Child Iranian Drone Hunters
Child Iranian Drone Hunters
Child Iranian Drone Hunters. The Iranians are now going to teach school children to be drone hunters That old woman escaping looks pretty familiar, don't you think.
Member reactions:
atleast they have McDonald to quinch their hunger for Drones The Usage of Obama as Missile is really a freaking concept
Angry birds hunting team Camel is freaky funniest thing there
Won't earn any points at the NSA but sure will here Funny stuff . Congrads on the double play
Love the Angry birds ,,,.... and mostly that Obama sling puppet. congrats...
Had to laugh the granny. Many fine details here. Congrats on the bronze too, Paul.

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the Iranian Space Chimpanzee

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the Iranian Space Chimpanzee
Iran launches chimp into space and safely returns they say
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Less makeup needed for him to look like Chip very funny to see the banana and coconut in its hand good one
Hahaha, excellent illustration for the Iranian monkey launch. Congrats on the wood to, Paul.

Funny Iranian Space Agency

Iranian Space Agency
Old news for those who don't understand the joke.
Member reactions:
thats how i pictured it too... excellent work...
Looks great new idea here good to see those as Missiles

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Doing Iranian Naval Exercises

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Doing Iranian Naval Exercises
Iran holds Naval exercises
Member reactions:
Thanks, Chili. Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, Disasterman.
Right ON Dinghy-Boy.This should be a Newsweek cover.
Boy he certainly takes his time to shave his legs and polish the toes. Great job.
Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, oldman. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Newsy. Yes, he shaves them so there will be less wind resistance as he pedals.
. He sure looks happy with his shaved girly legs.
I must say again , i love this one alot ....
What can i say Paul , besides , you did it again , way to go & Congrats on the Gold buddy ...
Thanks, the past I've given him very hairy legs but this time I thought I'd be a little different. Thanks, Chili Man. Thanks, PSM.
most excellent work pcrdds... congratulations on your gold......
p.s. I hope Sunshin3 doesn't offer her rendition of the little man w/shaved legs.
Thanks, G-Man...if she does, he'll have long, beautifully flowing hair for sure. . Thanks, qtrmoonshop.
This boat is golden. Congrats on the win, Paul.

Funny Iranian Chess Players

Iranian Chess Players
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Pretty much sums it up for me...nice work
"Don't worry-be happy..." Poignant statement-logical prediction. TOP marks.
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, RICKYTREK1.
Good one Doc, and I saw your partridge in a pear tree after I was done. last yr u used danny .
Thanks, HH. You're right about Danny. But you took it a good step further.
Congrats on the bronze P. Funny stuff and some nice details....adding Nostra and the quatrain to a poster on that ground might've blended that element into the comp better...or something like that...
Amazing work Paul, I like the idea with chess players Congrats on the bronze.
Thanks, Mr. F. Not a bad idea. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3.
hahaha that's really cool .. congrats on the bronze ..
Great satire here. Congrats on the bronze, Paul. P.S. I've almost read the text as "babe weapons".
Thanks, Newsy...yeah, that font isn't easy to read at times.
Very cool and funny chop pcrdds. Love ur work...congrats on bronze.

Funny Iranian Reverse Engineering

Iranian Reverse Engineering
Iran to reverse engineer the downed U.S. drone
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They should be able to blow themselves up with this one
Hahaha, Reverse Engineering 101 in action.
Thanks, Disasterman. thanks, HoHouse. Thanks, Newsy.
you always tell a great story with your work... umm if its you hidden that is,,
Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, preemiememe. Yes, I'm "hidden." .
One of the better uses of that much used face. (where it doesn't make you "frown" to see it again)

Funny Iranian Lake Turning To Salt

Iranian Lake Turning To Salt
Iranian lake is turning to salt Netanyahu seems more than willing to help.
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Funny precise clean well sourced & thought. Thx
Thanks, macwithfries. Can I get a shake to go.
PixJockey...You're congratulating me on a contest that hasn't started the voting yet. And, only silver.
Really well done. Political satire with a grain of salt.
Welcome. And here's another pun for you: Next thing Mahmoud will do is to get ASSsalted.
cool work pcrdds .. great to be with you guys in top 3 .. congrats on the silver ..
haaaaaaaaa Freaking Awesome Chop Congrats
Thanks, Chili. Thanks, Mr. K. Thanks, musicalnote.
at Netanyahu and the kosher salt idea. Congrats Paul

