Child Playing on an iPad by Renoir
Child Playing on an iPad by Renoir
Child Playing on an iPad by Renoir. I like Renoir. What's not to like.
Member reactions:
IMO objects shoul be a bit blurry to match the original painting.
Me likes a lot this chop and Renoir too. The way you did a picture in picture on iPad adds nicely to it. Congrats on top 5, Swash.

Funny Celebrities with New Huge iPad

Celebrities with New Huge iPad
new ipad is presented by a world weirdest family. all proceeds of this product will be for therapy of the child. note: we do not know who is the mother ;-D
Member reactions:
Fantastic work a big ipad definately helps you to satisfy your inner desires Great work well illuminated and nice caricature
Wonderful caricatures. I can't get what big iPad is useful for. It's like to go around with a TV screen in your arms.
Great concept, but the celebrities have no connection to each other and no connection to Apple. Why not use some Apple execs like Tim Cook instead.
Excellent, your characterizations all stayed in range of good likeness this time. Congrats on the silver.
Congrats on silver Elegary. good caricatures work..

Funny iPad Interactive Cosmetic Tablet

iPad Interactive Cosmetic Tablet
Member reactions:
Clever and very fashionably looking too. Congrats on the wood, GRM.

Funny New iPad Keyboard

New iPad Keyboard

Funny Selling iPads in Raphael Painting

Selling iPads in Raphael Painting
Selling Apples, yep that's what Rafael would be doing right about now.
Member reactions:
So all the ancient great men come down to check the Apple's latest gadget good one and funny too

Funny Tim Cook with the New Flexible iPad

Tim Cook with the New Flexible iPad
Yearly News: Apple Now Most Valuable (And Innovatve) Company in History Weekly News: Rumored iPad 5 To Be Thinner
Member reactions:
Good Prediction of Apple Ipad 5 I want one copy of it good one like your thought and presentation of ipad 5

Funny Son of iPad by Magritte

Son of iPad by Magritte
This is not a chop.
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha very cool.. looks like the original Idea of job
good composition... I think this is Ipad mini funny to see he is carrying a mobile too... Is that iPhone 5

Funny iPad iPhone

iPad iPhone
No contracts, no strings attached.
Member reactions:
Very Innovative like this concept Ipad and Iphone cross breed output good and freaking look given to the gadget
I was thinking the same thing but changed my mind. Terrific Job.
Freaking hilarious. Congrats on the wood, Slick.

Funny iPad's New Death Premonition App

iPad's New Death Premonition App
TIME HAS NO LIMITS...DEATH IS PASSING INTO ANOTEHER DIMENSION AND PREMONITION OF DEATH CAN BE A PERFECT PLAUSIBLE GAME * premonition of death_a new application of iPad'5 ...Steve Jobs anticipation and via William Bouguereau indebted Him
Member reactions:
Very good like the concept of Ipad 5 and the crow gazing at the application

Funny iRan New iPad for Iran

iRan New iPad for Iran
Member reactions:
Noval design and different camera which covers the whole crowd great device

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