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Funny Insect Pictures

Osama Bin Laden Insect Being Stepped OnFunny Osama Bin Laden Insect Being Stepped On
Member reactions:

This terrorist bug is smashed now. Good job
Interesting concept. You do have a green patch at the bottom of his beard, be nice to fix it. Good luck.
thanks carl3 a quick edit. (only cos its you carl3...chops dyin anyway}

Boys Riding Insects in WonderlandFunny Boys Riding Insects in Wonderland
Member reactions:

Decent work with the kids sources, the insect sources, and most of all, clever composition putting the kids into the Wonderland.

Insect Made Out of Barack ObamaFunny Insect Made Out of Barack Obama
Member reactions:

Awesome. Looks like a real insect until you see a closeup.
very creative, great imagination. grats on the woody.

Mr. Sandman Plays with Sand InsectFunny Mr. Sandman Plays with Sand Insect
Member reactions:

fantastic one , did you made those from sands . wish to see some tips maybe you will get high score

Insect with Baby EmbryoFunny Insect with Baby Embryo
Member reactions:

Stick Insect EagleFunny Stick Insect Eagle
Member reactions:

Micro Insect HorrorFunny Micro Insect Horror
Member reactions:

Traffic Light Insect on Womans LegFunny Traffic Light Insect on Womans Leg
Member reactions:

gona make a lot of ppl gag zz
Thanks a Lot For all the Positive Feedback ... Superrrr Egooo BOOST ... ))))))) YAYYYEEHH ...

Insects at Wall-MartFunny Insects at Wall-Mart
Member reactions:

I think I watched too many 'B' Sci-Fi movies as a kid. photos:,,
I think you did too. But you made a terrific chop because of those movies.
Some how I repeated myself...still a good chop...
Thanks for the positive comments Doxieone & GrumpyOTJ.
great work this must get high score , great work as always man
Interesting. I would not put so many elements into one composition though. Makes it a bit heavy
I understand 'Too Busy':less is better.Thank you for your comments.
I got told the same thing, geriatric ("too busy") in my gnome/bee killer entry. It's fun though to keep adding stuff to an entry... I KNOW that feeling.. and its addictive.. ...

Insect Barack ObamaFunny Insect Barack Obama
Member reactions:

This image seems appropriate for a contest called "Freak Show". MIP (Molt in Progress)
Me admira la forma en que colocó las piezas del insecto en el rostro de Obama. Esta bien ejecutado. Realmente el trabajo es bueno y le agradezco el trabajo en progreso esto ayuda a ver lo grande del trabajo.
He needs to star in "Fly 2". Freaking brilliant.
Este trabajo era mi favorito para llevarse el oro, pero en todo caso le felicito por la plata.
Awesome... congrats LunaC ... really excellent work.
Congrats Luna, this is out of this world.
Congratulations, LunaC. Very creative and nicely done.
Silver congrats, Luna. How very fitting for the contest
I can't believe this didn't win. No disrespect to Xaos but this is one of the better chops here at FN ever. But I can't talk because I missed voting on this contest. At least give this one a POTD. never mind I see it already is a POTD. Great work Luna you should be proud of this one. Also one for my political blog.
very nice job... congrats on the silver.....

Superhero InsectsFunny Superhero Insects - Ants are considered to be the strongest animals - their strength is the highest relative to their weight. A single ant can carry 10-20 times its weight, which is equivalent to a person carrying a car - only superheros in movies and comics can do that. It's also common to see ants carrying ants, but we never see elephants carrying elephants. Photoshop insects as any known superheros (Superman, Batman, etc.) - dress them up, give them paint jobs, adjust their shapes. Any species of insects are allowed in this contest. Good examples are Superman cockroach, Batman beetle, etc.

Insect FightingFunny Insect Fighting - Insect fighting blood sport has gotten more popular in Asian countries in the recent years. While insect fighting goes back hundreds of years as entertainment for the Chinese aristocrats and emperor dynasties, today this blood sport involves large amounts of money with an earnest attention to raising and training insects. Male beetles are fed with special sugar rich foods to achieve higher size, and go through a series of training drills to develop aggressiveness. A fight is normally held between two bugs and is initiated by the recorded sound of the female's mating call, which instinctively puts the male beetles into a fighting mood. Photoshop insect fights one way or another. You may use some sports (e.g. boxing) as a theme, street fights, or any other environment where insects would be willing to fight each other. Dressing up the insects or make them use fighting equipment (swords, boxing gloves) is a plus. Insects fighting each other don't have to be of the same species. Using human body (or parts) as sources for part of insects is allowed.

Insects CamouflageFunny Insects Camouflage - [ Camouflage shapes and coloring was successful evolutionary strategy for many insects, which allowed them to blend with environment and hide from predators. ] In related news, scientists report that bedbugs in Brooklyn hotels blend perfectly with room environment - they have a shape, size, and look of hotel beds. In this contest you are asked to photoshop any insects giving them camouflage (in coloring or shape) to blend with environment (house, nature, office, etc.)

Glowing InsectsFunny Glowing Insects - Malaysia is not a country I know much about, but it turns out tourists love it for Malaysia's most famous insects, a colony glowing of fireflies - many tourists take a night canoe ride to see the twinkling fireflies near the mouth of the Selangor river. But due to recent pollution in Malaysia firefly colonies are not twinkling as much any more, and Malaysian authorities are concerned. There are two possible sides to this story: 1) Fireflies went on strike and demand their share of tourism proceeds (we ain't burnin' our asses for nothin') 2) Malaysia got so polluted fireflies are coughing dirt and their lights are covered with chemical wastes. The only chance they start glowing again is if the area becomes a bit more polluted with radioactive waste. In this contest you are asked to help insects keep the lights on. Add light-producing technological devices to any insects. Mini lamps, flashlights, projectors - insects need your help to get enlightened.

Insect Aircrafts?Funny Insect Aircrafts? - Scientists are now using aerodynamics of flies to improve the design of future aircrafts. (You can read the whole story by scrolling down.) OK, everyone knows that flies are rocket scientists (at least the ones in my apartment) when it comes to flying. They have figured out flight long before humans did and they still do it better. Still, using a fly as a model for designing an airplane is the same as using a cockroach as a model for designing a new car. Chances are, these two will look like a giant fly and a giant cockroach from those old Japanese movies with Godzilla. Airports will look like piles of **** with humongous flies on them, and parking places will look like cockroach-infested hotels in the Bronx. All that, thanks to our scientists who are inspired by the fascinating flight of a fly (or by a wonderful run of a cockroach). In this contest you are asked to photoshop modern airplanes to make them look like any flying insects, by giving them (flying) insect paint jobs, and/or reshaping them and giving them new features. Your submissions have to be airplanes looking like flying insects, and not vise versa. P.S. I asked the flies in my apartment what they think about an aircraft designed on a fly-prototype, but they just sat there quietly giggling at me.

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