Indoor Pool  Designs by Michelangelo
Indoor Pool  Designs by Michelangelo
Indoor Pool Designs by Michelangelo. A tour of Michael Jordon's incredible estate is not complete without a look at this faboulous indoor swimming area designed by world famous architect Michelangelo.

Funny Indoor Cat Dinosaur

Indoor Cat Dinosaur
Hon... Kitty wants to go outside..
Member reactions:
so cute waiting so patiently i bet .,, nice work..

Funny Indoor Fishing

Indoor Fishing
Member reactions:
nice job on making it big...but you have different source of light...try to compare the light source from the chair and the man you can see the difference.
Thank you. I changed the lighting on the seats. I found this an interesting picture to work with because it's so dark and heavily shadowed. I said to can I bring these two indoors.
I didn't see the before but Nilo is a Photoshop master so you've obviously fixed the light source. Looks pretty convincing. My only suggestion is the TV or the picture on the wall is too sharp (one of them should be blurry depending on the focal point)

Funny Indoor Hemp Cultivation

Indoor Hemp Cultivation
Don't ask me the address .
Member reactions:
nice garden
Maybe want to add a little shadowing under the plants and furniture. Would help give some depth.

Funny Indoor Dolphin Racing

Indoor Dolphin Racing
The jockies are taking a few test runs before the big race on Friday.
Member reactions:
Excellent job, here, Bee, silver congratulations.

Funny Water Pump in an Indoor Garden

Water Pump in an Indoor Garden
Member reactions:
Great idea. Color, contrast & lighting are excellent..but the pump being oversized seems to distract from the overall image.
I don't have a problem with size. It could be a sculpture of a pump. Nice Idea.
yes this is good contrast matching, levels are controlled very well, but i think pump is a little bit bigger, no matter if you take it as model of pump. yes i am agree with kibuyu if it is done in the way of sculpture.

Funny Roman Bathing Indoor Pool

Roman Bathing Indoor Pool
My idea of a Roman themed bathing pool. I hope this wasn't a second floor room.
Member reactions:
nice idea. but i want to see some reflection of roofwall painting on the pool, and your sculpture source of light came from leftisde and yet your shadow also on it's left side it should be on rightside.
Well done... I'd love to see just one rubber ducky in there. Good job.
, very nice. like the way you can see the bottom of the pool You can see the light under the cieling mural
Beautiful job. Would those big windows throw more light on the floor than they are at present.
nice job, i like the lights comming from the window...
This is so beautiful, I am in love with this entry. The only thing I would change is lower the opacity of the painting over the ceiling holes to preserve the naturali light/shadow relationship which shows their 3-D structure.
Nice idea. But not only is the ceiling not redflected in the pool, you can still see the old ceiling with lights - not a very good masking technique. If you had to incorporate the lights, you could have avoided the pink layer that covers the light, I think. Otherwise, a great idea.

Funny Indoor Golf Pool Table

Indoor Golf Pool Table
Golfing combined with Pool, and the art of Bonsai.
Member reactions:
cool image, the golf terrein and the pool table are very nice put together
If we have table tennis, why can't we have table golf.

Funny Dachshund Dog Wearing Latex Indoor Rainwear

Dachshund Dog Wearing Latex Indoor Rainwear
Almost hermetic.
Member reactions:
The plastic-wrap has pale edges around it which make it look flat and pasted-on. If you could soften the edges of that layer, make her collar look like it goes round behind her neck, and add a little shadow between her paws and body, it would look more realistic.
I like it. All kibuyu's comments are right on. The pink shadow on the sink is a nice touch, though perhaps its edges should fade. Note too the darkness between her paws and match that on the plastic under her belly.
Ohmigod. Something new in the window. A father's nightmare. . . . and the little washed-up one.
cool but other dogs distract me from your idea

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