Invisible Golfer
Invisible Golfer
Invisible Golfer. ZERO. ZERO.
Member reactions:
Yea I guess you could call a sun visor a partial hat, Great Job Hidden.

Funny Invisible Skate Boarder

Invisible Skate Boarder
Member reactions:
Very well done with speed effect to the visible parts only, lovely work
The motion effect really ads to this already outstanding chop

Funny Invisible Boxer

Invisible Boxer

Funny Invisible Surfer

Invisible Surfer
Member reactions:
Front part of the swimming suit should be partially visible

Funny Invisible Ice Skating

Invisible Ice Skating
Member reactions:
Some parts of the back of the costume should be seen.

Funny Invisible Surfer on a Wave

Invisible Surfer on a Wave

Funny Invisible Tennis Players

Invisible Tennis Players
Member reactions:
You should give the view of some back part of dresses
One of my favorites in the contest. The invisible player on the background really adds nicely to this composition. I would consider showing a part of the soccer's inside on the lower foot (since it should be visible from this angle)

Funny Invisible Men Playing Baseball

Invisible Men Playing Baseball

Funny Invisible Man Doing a Karate Kick

Invisible Man Doing a Karate Kick
Modern Dojang image by Scott Feldstein.
Member reactions:
Cooool. Love the motion here

Funny Invisible Soldier Jumping Rope

Invisible Soldier Jumping Rope
Member reactions: it. Part of the running girls shadow is on top of the uniform sleeve.
Brilliant. I see the shadow had been edited too
Nice edit Hidden. Now If I could only figure out WHY... that numbskull is still looking at his phone with a necked girl is running about.
He is controlling if the photo just taken was good enough.

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