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Funny Ipod Pictures

The iPod TravelFunny The iPod Travel
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Trying out the new iPod Travel from Apple.

Magritte Son of Man with an iPodFunny Magritte Son of Man with an iPod
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Angel Using an iPodFunny Angel Using an iPod
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Leonardo`s iPod AdvertisementFunny Leonardo`s iPod Advertisement
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Based on Leonardo's Babe in the Womb

Cardinal Listening to an iPodFunny Cardinal Listening to an iPod
Member reactions:

My first entry
Excellent work, but the image is rather small. Try to submit at least 750 pixel wide images. Welcome to the site.

IGod - Google`s Nano iPodFunny IGod - Google`s Nano iPod
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Edward Norton with an iPodFunny Edward Norton with an iPod
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Ipod Guitar AppFunny Ipod Guitar App
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ipod Digital GuitarFunny ipod Digital Guitar
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Great chop EMERALDEARTH you are rocking keep going

ipod Boom AdvertFunny ipod Boom Advert
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Hey. MY iPod did that last week. (Too funny)
Very cool chop. It's a pity that the text is barely readable though, even in full view (please, use more lines and make it larger). And you should write 'boyfriend' (not 'bf') in an ad.
I was going to do it all in txt speak to bring it up to dat. will get it tweaked
tweaked it now, have to keep the text slightly out of focus to match old image, much better now though
It's much better, but some lines of text are too short and others too long. You should place your carriage returns differently (just my humble opinion, of course).
I normaly ALWAYS have the text centred for this kind of chop as I like the balance it gives to the eye when reading, Once again though I went for the original text layout to keep the oldy feel. thanks for the advice though, keep it coming I always take note of all and any tips / advice I can use in future chops
My explanations are probably not clear enough. Have a look at this, and you will see where I think that you should remove or add carriage returns in the text. Just my humble opinion, again. By the way, if your chop were bad, I would never spend much time in commenting on it. It's because it's a good one that I think that you should correct those minor mistakes...
I didnt think you were saying they were bad mate. All your advice has been great. keep it up
Had a quick tweak of the blurb section
I think that you will hate me (if it's not the case yet.) but I've just spotted a few typos: 'state of the ark' instead of 'state of the art', there's now an unneeded space before 'excludes Canada" and you wrote some words with the first letter in uppercase where it is not needed either (previous version mostly used lowercase letters and that was better then). But the good news is that the text is now well-placed and margins respected. So, it's almost perfect.
no problem mate, " state of the ARK" was deliberate. Im insinuating it is outdated . Thanks again mate
Ok. About "state of the ark", I didn't get it earlier (English is not my native language, so, I may miss some puns and play on words at times). But... er... there's still an unneeded space before "Excludes Canada..." (just after the left bracket). You wrote "( Excludes Canada & Washington State)" instead of "(Excludes Canada & Washington State)". Oh, and another one at the end of the text: "The I- BOOM" instead of "The I-BOOM". No, please, don't kill me, mate.
dont worry, I did take it out then clicked back a step to catch something and missed changing it again .
Impressive. Great text write-up too I also like what you did with the Apple logo
Thanks again everyone, I am over the moon, and I dedicate half this wood to Paul and thank him for all his help. I know more now about text layout etc than I ever did before, having members that know this stuff is awesome. thanks Paul
Congratulations once again and thank you, John. You're welcome, but I haven't done much here. That's you alone who really deserve the trophies that you got in this contest.
again congrats on the woody and nice work too

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