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Funny Invisible Pictures

Testing the invisible earphoneFunny Testing the invisible earphone
Member reactions:
Obama Gate -Was Obama Wearing An Earphone During Debate With Romney (You Decide)
Excellent .... well done in putting a real Grama phone over the obama ears looks funny and his facial expression creates humor all over Good job love to see Hillary with Bill enjoying the Outcomes of Elections
amazing facial expression looks fabolous.
OMG this is hilarious with Hillary and Clinton watching some freak show over tab Sci-fi
Thank you very much suni271980, balodiya,ericnorthend .
Clever and hysterical. Congrats on the wood, gugu.

Invisible President at His DeskFunny Invisible President at His Desk
Member reactions:

Is this the famous brainless boy. Good job.
Good work, this is harder than it looks....cause I tried it before

Invisible Karate ManFunny Invisible Karate Man
Member reactions:

Invisible FishermanFunny Invisible Fisherman
Member reactions:

almost a trifecta . . . Excellent work. You're on a roll . . .
another deaddog work congrats on the woody
and wood for the Dawg too. Congrats yet again.
Ha. surprised I could keep the fellow in the back.
Knocking the competition down-eh. Congrats on all your works.
bet thats what all the men do when they go fishing, great picture, well done.

Couple Riding an Invisible SooterFunny Couple Riding an Invisible Sooter
Member reactions:

Very nice work with removing the bike. Why the cat.

Nice work on removing the scooter . . . though at the very least, she should be looking at the cat . . . it seems like you put a bit more work into the execution than into the concept . . .
i think it woulda been better without the cat
The girl shadow is missing, you could have worked more on it
Really great work, as master told, the cat distracting the image. All the best.
Cat idea is really good interesting concept

Invisible Basketball PlayersFunny Invisible Basketball Players
Member reactions:

where are the players...
i don't think the public would still be watching this play,

Invisible Joggers on the BeachFunny Invisible Joggers on the Beach
Member reactions:

Boy with Invisible LegsFunny Boy with Invisible Legs
Member reactions:

A search for your other half often begin in the early years...

Invisible Predator Bat in SpaceFunny Invisible Predator Bat in Space
Member reactions:

Invisible Woman Digital ArtFunny Invisible Woman Digital Art
Member reactions:

Invisible SportsFunny Invisible Sports - As the Olympic games are getting closer, many intended athletes won't be participating. Several Chinese and Bulgarian athletes were banned from the games after testing positive for doping. Just today, U.S. gymnast Paul Hamm announced that he will not be going to Beijing because of a hand injury. All in all, many "planned" athletes will literally disappear from the Beijing Olympic Games. To show how athletes can disappear from sports competitions, make them invisible in their uniforms in any kind of sports. Here's a good example.

Invisible ArtFunny Invisible Art - In a recent campaign speech, Hillary Clinton was explaining how the economy can be driven out of recession by so called "invisible hand" of the market. Or, as Bill Clinton said, "the economy needs an invisible hand job." In this contest you are asked to photoshop works of art and make any parts of them invisible. The disappeared parts can be objects or characters - e.g. leave the character's clothes, while make the depicted person disappear.

Invisible PeopleFunny Invisible People - This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. We are going to make people invisible in this contest. Celebrities, politicians, or any people qualify as long as they disappear and become invisible. Your entries can use photos or paintings as source images. There is a good tutorial on invisibility on Worth1000 by DerAlt to get you going in the right direction. Choose the image of your choice containing at least one person and make the people invisible leaving only their clothes, jewelry or anything else as in the theme post.

Invisible CelebritiesFunny Invisible Celebrities - Show us what images of celebrities and politicians look like, invisible! You must use images of celebrity or politicians only, making them invisible.

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