Invisible Kung Fu Masters
Invisible Kung Fu Masters
Invisible Kung Fu Masters. Member reactions:
Not only you cleanly removed the bodies from the clothes, but you also added great motion effects. Top job.
Top 5 William. It deserves a cup. It is pro all the way

Funny Invisible Runner

Invisible Runner

Funny Invisible Man Playing Soccer

Invisible Man Playing Soccer
Member reactions:
Boy you picked a great source. Nicely done Luciano

Funny Invisible Judo Fighters

Invisible Judo Fighters
Member reactions:
good attention to detail on the jacket interior.
Well done but a pain texture for inside could be better.
It is Freaking Brilliant and a perfect choice for this contest..

Funny Invisible Tennis Player

Invisible Tennis Player
Member reactions:
The clothes and the shadows are freaking perfectly done.
The court has a freaky water effect, don't know if Hidden planed that.
SHOCK. I was sick all morning, just came in to check and BAM. Only my 5th Gold. I'm so pleased. So amazed. What happened. thanks, everyone.
Gold happened Icy.. A couple more and you'll make it to Hall of Fame.. Great job and hope you are feeling better
Flawless... Congrats, Icy. Well deserved gold

Funny Invisible Weightlifter with Putin and Hillary

Invisible Weightlifter with Putin and Hillary
The guy in the left corner can buy any sport event including the Olympic Games and the World Cup. He can be a weight lifting champion even in a wheelchair.

Funny Invisible King and Queen on the Royal Balcony

Invisible King and Queen on the Royal Balcony

Funny Invisible Archer

Invisible Archer
Member reactions:
Love it. The flying arrow with a motion trail is a gem here.
good execution even if I would have added a small part of the back of the hat.
Thank you. Not sure what you mean Luciano, the hat band runs across the entire back.
really cool. love the motion. Grats on the win.
I think Luciano meant the inside of the cap indeed, not the cap band. The cap is short but part of its back should be a tad visible I think. Fantastic chop nevertheless
Congratulations. Looks like all the Heavy Hitters signed-on for this competition.
Oh, no guys, those aren't ball caps, that style is a visor cap. They don't have backs at all, just the band. A sort of half hat. They're popular with female golf and tennis pros. I see the confusion now. No biggie. Thanks all.

Funny Invisible Baseball Players

Invisible Baseball Players

Funny Invisible Man High Jumping

Invisible Man High Jumping
Great Britain National Team Itself Jumping Uniform. Mr.Bean is first test athlete.
Member reactions:
Hilarious. The way you did the vapor and air distortions really sells this picture.

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