John Kerry Talks Tough With Iran
John Kerry Talks Tough With Iran
John Kerry Talks Tough With Iran. There is a saying that people get the leaders they deserve. I guess we've screwed up pretty badly to deserve the ones the US has now. It's a good time for satire.
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Congrats on the silver swashbuckle 😄
Nice little money chop. Very well done. Cup congrats, mate.
Loved yours, beautiful work..Congrats : )
Congrats on the bronze, Swash. Cool satire

Funny Iran's Dim Light Bulb

Iran's Dim Light Bulb

Funny Iran Building a model Aircraft Carrier

Iran Building a model Aircraft Carrier
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Wao.... to see the Aircraft Carrier and the missile is directly aim to destroy that.... good visuals
Nice chop with very good perspective. I like it.
Total congrats, Great chop, alarming story. These guys just will not stop until we elect a psycho president that will declare an American style, nuclear extinction Jihad on them. They really need to stop the antagonism and bull baiting or they WILL get horns right up their A55.
Congrats Slixter... interesting article too.

Funny Iran's Nuclear Weapons

Iran's Nuclear Weapons
Obama Pushes Back Against Critics Of Iran Deal
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Clever and very news topical. Congrats on the bronze, GRM.
Congrats on the Bronze GRM. "If you like your ____, you can keep it" seems to keep everyone happy.

Funny The dangerous profile of Iran

The dangerous profile of Iran
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Funny the new iRan

the new iRan
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Noval design and different camera which covers the whole crowd great device


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Good Stamp design for representing Israel in Olympics 2012

Funny Iran Launches Missiles

Iran Launches Missiles
Iran launches missiles
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Thanks, geriatric...thanks, oldman...thanks, Disasterman...thanks, rajeshstar.
Hehehe' he's a rocket scientists all right. Funky stuff.

Funny Barack Obama Drone Shot Down In Iran

Barack Obama Drone Shot Down In Iran
Iran claims it shot down a US stealth drone
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It looks like they have updated their weapon systems...
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, preemiememe.
Funny...... I think they did use a slingshot.
If it was so secret how come it got shot down. OH-it must have been Pilot error. Always funny and clean.
Cool drone. are they available for Christmas.
Thanks, oldman. Yes, they're available from the White House. Just call and say you want one.
Congrats on being featured Dr.C, R-DDS this was my favorite of the 2 clever humor & well done
Thanks, qtrmoonshop...yeah, I liked this one better myself.
Thanks, Newsy. They're available from Crapco now.

Funny Korea and Iran Nuclear Allies

Korea and Iran Nuclear Allies
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This is Fantastic. All the Best. Good Luck for you.
hahaha, Awesome work mate...hahahahaha I love it....always the best mate..
congratulations.... excellent... ricky.
Congrats on the gold Ricky, much deserved to you. Your works are freaking great.

Funny Nuclear Iran

Nuclear Iran
Photoshop how nuclear power and weapons will change Iran domestically and on political arena. Feel free to create new nuclear Iranian products and services, change country's flag or show how Iran may change relations with other countries.

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