Copyright Infringement Obama Image
Copyright Infringement Obama Image
Copyright Infringement Obama Image. AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image
Member reactions:
They made you change it due Copyright Issues. Shocking. ...Considering it was for editorial Commentary.
Typical. Agency trying to make a buck after the fact.
Needed to be changed cause adding only 4 letters to a prefab image is not considered enough work. DO IT YOURSELF BARACK OBAMA POSTER Much stronger message with the current edit too
Yes. ...But is adding 4 colors to a photograph enough to constitute a Copyright claim. Although. We could consider that he was creating his masterpiece for the profit motives of somewhere between $1 and $5 Dollars. I could see how that would lead to a Civil Claim.
AP isn't going to get a dime from Fairey. Using a photograph for a derivative or transformative work of art is legal and done all the time.
I like it much better with the edit & speaks volumes more.
I agree, but I'm going to miss my Bush. congrats Luci.
much respect to you lucian, amazing work, you have redefined thinking outside the box.

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