Insane Charlie Sheen
Insane Charlie Sheen
Insane Charlie Sheen. story
Member reactions:
Impressive work. Wonderful composites.... I got the winner.... Congrats hidden.
I'm glad to see this is in 1st place.. Great pic.
I told my daughter this was yours and I should had made a bet.Darn good pic.Congrats................
Kudos FW Totally diff from ur normal style, I like that u have a diverse range of styles that seem to be happening
Thanks all and ty kellie, I try to mix it up a bit so as to disguise my work a bit, but I still can't fool all the people all the time, heheh. I find it mind blowing how many super rich superstars are all Fk'd up. Goes to show you, money can't buy happiness...
another knock-out and way to go Champ, Congrads Funkster,
How did you get to make him look so good.. . CONGRATS.
Congrats on the win, funkster. One of my absolute favorites from your creations.
hahahahahaha... so good.hahahahahaha.... ah man thats so funny

Funny IRS Drives Man Insane

IRS Drives Man Insane
Another flies over the Cucoo's Nest News Source
Member reactions:
Yeah, little view is sort of pathetic. Thanks for that, Kellie. I can't say I agree with flying a plane into the Internal Revenue Service but I can say, I understand .
This is a great chop and this contest has some real competition, underrated now with 2 hours to go, Just my humble opinion, we all can't be the winners, just vote with honesty.I just like to see how many people vote this average or 5, it's far above average or as I like to say, I can't do this.
Full view is a flight of beauty, I say. Love this
Thanks HH. It's no biggie. Some hit and some miss. Sometimes I try to put a little humor on tragic incidents that throws people into a bit of a spin on how to vote. You know..."well it's funny, but I'm repulsed." Hehe. It's sort of like that drunk idiot that bungee jumped off the building in the Youtube video and forgot to tie off. I mean it's not funny...but it's funny because it's just so stupid. Once in a while I like to walk that line just because I like to push against the fence and wake up the rest of the animals in the zoo .
fantastic work in full view .. nice work you have done here teacher .
Yup, this guy lost it...humorous spin on a deadly serious topic.

Funny Insane Friend in Mirror Escapes

Insane Friend in Mirror Escapes
I guess Simon was not an imaginary friend after all.
Member reactions:
As Always ... GREAT CHOP keep up top works xaos

Funny Insane Sarah Palin In Straight Jacket

Insane Sarah Palin In Straight Jacket
Member reactions:
, I love how you make her bite and pull the sting. Palin said she'll be a great President, no strings attached....
this piece is nuts. i really, really liked it. GREAT JOB.
Congrats Burntfaery. nice job Mummy dearest.
I told you it's great work since first time congrats on the bronze and keep going

Funny Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse
They'll stop at nothing to reach out to the youth of today.

Funny Insane Clark

Insane Clark
Member reactions:
This is a masterfully done chop. The matching of film grain between Clark and the rest of the image is perfect to say the least.

Funny Insane Wesley Clark

Insane  Wesley Clark
The real reason Clark had to drop out of the leadership race.

Funny Insane Putin

 Insane Putin
theodore gericault insane woman

Funny A Woman Going Insane

A Woman Going Insane

Funny Asylum For Insane Identical Twins

Asylum For Insane Identical Twins
Member reactions:
the cops rushing to the scene.
Well done in putting them as identical they deserves to be in Aslyum

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