Iraqi Army Vs Isis
Iraqi Army Vs Isis
Iraqi Army Vs Isis. Full View plz.. A month ago, ISISís advance looked unstoppable. Now itís been stopped. landscape View
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I would recommend a big image, its really nice in full view
Impressive work especially in the original view
Yikes. Yeah, they were getting a little too close to your neighborhood, huh. People wonder why American's have this love affair with guns. Well you illustrated it right here. If it can happen there it can happen here. We just make it infinitely harder when 4 out of 5 homes have one or more weapons inside and mainiacs that know how to use them Nice one my friend. Be safe

Funny Iraqi Snail

Iraqi Snail
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Explains why the war in Iraq goes so slowly. Great work

Funny Iraqi War Memorial

Iraqi War Memorial
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started late flat ran out of time... should have been cleaner

Funny Donkey Pulling a Cart with a Coffin at an Iraqi Funeral

Donkey Pulling a Cart with a Coffin at an Iraqi Funeral

Funny Iraqi Toothpaste

Iraqi Toothpaste
It tastes bloody great.

Funny Iraqi Invader

Iraqi Invader
Source Full View is better.
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Awesome job. Shoot the damn thing... Shoot it.
Could you tell me if the U.S.A have many of those,if do may conquest the world the way Bush wants.
We tried to get those big fellas to agree to fight on our side at the "Bush Initative for the Total Eradication of Muslim Extremists" staff meeting, (B.I.T.E.M.E.), but they declined. They also weren't paying attention.. they kept logging onto FreakingNews and checking out their stats and stuff. We also gotta get Photoshop uninstalled on those laptops before the next meeting.. Sigh..

Funny Iraqi Vote

Iraqi Vote
Thousands and thousands of Iraqi's still being identified from Saddam's mass graves. They can't vote, but the free can.

Funny Iraqi Government

Iraqi Government
Take it back Saddam... Thanks to all of u who wrote on my b-day
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perceptive entry, i like the very serious guy in back

Funny Iraqi Idol

Iraqi Idol

Funny Iraqi Nuclear Depot

Iraqi Nuclear Depot

Funny Iraqi Tourist Attractions

Iraqi Tourist Attractions
Create images of hotels or theme parks based in Iraq.

Funny Iraqi Election

Iraqi Election
Create advertising - billboards, flyers, conventional ads - that promote this Iraqi election or send a positive message to Iraqi's that are considering voting in the January 30th elections. Your message can be serious or humorous. Just not negative against the elective process.

Funny Iraqi Tourism Posters

Iraqi Tourism Posters
Let's help Iraqi tourism by designing ads, posters and other means to promote a vacation to warm and cheerful Iraq. Make sure you highlight all of the great things to see and do while vacationing in Iraq.

Funny Iraqi Spy Agency

Iraqi Spy Agency
Design the logo for the new Iraqi Spy agency, or an image of the new Iraqi spies in action.

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