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Funny Iran Pictures

The dangerous profile of IranFunny The dangerous profile of Iran
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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

the new iRanFunny the new iRan
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Noval design and different camera which covers the whole crowd great device

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Good Stamp design for representing Israel in Olympics 2012

Iran Launches MissilesFunny Iran Launches Missiles
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Iran launches missiles
Thanks, geriatric...thanks, oldman...thanks, Disasterman...thanks, rajeshstar.
Hehehe' he's a rocket scientists all right. Funky stuff.

Barack Obama Drone Shot Down In IranFunny Barack Obama Drone Shot Down In Iran
Member reactions:

Iran claims it shot down a US stealth drone
It looks like they have updated their weapon systems...
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, preemiememe.
Funny...... I think they did use a slingshot.
If it was so secret how come it got shot down. OH-it must have been Pilot error. Always funny and clean.
Cool drone. are they available for Christmas.
Thanks, oldman. Yes, they're available from the White House. Just call and say you want one.
Congrats on being featured Dr.C, R-DDS this was my favorite of the 2 clever humor & well done
Thanks, qtrmoonshop...yeah, I liked this one better myself.
Thanks, Newsy. They're available from Crapco now.

Korea and Iran Nuclear AlliesFunny Korea and Iran Nuclear Allies
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oh yes geriatric... two really idiots hehehehe
This is Fantastic. All the Best. Good Luck for you.
thank you joaon... you really are too kind to me.
thank you paul... oh no... pcrdds... paul is hidden... hehehe
hahaha, Awesome work mate...hahahahaha I love it....always the best mate..
thank you friend goat... i am happy you like my work
congratulations.... excellent... ricky.
Congrats on the gold Ricky, much deserved to you. Your works are freaking great.

Hiking in IranFunny Hiking in Iran
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Congratulations VIPEZ. Like this one the most.
thanks GarRobMil , rajeshtar , geriatric , NewsMaster , pcrdds , deaddog

Obama Running with China and IranFunny Obama Running with China and Iran
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Secret talks
Interesting concept. Love how you played with their heights. WIKI RADIO sign is so well blended, I almost didn't notice it.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad The Pirate of IranFunny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad The Pirate of Iran
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Call in the SEALS and take this Hi-Octane Idiot out. Nice work-had to vent..good luck.
May be Iran supporting terrorism over america and other coutries, but the real pirate is the one who trying to steal petroleum from Iran. I think u know whos that country.
Nice chop Disasterman, you should have been in the medals with that one
Thanks, it's nice to get back into a few contests

Israel vs IranFunny Israel vs Iran
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News Story I thought this would stirr the hornets
Thanks. Personally, I would enjoy a gunfight with that little ...ant egomaniac hehehe Any Yanks want to weigh in on this flap.
Thanks for catching the typo. Ya ain't got an opinion on the article, RM. Do you think America or Israel should drop a couple daisy cutters on his poppys just to remind him what type of profit one reaps from arogance.
haha, thought this was yours spinner...awesome chop mate...
Sorry I missed the vote-Congratulations. Love it.
No prob, I missed yesterday.. or maybe the day before. Oh I don't remember . So nobody chimed in to comment on this topic. My jaw is slack . I figured people would be banging their fists. I commented earlier that if you didn't comment on this one you probably didn't read it because if you are an American, or especially an American Jew, Jeepers.... Maybe it ticked me off because not only am I American, but I like Matzo balls too Ihahahahahahahahahaha.
Congrats on the woos Hitspinner, great chop.
Tis raaaaawks. Wild wild West, old geezer duel. Congrats on the wood, Hits.

Nuclear IranFunny Nuclear Iran - Photoshop how nuclear power and weapons will change Iran domestically and on political arena. Feel free to create new nuclear Iranian products and services, change country's flag or show how Iran may change relations with other countries.

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