Giant Crab Invades England
Giant Crab Invades England
Giant Crab Invades England. Don't Panic.Crabzilla is only dangerous if you come in direct contact. Everything will be fine.
Member reactions:
The original view totally rocks my world. A freaking beauty.
This is English humor. Freaking hilarious.

Funny Star Wars Fighters and Walkers Invade Street

Star Wars Fighters and Walkers Invade Street

Funny Terrorists Invade Iraq

Terrorists Invade Iraq
Terrorists Invade Iraq
Member reactions:
Fabulous chop and He is looking very angry terrorists....
Congratulations. Serious screw-up in sending troops back to that mess. Poignant statement HS.

Funny Aliens Invade House

Aliens Invade House
Member reactions:
I'd move the moon away from the helmet - otherwise it looks strangely attached, like Mickey Mouse ear. Anyhow, it's a twisted and excellent chop.
Well illuminated chop... like the Cat holding the balloon
Very cool peace of work with some speedy effect /reflection of the alien
Bronze congrats, Hits. and thanks for the edit.
Next week I want to see what this pic looks like just after the cat pops the balloon. And it looks a lot better without the one eared Mickey Mouse.
Another great chop, the cat is fantastic.

Funny Giant Alien Tortoise Invades New York

Giant Alien Tortoise Invades New York
Member reactions:
She is really big.... a super tortoise struggling hard to get out of the city...
Good to see the Red Eye of the tortise, as per the character
Cool *) Reminds me some old Japanese monster movies

Funny Barack Obama the Giant Snail Invades The White House

Barack Obama the Giant Snail Invades The White House
Member reactions:
Awesome snail work. The hands are creeping me out. Congrats on the wood, DD.

Funny Giant Crabs Invade Chesapeake Bay

Giant Crabs Invade Chesapeake Bay
Giant Crabs found in Chesapeake Bay
Member reactions:
Hahaha so cool. Reminds me of that old 50s SiFi flick about giant, telepathic crabs that scared the poopys out of me.
"HA. Run for cover-it's a Crab invasion." Funny chop.
Great work on the crabs and the people on/in them. The people in the foreground deminish the chop somewhat imo.
I love to eat Crabs..... but this Giant one is really tasty.... good chop and nice composition of crabs picking up people fantastic job done
Quality work in placement of these scared running ppl
Do you freaking sleep, Doc. hahahahah what is this... #4.
Thanks, Tim. In fact, I sleep a lot. I "sleep chop." .

Funny Giant Squirrels Invade City

Giant Squirrels Invade City
Member reactions:
way cool

Funny Aliens Under the Sea Invade NY

Aliens Under the Sea Invade NY
who said aliens are from outta space...maybe they hide in other akward places......
Member reactions:
omg I have to put an entry in when this is on here. This is unreal. Teach me such skills. Amazing.
Looks like under water, not under ground...but still nice.
This (awesome) entry would work just as well in the UFO thread...
Breathtaking chop. but if it was under the ground, it would be even better It's true that this chop would be an ornament to the UFO contest too.
Congrats on your first Trophy. A silver on your first entry is a BIG acomplishment around here. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
thanks guys...I'm glad for my first trophy,and lookin for more on FreakingNews
congrats on the silver dilemma. fantastic work.
Silver congrats, and big welcome to Freaking News, Dilemma.

Funny Aliens Invade Vancouver

Aliens Invade Vancouver
After my last invasion picture I thought it would be only fare that my home gets the same treatment
Member reactions:
See me in the window, had a few drinks there.
They have come back for Bryan Adams, Hayden Christensen,Pamela Anderson, Jason Priestley and KD Lang. As long as they leave Michael J. Fox, Sarah Chalke, Sarah McLachlan, Leslie Nielsen, Seth Rogen and Tommy Chong, I'm cool with that...well, maybe they can have Rogen, I think we are done with him. Lot's of talent comes from your fine city, but then again so does that dork who is now playing Deadpool. Excellent chop anonymous Canuck.
Hey, send me thier energy propulsion blueprints if you can get a set.
Okay, I thought this one would place mainly because so many of us love this sort of chop. Nont placing doesn't make it any less good. Great chop
I like this jmana ,this is my favour color keep up top chops friend
The reason it didn't place is cuz there was A LOT of really good chops this contest it just got overshadowed by the pure awesome of this freak show

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