Funny Iranian Turkey Mahmoud Ahmadinejad And Son

Iranian Turkey Mahmoud Ahmadinejad And Son
Member reactions:
Haha.....this is hilarious and very well done.
Glad I can make you laugh, Newsy. Thanks.
The shoes.. The shoes.. What a crackup.
Yep, you got this one right, he's a real turkey. Great chop,funny as HE...
Congrats on the Sliver pcrdds... very funny chop
Congratulations, looks like you're moving up in the world.
Thanks, Gigmonger and Mark. I appreciate it very much.
Congrats on the win, should had came in first. LOVED IT.
pcrdds... sooo funny and gross too....i love it....congrats...
on the mini Najad and his crossed Eyes ... congrats Pcrdds
Silver turkeys for pcrdds and his Iranian friends. Congrats.
Newsy...Bwahahahah. Thanks.
Thanks, Dilemma and congrats on your Gold.

Funny US Pays Iranian Scientist 5 Million

US Pays Iranian Scientist 5 Million
US pays Iranian scientist five million for information regarding its nuclear program... Report: CIA Paid Iran Nuke Scientist $5 Million
Member reactions:
That is awesome on so many levels. Well done.
Ahmadinejad's Mood Ring is glowing like mad
ReelMeert must be thinking of Root Boy Slim & the ... -Change Band's tune entitled:"You make my mood ring sweat." Feel the heat. High marks.
Congrats Steve, hilarious and well done Especially like work you did Ahmadinejad and the duct taped missile.
Man, the whole chops is clever, but the duct-taped rocket is just freaking brilliant here. Love it.
StephenJClifford congratulation... nice work ...
Congrats on the silver Steve, great chop.
This is so funny... Love both expressions... Great work and congrats

Funny Iranian Robot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iranian Robot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Robots Iran's got a walking humanoid robot View Sources just wanted to show the secret robot in iran hope you like it
Member reactions:
Awesome chop. Great use of sources. I love this
Looks great-hopefully it will destroy itself, first.
thanks geritac i hope the same for him haha
awesome highlights and detail, top chop award.
awesome artwork... gr10 i think. good luck.
And the winner is Mahmoud Terminator from Nuclear Hell. Love the color and light work.
Congrats on the gold Kratos, excellant chop..
Congratulations-always a crowd pleaser Kratos. Made your first Million bucks yet.
thanks alot guys glad all you like my work . nijad looks crazy and he gonna destroy the world
thanks alot silver canine I missed this site too so much but been busy with alot off stuff in my life .... glad you like it
thanks alot RemenarV nice to see your comment
Congrats Kratos. Nice cartoon blend. Thanks for bursting my highest score on FN bubble (re:9.6)
Congrats on the win, Kratos. You just keep getting better and better.
As always, top of the line work. Congrats Kratos.
thanks alot newsy and funkwood . Hobiit respect your words alot guys

Funny Iranian Missiles

Iranian Missiles
This Saturday we continue our little freaking experiment with photoshopping of provided source images. As you know, Iranian news agency released a public photo of an Iranian Missile test showing the firing of several long range missiles that may hit targets as far as 2000 miles away. The missile test was meant to show that Iran is capable of striking back if it is attacked. Most world news agencies, newspapers and magazines published this famous photo, before realizing that it has been photoshopped. To honor the photoshop skills of our Iranian colleagues, we are asking you to photoshop any of these two photos any way you wish: Iranian Missiles Test ORIGINAL image (CLICK HERE to download), or Iranian Missiles Test PHOTOSHOPPED image (CLICK HERE to download). These are the highest resolution images of the Iranian missile tests we could get hold of. If you can provide us with higher resolution images, please email us .

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