Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn. Member reactions:
Very nice
Like the floating Holiday Inn. Nice touch.
oh yes after the long trip there where better to relax and rest. grannysarey

Funny Holiday Inn for Homeless

Holiday Inn for Homeless
"No, But I Stayed At Holiday Inn Cardboard Express Last Night..."
Member reactions:
I think this is hilarious. I'd like to see more of these.

Funny Buckingham Inn, London

Buckingham Inn, London
We don't know why the "manager" carries her purse all the least she's a Lions fan.

Funny BP Village Holliday Inn

BP Village Holliday Inn

Funny INN

I sorta couldn't think of what I was gonna do, but then this popped into my mind. I hope its not too simple, or too big. please critique.
Member reactions:
It's pretty good, but you could take your idea further by showing tv anchors with head towels, etc. and this INN logo. Also arabic text for "Iraqi News Network" would help.
Thanks for avoiding ALL imagery cliches and sticking with something simple, powerful and effective. Excellent chop. Allah willing.
i disagree with Val, but do not disagree with Newsy... excellent idea, but seems unfinished. Clean yes, finished no. funny, no. clean yes. Do you agree, yes... No.
This is a really awesome logo, but it needs to be a bit smaller. Like, maybe a 1 inch square inside a giant TV screen with some funky news.

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