Green Alien Invader
Green Alien Invader
Green Alien Invader.

Funny Alien Space Invaders in a Battery Operated Spaceship

Alien Space Invaders in a Battery Operated Spaceship

Funny Retro Invaders

Retro Invaders
Member reactions:
I Think This One Should Have Rated Much Higher. I Thought It was Hilarious. Great Concept.

Funny Boy Space Invaders Game

Boy Space Invaders Game

Funny Real Space Invaders

Real Space Invaders
"Bom, bom, bom, bom, those guys just keep on coming." .
Member reactions:
Fantastic use of the source u found, this looks wicked. Also only game I like...used to like
"Me too, and that other finger blister maker... Asteroids." .

Funny Supernatural Tax Invaders Take Half a Car

Supernatural Tax Invaders Take Half a Car
They're Watching... Sources
Member reactions:
Nice clean chop. Although it's hard to define the truck. The source looked good "as is" Anyway, still good.
yeah, nice work. i just don't see what happened to the car...
It's supposed to look chopped/melted in half. Almost in a "diagonal" sort of way. I tried to convey that the UFO spaceship had just got done shooting a laser which took off half the truck.
Very well done with the day to night effect. Well done. All the best.
Good use of the source and nice way of presenting it, all the best
Thank you all for the input. I really appreciate it.
Quality work. Cutting the car in half is a challenging task but you did a decent work with it.
Way to go Matthewlynn , Congrats on the silver ...

Funny Egg Space Invaders

Egg Space Invaders
Run for your lives.....

Funny Tall Ship Invaders in a Lagoon

Tall Ship Invaders in a Lagoon
Well, this is my first job in this site using Photoshop. Hope you all like it...
Member reactions:
Welcome to FN, first thing I would suggest is to submit larger Images, the source image for this contest was 1000x750 pixels, no reason to reduce it in size, as a rule larger well done images bring better scores than smaller ones of the same quality, mainly because it is easier to see the Quality.
Hi babaloo, nice to meet you. As I had said, I am only one beginner in Photoshop. Some resources that the Photoshop offers I don't know how to use yet, I am learning. When I tried upload this image in its original size (1000x750) it had 650Kb, and the rules allow only 250Kb in the maximum. So, the only way that I found was to reduce the size. Have some another way for do this. Could you teach to me.
We have some tutorials and a lot of info in the forum. Googling for information is also a good way to learn photoshop. Here's a tutorial a everyone should of read in regards to saving images for uploading; Size Matters (by Keb)
This is so well done it looks like real photo. The rock skull is a great touch. I suggest using different sources for the ships, so they don't look like repetition of the same item. Oh, and welcome to Freaking News.
Hi NewsMaster. You're right, i thinked about change something in the ships too, but choose don't do it 'til knows better the Photoshop resources. And txs for the welcomes...I hope learn many things here with you all...
I think it's darn good..welcome to the FN family...pretty soon you will be making advance images, I'm sure.
Size Aside, A very good job. And Yes, this should help you in down loading images Kebs Tutorial
congrats on the silver, I agree everything about tour great quality, small size and repeated ship. But... it is a great way to start, welcome. Great execution and imagination.
way to go zorro... congratulations... the first and silver.... parabens....
great zorro, welcome to Freaking News. congratulations

Funny Space Invaders

Space Invaders
New Satellite gaming system allows you to play Space Invaders in your own backyard.
Member reactions:
I want this. It will make it seem like I'm watching a real space invasion.
I tought that this one was funny and origanal you did well on making it.
way to go. kids can learn firsthand . good idea.grannysarey

Funny nike invader

nike invader
Member reactions:
Yeah, the image of tiger woods comes to mind

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