Turtle Shell Interior
Turtle Shell Interior
Turtle Shell Interior. I also missed the deadline for the TURTLE contest. Anyway---here's a rare glimpse of the interior of a turtle's shell. The turtle was created from scratch from various reptile parts.
Member reactions:
Yeah, but does he have "cable". Well done chop.
I like how u made the roof skeletal, really clever idea all over. Looks nice n cosy in there

Funny Good Interior of House

Good Interior of House

Funny Toyota Pond Interior

Toyota Pond Interior
The Toyota Hybrid, an Ecosystem unto itself.
Member reactions:
The ultimate tree-hugger mobile. Very slick idea.
For those that might want to see the vehicle that this is based on: http://www.seriouswheels.com/cars/top-2007-Toyota-Hybrid-X.htm

Funny Castle Interior Painted Onto Building Doors

Castle Interior Painted Onto Building Doors
Some creative person thought plywood looked so cliche so they did something about it. Full view is 2x bigger.
Member reactions:
This is so good... Nice job on the perspective. I thought that the doors just seperated the two sides
Good job and congratulations on your win. Is that a screenshot from Oblivion I see through those windows.

Funny Airplane Interior

Airplane Interior
Instead of coming up with ways to protect airline passengers, a new airline, Volunteer Airlines, has a unique way of dealing with terrorists. It's up to the passengers to protect themselves. Hey, at least you get a great price on tickets. View full size.
Member reactions:
I'll buy two tickets please. Exellent entry. I can see it happening.
"Excuse me sir but IŽll have to ask you to kindly deactivate that ticking device"

Funny Car Interior by Microsoft

Car Interior by Microsoft
It comes with automatic joystick or manual mouse shifter as seen here.

Funny Interior Designing Demotivational Poster

Interior Designing Demotivational Poster
Sources http://kosmas.deviantart.com/art/Toilet-11999329.q=boost%3Apopular+toilet&qo=8 http://img.directindustry.com/images_di/photo-g/safety-shoes-with-waterproof-and-breathable-membrane-369937.jpg http://www.pages.drexel.edu/~aes52/turquoise-shoes23.jpg http://www.my ... professor.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/couple-holding-hands-in-bed.jpg
Member reactions:
Spell-Check might be a good idea next time but, everyone seems to be enjoying the minor errors. Good luck.
ohhhhhhh......i confess i did the mistake. Its actually "SATISFYING" But i did a good mistake to explain u with my new idea. The couple in the pic stole the "f" letter, since f is for "f _ _ k"
Hi rwpike, Hi GarRobmil, Hi geriatric...thanx for ur comments.

Funny Apple Car Interior

Apple Car Interior
Member reactions:
nice clean chop. a shadow from the can would help it

Funny Ford 500 Without Interior

Ford 500 Without Interior
Does anybody look at the full view.

Funny Car Interior Design

Car Interior Design
If you could redesign the interior or exterior of new automobiles or trucks, what would you add or change to them? Or if you could create a new accessory for the auto enthusiast, what would it be?

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