Invisible King and Queen on the Royal Balcony
Invisible King and Queen on the Royal Balcony
Invisible King and Queen on the Royal Balcony.

Funny Invisible Archer

Invisible Archer
Member reactions:
Love it. The flying arrow with a motion trail is a gem here.
good execution even if I would have added a small part of the back of the hat.
Thank you. Not sure what you mean Luciano, the hat band runs across the entire back.
really cool. love the motion. Grats on the win.
I think Luciano meant the inside of the cap indeed, not the cap band. The cap is short but part of its back should be a tad visible I think. Fantastic chop nevertheless
Congratulations. Looks like all the Heavy Hitters signed-on for this competition.
Oh, no guys, those aren't ball caps, that style is a visor cap. They don't have backs at all, just the band. A sort of half hat. They're popular with female golf and tennis pros. I see the confusion now. No biggie. Thanks all.

Funny Invisible Baseball Players

Invisible Baseball Players

Funny Invisible Man High Jumping

Invisible Man High Jumping
Great Britain National Team Itself Jumping Uniform. Mr.Bean is first test athlete.
Member reactions:
Hilarious. The way you did the vapor and air distortions really sells this picture.

Funny Invisible Basketball Players

Invisible Basketball Players
Member reactions:
Really a fabulous job. I would consider adding some motion effects too.

Funny Invisible Alligator Wrestler

Invisible Alligator Wrestler
Member reactions:
Great chopping, but the sources are quite blurry it seems

Funny Invisible Men Playing Soccer

Invisible Men Playing Soccer
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver, Paul. Close race of the top two soccer chops.

Funny Invisible Fererer Playing Tennis

Invisible Fererer Playing Tennis
Member reactions:

Funny Invisible Rider Jumping on a Horse

Invisible Rider Jumping on a Horse

Funny Invisible Soccer Players

Invisible Soccer Players

Funny Invisible Sports

Invisible Sports
Professional athlete career is very short. In figure skating and gymnastics most athletes retire in their 20s. The reason is not just that it's harder to compete against the younger athletes, but also that virtually all "professionals" get multiple sports injuries which gradually accumulate and make it impossible for them to perform on the same levels. Thus, sadly, most sports stars we admire now, will suddenly "disappear" before they turn 30. To show how athletes can suddenly disappear from sports, make them invisible in their uniforms in any kind of sports. Many thanks to Registered for the themepost.

Funny Invisible Sports

Invisible Sports
As the Olympic games are getting closer, many intended athletes won't be participating. Several Chinese and Bulgarian athletes were banned from the games after testing positive for doping. Just today, U.S. gymnast Paul Hamm announced that he will not be going to Beijing because of a hand injury. All in all, many "planned" athletes will literally disappear from the Beijing Olympic Games. To show how athletes can disappear from sports competitions, make them invisible in their uniforms in any kind of sports. Here's a good example.

Funny Invisible Art

Invisible Art
In a recent campaign speech, Hillary Clinton was explaining how the economy can be driven out of recession by so called "invisible hand" of the market. Or, as Bill Clinton said, "the economy needs an invisible hand job." In this contest you are asked to photoshop works of art and make any parts of them invisible. The disappeared parts can be objects or characters - e.g. leave the character's clothes, while make the depicted person disappear.

Funny Invisible People

Invisible People
This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. We are going to make people invisible in this contest. Celebrities, politicians, or any people qualify as long as they disappear and become invisible. Your entries can use photos or paintings as source images. There is a good tutorial on invisibility on Worth1000 by DerAlt to get you going in the right direction. Choose the image of your choice containing at least one person and make the people invisible leaving only their clothes, jewelry or anything else as in the theme post.

Funny Invisible Celebrities

Invisible Celebrities
Show us what images of celebrities and politicians look like, invisible! You must use images of celebrity or politicians only, making them invisible.

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