Barack Obama Your Insurance Agent with a Gun
Barack Obama Your Insurance Agent with a Gun
Barack Obama Your Insurance Agent with a Gun. Quote by Paul Krugman, Ecomonist What's Up With Obamacare And My Health Care.
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WRONG, WRONG, WRONG . This guy can't even sell insurance after they passed a law that makes you buy it.
He looks cute in this uniform... looks a half Army and Half President... Hail Obamacare
Nice Gun and he is looking smart in this uniform

Funny Progressice Insurance Flo's Secret

Progressice Insurance Flo's Secret
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Yeah,that is the point, Sunshin. It's crazy how popular she has got. She is on TV in America no matter what chanel you switch to. I have always been distubered when chicks wear their hair like that; obviously disquises a mutation.

Funny Barack Obama Health Insurance Advert

Barack Obama Health Insurance Advert

Funny Barack Obama in Geico Insurance Advert

Barack Obama in Geico Insurance Advert
So Easy A Caveman Can Do It..yes we can....

Funny Insurance Ad Billboard

Insurance Ad Billboard

Funny White House Insurance

White House Insurance

Funny Afghan Insurance

Afghan Insurance
The Taliban have caught onto the idea of selling insurance.

Funny Space Age Insurance

Space Age Insurance
Well, you never know ........

Funny Insurance

Now truely comprehensive insurance available from DIECO.
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"but not limited too:" should read "but not limited to"... one "o" not two. the one you chose means also. Try a spelling check next time.

Funny Primate Insurance

Primate Insurance
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Good in Costa Rica. Ever met a Spider Monkey. Inquiring people gotsta know.

Funny Insurance Products

Insurance Products
Create new insurance or financial programs or products that we have never seen before. Create policies, advertisements or products that would be new to the insurance or financial markets.

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