Inflated Liberty
Inflated Liberty
Inflated Liberty. Member reactions:
wonderful image i looked alot like that when i was pregnant with my triplets....
I had not looked at the entries and did something similar. Sorry about that. This is good.
No problem, but you just gave yourself away, .
many time i find ppl did what i did and vice a verse .
yeah, art is all about the exchange of ideas, right. I borrow from other artists all the time... with no guilt pangs....
The statue looks really really good. in my humble opinion the zeppelins are misplaced tho. They add nothing and look deformed. Without them this would be a great poster. Excellent job, tho.
Funkwood raising the bar once again,Congrats on a well deserved Gold
very nice win congratulations funkwood..
Congrats on the plump liberty. enjoy the gold. top notch chop as always.
Thanx all. This 1 was a lot of fun. Grabthar, Appreciate your opinion, the blimps were an after thought....and I did inflate and distort them.... but they just seemed to fit. Cheers.
Think I would have won if I had placed the book "What to expect when your expecting" in her left hand. Yuck yuck
Me thinks zeppelins only strengthen the inflation theme of the image. The are the cherry on top.

Funny Inflated Bush

Inflated Bush
Inflation. What Inflation.
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver mundo. Great job making dubya into a porker.
Thanks everyone....for your compliments don't think it's not appreciated, cause it is...again thanks...

Funny Inflated


Funny Inflated Cat

Inflated Cat
A fat Morris the Cat sits satisfied while charts track grim news about inflation and stagflation.

Funny Inflated Scream Painting

Inflated Scream Painting

Funny Inflated Kitten

Inflated Kitten

Funny Inflated Chicken

Inflated Chicken
The Chicken has come home to roost.
Member reactions:
Now we know why the Chicken crossed the street.

Funny Inflated Marriage

Inflated Marriage

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