Irish You Would Vote For Me
Irish You Would Vote For Me
Irish You Would Vote For Me. Trump Pup
Member reactions:
Hahaha, even the hair is about the same with Trump.
Now why does this fit so well hahahaha good job.

Funny Irish Tear Beer

Irish Tear Beer
Member reactions:
Quite nicely crafted ... It's a winner for crying out loud ... I'll keep an eye open for this beer
Its for those people who left us weeping
Great Irish "spirit" in this chop, Hidden.
Thank you Newsy, Lucianno, Rajeshstar, Qtrmoonchop and Hobbit.
nice still life, hits. good labelwork too. congrats
Thank youChamp, Swashbuckle, Andrew, Jere, HH and Doc
Congrats on the Silver, HS ... if FN had an $ award for tight races, you'd have some nice extra cashflow ...
TY Chris, Hobbit and Qtrmoonshop. It is a little curious how the close ones tend to bend away from my favor disproportionately. Been told it is because I rock the boat occasionally Of course it may also be that I was simply out chopped Ha.

Funny Irish Santa

Irish Santa
Member reactions:
Crisp chop, well why is his had got Aura..
Congrats. Looks like there's a body moving around in that bag, is that a head kind of bulging up.
TY Eric, Luciano, Swashbuckle, fugit and Robb. I dunno, it's a magic hat eric Could be many heads, Robb If ISIS gets their way the story of Santa will probably be rewritten in history as the "head collector" that deposits the severed heads of infidels on naughty children's beds. After all, he's got the beard already. Hehehehe
Congrats, Hitspinner. Green beer, but nose still is red. Very natural.
Nice chop Tim. Lots of character and refinement. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Irish Lion

Irish Lion

Funny One Quarter Irish

One Quarter Irish
Member reactions:
When drinks are free, everybody feels irish.

Funny Irish Leprechaun King Of Dunlewy Church

Irish Leprechaun King Of Dunlewy Church
Leprechan King keeps his gold at Dunlewy Church Cemetary.
Member reactions:
Love it. The green rabbit is a cherry on top.
Terrific Leprechan. Excellent choice for the background.
I like the lady bird behind.... great work of showing the green shades and his crown good one
You like Lucy Lawless, eh Rajesh... who doesn't.... Hhahahahahaa Queen of the MILFS or whatever that term is. Thank you Rajesh, Luciano, Jim, Pat and NM.....Doc
Thanks Newsey, don't quite have the same ring to it but I'll take it hahahahah. Cheers to ye health, Lad
Top notch chop, love it, congrats on the win....
Just in case you were wondering. Sources for this chop
Saints be praised. 'Tis a chop of rare beauty me lad.

Funny Irish Green Moldy Cheeseburger

Irish Green Moldy Cheeseburger
Aged to perfection.
Member reactions:
HA. Everything turns to &*** when 'O' shows up. Nice work.
Pretty awesome. This burger may work for weight loss campaign promoted by Michelle too
There is a reason why it is called "fast food". If you are slow you will find this in your hand.
Its stale food... good finish and well done in showing this one
Congrats LC, now I am going to go hurl hahahahahaaha. Well mastered chop.

Funny Irish Paul

Irish Paul
Irish Eyes
Member reactions:
Excellent work love the ambiance and the total mood of the pic peaceful and lovely chop

Funny True Irish Coffee

True Irish Coffee
"Give me the frothy 'Irish' Coffee anyday. .
Member reactions:
very clean, would have also done the coffee cup in the bottom too. But still nice idea.
Really like this one..thought I would have changed the text at the bottom or cut it off completely
Beer and Coffee is a freaking combination Its a perfect chop, good one to see this
Background is Too Dark Well tried good job
Background is OK, just wondering about the grey lines on the left. Are they intentional.
"THNX AzureSky, I didn't see those lines until I looked at the image with the Layer level sliders pushed way up. All fixed now. Appreciate your comment.
Congrats Wiz... Very clean and well-done.
Congratulations. Liked this one the best.
Flawless blend, flawless taste. Congrats on the silver, Wiz.

Funny Green Irish Iron Man

Green Irish Iron Man
FULL VIEW works best.
Member reactions:
Fatal Attraction, great work with the green robo, love to see the robo with the heart and flowers in his hand
This rally captures the feel of Ireland. Love the robot.
The New Lovers.
Thanks for the comments & votes all.
Thanks Newsy-a compliment from you means a lot. "All hail the NewsMaster.."

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