Lion Insect
Lion Insect
Lion Insect.

Funny Osama Bin Laden Insect Being Stepped On

Osama Bin Laden Insect Being Stepped On
Member reactions:
This terrorist bug is smashed now. Good job
Interesting concept. You do have a green patch at the bottom of his beard, be nice to fix it. Good luck.
thanks carl3 a quick edit. (only cos its you carl3...chops dyin anyway}

Funny Boys Riding Insects in Wonderland

Boys Riding Insects in Wonderland
Member reactions:
Decent work with the kids sources, the insect sources, and most of all, clever composition putting the kids into the Wonderland.

Funny Insect Made Out of Barack Obama

Insect Made Out of Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Awesome. Looks like a real insect until you see a closeup.
very creative, great imagination. grats on the woody.

Funny Mr. Sandman Plays with Sand Insect

Mr. Sandman Plays with Sand Insect
Member reactions:
fantastic one , did you made those from sands . wish to see some tips maybe you will get high score

Funny Insect with Baby Embryo

Insect with Baby Embryo

Funny Stick Insect Eagle

Stick Insect Eagle

Funny Micro Insect Horror

Micro Insect Horror

Funny Traffic Light Insect on Womans Leg

Traffic Light Insect on Womans Leg
gona make a lot of ppl gag zz
Member reactions:
Thanks a Lot For all the Positive Feedback ... Superrrr Egooo BOOST ... ))))))) YAYYYEEHH ...

Funny Insects at Wall-Mart

Insects at Wall-Mart
I think I watched too many 'B' Sci-Fi movies as a kid. photos:,,
Member reactions:
I think you did too. But you made a terrific chop because of those movies.
Some how I repeated myself...still a good chop...
Thanks for the positive comments Doxieone & GrumpyOTJ.
great work this must get high score , great work as always man
Interesting. I would not put so many elements into one composition though. Makes it a bit heavy
I understand 'Too Busy':less is better.Thank you for your comments.
I got told the same thing, geriatric ("too busy") in my gnome/bee killer entry. It's fun though to keep adding stuff to an entry... I KNOW that feeling.. and its addictive.. ...

Funny Insects Like Humans

Insects Like Humans
One of the Warren Buffett's favorite proverbs is "The bee works all summer and eats honey all winter" - which means that that you have to work hard early in life to ensure your financial success and wealthy retirement. Humans can learn a lot by watching insects, that's why there are so many wise insect proverbs. Show insects living life as humans (wearing human clothes, appearing in human company, etc.). Many thanks to Serrator for the themepost.

Funny Insect Animals

Insect Animals
Did you ever wonder why there are no insects or spiders sized as big animals? The answer lies in their respiratory system and hemolymph (blood). In humans and other animals, body cells get oxygen through blood cells that capture oxygen from the lungs. Insects' blood (hemolymph) does not carry oxygen, and body cells get it directly from the air that is supplied by the complex system of little hollow tubes (called tracheas or windpipes). Since insects don't have lungs but only "passive" tracheas, such primitive "ventilation" system can only stay effective as the length of tracheas is short enough, otherwise the "deep down" cells will not be ventilated enough and will die of oxygen starvation. That is why those scary old Japanese movies with huge insects (gigantic moth shooting thunderbolts from its eyes, etc) fighting giant animals are physically impossible in real life. If insects had some features of animals (lungs, etc.) huge size would not a a problem for them. So today, let's combine any insect(s) with any animal(s) any way you wish. (For the sake of this contest we'll consider spiders as insects, though formally belong to separate order Araneae). Many thanks to johnx1 for the themepost.

Funny Superhero Insects

Superhero Insects
Ants are considered to be the strongest animals - their strength is the highest relative to their weight. A single ant can carry 10-20 times its weight, which is equivalent to a person carrying a car - only superheros in movies and comics can do that. It's also common to see ants carrying ants, but we never see elephants carrying elephants. Photoshop insects as any known superheros (Superman, Batman, etc.) - dress them up, give them paint jobs, adjust their shapes. Any species of insects are allowed in this contest. Good examples are Superman cockroach, Batman beetle, etc.

Funny Insect Fighting

Insect Fighting
Insect fighting blood sport has gotten more popular in Asian countries in the recent years. While insect fighting goes back hundreds of years as entertainment for the Chinese aristocrats and emperor dynasties, today this blood sport involves large amounts of money with an earnest attention to raising and training insects. Male beetles are fed with special sugar rich foods to achieve higher size, and go through a series of training drills to develop aggressiveness. A fight is normally held between two bugs and is initiated by the recorded sound of the female's mating call, which instinctively puts the male beetles into a fighting mood. Photoshop insect fights one way or another. You may use some sports (e.g. boxing) as a theme, street fights, or any other environment where insects would be willing to fight each other. Dressing up the insects or make them use fighting equipment (swords, boxing gloves) is a plus. Insects fighting each other don't have to be of the same species. Using human body (or parts) as sources for part of insects is allowed.

Funny Insects Camouflage

Insects Camouflage
[ Camouflage shapes and coloring was successful evolutionary strategy for many insects, which allowed them to blend with environment and hide from predators. ] In related news, scientists report that bedbugs in Brooklyn hotels blend perfectly with room environment - they have a shape, size, and look of hotel beds. In this contest you are asked to photoshop any insects giving them camouflage (in coloring or shape) to blend with environment (house, nature, office, etc.)

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