Food Supplies Airdrop in Iraq
Food Supplies Airdrop in Iraq
Food Supplies Airdrop in Iraq. Of course the Christians won't complain US Air Drops supplies into Iraq
Member reactions:
Usually is what USA canno't sell inside anymore.
Fantastic chop, though they kinda look like they are sitting on the clouds judging by the background
They are on a mountain top, cloud high I guess. Thanks for the comments and votes

Funny Terrorists Invade Iraq

Terrorists Invade Iraq
Terrorists Invade Iraq
Member reactions:
Fabulous chop and He is looking very angry terrorists....
Congratulations. Serious screw-up in sending troops back to that mess. Poignant statement HS.

Funny Isis In Iraq

Isis In Iraq
Isis takes over Iraq
Member reactions:
You don't have nobama running away fast enough (argh).

Funny Iraq Wonder Woman

Iraq Wonder Woman
Source I-Raq,I-Ran,I-Whatever,I-Wonder

Funny Joe Biden in Iraq

Joe Biden in Iraq
Biden arrives in Iraq... Main Sources Please view full
Member reactions:
Thanks for the evening laughs. Awesome stuff.
Jesus, glad I missed this contest. You guys are having a slugfest Brilliant work
Congrats on the Woody. Biden is the gift that keeps giving
Congrats RW, great pic Competition was heavy on this contest and 4th was no small feat.
Awesome caricature and great lighting fx. Grats.
You're all over this piece Pike, and the light REALLY brings it to life. EXCEPTIONAL.
hahah that's one freaky amazing .. congrats on the woody pike

Funny Elvis Presley the Soldier in Iraq

Elvis Presley the Soldier in Iraq
If Elvis would be going to do his service today he would be in Iraq. Here is a look.

Funny Mr Bean Escaping Out of Iraq

Mr Bean Escaping Out of Iraq

Funny Knights Dueling in Iraq

Knights Dueling in Iraq
Maybe they travelled in time to the wrong battle.......
Member reactions:
Pretty good chop. A couple notes: The Knights' shadows are unnecessary, get rid of them and use a burn tool under their feet to create a shadow on the ground. Also, given their placement in the image, they should be more blurred because of the depth of focus. Otherwise nice job.
Thanks for the fresh eyes and advice Better.

Funny Iraq Army Poster

Iraq Army Poster
Original poster
Member reactions:
Very nice. I've run across the original some place. Just checked my CCCP stash. It'll make me nuttier than is usual, 'til I try to find it. Well, TTFN - I'm going googling. A googling I will go. Hi-Ho . . .

Funny April Fools Iraq War is Over

April Fools Iraq War is Over

Funny Robots in Iraq

Robots in Iraq
Create / show robots doing dull, durty and dangerous jobs in Iraq. Generic robot entries not showing any connection to Iraq will be disqualified.

Funny Iraq Election

Iraq Election
The voting is over. It's purple days ahead for the people of Iraq! What will happen to all of the purple ink used in the elections? Show in images what you think the Iraqi's might do or should do with all this purple ink.

Funny Iraq

Now that Iraq is independent again, will it develop into West-like society, or transform back to strict Arabic nation? Show your view of what path Iraq will take.

Funny Iraq Business

Iraq Business
Show how new Iraq businesses will settle in Iraq - products, promotion campaigns, production processes, company workers, etc.

Funny Iraq Jobs

Iraq Jobs
Show what kind of Iraq jobs can be done by the US, France, Russia or Germany. Depending on your take on the issue, what country should have the main job of rebuilding Iraq - e.g. who should be emptying porta-johns and who should be transporting Anthrax spores.

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