Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion
Alien Invasion. Member reactions:
ReggieRey, this is so cute, poor Trump may wish this could happen sometimes, to get away from the Crazies. Congrat on Top 5.
Thanks Gumster. Thank you Hobbit, for your generous and nice comments. Your right, Trump would prefer Grey's to Crazies
Great concept, Reggie. My favorite part is the 2 freaky aliens, bottom left. But they were covered in the contest view by the FN logo. Hate it when that happens.
Thank you Splats. I should have moved aliens up, but logo disappears in full view and don't believe it would have moved the needle on the six...

Funny Democrat-Mutants Invasion

Democrat-Mutants Invasion

Funny Terminator 2025 (retired) `Putin's invasion in Europe`

Terminator 2025 (retired) `Putin's invasion in Europe`

Funny Unknown Green troupes invasion to Mars

Unknown Green troupes invasion to Mars
Member reactions:
Cool as always, and got heads swapped with a minute to spare.
Always the comedy hahahahah.... You got everything in this
Thank you, Mr.Hits. Now we can't use politicians and celebrities. Soon we will paint only butterflies and joking about cats and dogs.

Funny USA Invasion of Alien Planet

USA Invasion of Alien Planet
Member reactions:
Now we are talking strange hahahaaha cool chop.

Funny Invasion of the Imperial Walkers in Old Photo

Invasion of the Imperial Walkers in Old Photo

Funny The Guilt Trip Invasion of Crimea

The Guilt Trip Invasion of Crimea
Member reactions:
Obama's thumb looks a bit weird (too pointy and long, thumbnail too small). Awesome job otherwise.
Congrats on the wood, Jim. Very news-related.

Funny Spaceship Invasion From Planet Pi

Spaceship Invasion From Planet Pi
Member reactions:
The big ship (planet) was almost entirely made in photoshop - very impressive. I like the small Pi ship flying into the station
Excellent idea and perfect execution. I like the perspective.
Congratulations. You are consistently entertaining.
Thanks, Miss Pree. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Jim.

Funny Giant Snail Invasion In Florida

Giant Snail Invasion In Florida
Florida battles invasive giant snails
Member reactions:
got remember the event "snails on the road..." well composed the giant snails making people scary good one like the news link
Quality and crisp chop nice head and skin of her and Huge Snail is very well placed on the road with managed shadows Good work

Funny Ufo Invasion

Ufo Invasion
Member reactions:
Did that alien eat the balloons. I hate it when they do that.. Great alien. Would love to see your sourcing.

Funny Alien Invasion?

Alien Invasion?
Alien sighting was the buzzword of the year 2017 where people reported of many UFO sightings and some even claimed to find evidence of the existence of alien life. Another news of alleged alien sighting has surfaced the internet where people reported of witnessing mysterious fireball in the night sky of Colombia. Scared people also recorded the mysterious sighting in their camera and uploaded it on YouTube which is going viral in the social media. Turn celebrities, historical people, or politicians into ALIENS! PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

Funny Animal Invasion

Animal Invasion
Photoshop images of animal invasion, where animals would occupy and terrorize any city or country, or interfere with humans in any other way.

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