Putin in the Kremlin Clinic of the Insane
Putin in the Kremlin Clinic of the Insane
Putin in the Kremlin Clinic of the Insane. Cheap alcohol and Russian television allow Putin to control 86% of Russia's population

Funny The Incurably Insane Politicians

The Incurably Insane Politicians
Member reactions:
Makes me scared before even Halloween starts.

Funny Edward Snowden in a Moscow Insane Asylum

Edward Snowden in a Moscow Insane Asylum
Member reactions:
Very Funny. But unfortunately Snowden is political card in the game. He will have everything to show advantage Putin's regime.
You were overdue, sir. You may be channeling Nostradamas, I can see this happening ha. Nice work and a big cup of termite food for your efforts

Funny Insane Charlie Sheen

Insane Charlie Sheen
I'm not insane anymore.
Member reactions:
The blood going into his body and making his dress color Red Amazing nice colorful sky ...
Very Well done Very Clean and neat Job done Nice Background selection
A perfect caricature, what a great and clean work, I like it very much
Thanks...I almost forgot how much fun it is to play with Photoshop
Wonderful chopping D-man, excellent lighting & shadows and great details... Congrats on the Silver.

Funny Jumps in the Seine are Insane

Jumps in the Seine are Insane
Member reactions:
Dont try this at home

Funny Insane Scientist

Insane Scientist
America can't afford to lose its grip on science
Member reactions:
Lovely work always a pleasure to gaze at.
www , awesome work & detail on his face ...
Good work-fits like a sterile, rubber glove.
A Fabulous and fun piece........and it looks like Pike to me.
Thanks all, and yep, that's Pike all right...glad you noticed that
Great work funkman . . . I especially like the lighting effect and the perspective angle of the face nitpick: a few suspect ragged edges
Congrats on the gold, funk. The eye and the Rubik's cube is a nice touch.

Funny The Insane Peanut Gallery Surreal Digital Art

The Insane Peanut Gallery Surreal Digital Art
Member reactions:
He's baaaaack. Clean as a whistle work, as usual.
Here's something you don't see everyday....awesome detail
UH-OH..Weird Wally is back. So lifelike that I want to reach out and 'pop' that zzzzzzit. Stunningly bizarre.
you have made art. poor girl.. "please add me to your friends list."
Its freaking idea Excellent Job done here
Weird Wally here....great comments from all.Thanks alot.
Dangerous good work, congrats on the golden cup.
Another flight of twisted brilliance from Carl. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Insane George Michael in Jail

Insane George Michael in Jail
Kind of a spoof on The Green Mile. Please view full
Member reactions:
Green Mile is a great movie. Clever thinking that it's Green Mile for George because of his marijuana addiction. and great caricature.
CONGRATS RW...kinda looks like Billy Ray Cyrus Clean work as always
Silver handcuffs for Pikey. Congrats mate.
Congrats on the Silver Mr. Pike... Nice Chop
cool work pike .. congrats on the silver keep going

Funny Insane Mel Gibson

Insane Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson: Mentally Ill... Sources Please view full
Member reactions:
Maybe Mel will get a contract from Disney after this current faux pas has become irrelevant. Funny chop.
"I'm getting to old for this ... mental institution"
love this..looks all warped like one of them funny mirrors..cool
I can hear twitting and see his eyes rolling by looking at this chop. Pro work.

Funny Insane Barack Obama On Top Of World

Insane Barack Obama On Top Of World
semi WIP
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver SidKain, beautiful chop..
Congrats on the silver, Sid. Welcome to the dark side .
Silver restraining belts for Mr. Sid. Congrats mate.

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