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Funny Investigating Pictures

CSI Miami Investigate Marat DeathFunny CSI Miami Investigate Marat Death
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CSI Investigating ElephantFunny CSI Investigating Elephant
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Mammoth found nearly intact in Los Angeles

Sherlock Holmes Dog Investigates BPFunny Sherlock Holmes Dog Investigates BP
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WASHINGTON After intense negotiations, BP on Thursday bowed to President Barack Obama's demand for a $20 billion fund to compensate victims of the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The humbled chairman of the giant British company apologized to the American people for the horrendous accident.
PLease read the contest directions carefully. This contest needs a news link for every entry

FBI still investigatingFunny FBI still investigating
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FBI receives 'plausible' report of Thanksgiving subway terror attack FBI thinks this picture suspect
need to mask out the area between osama's legs. still shows original background.
. And what the the Bee Man said. Great Idea

Dell Investigates Exploding LaptopFunny Dell Investigates Exploding Laptop
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Dell Laptop Explodes
Microsoft upgrades windows' Blue-Screen-of-Death...

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