner. Green beer, but nose still is red. Very natural.
Nice chop Tim. Lots of character and refinement. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Green Irish Lion

Green Irish Lion

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